Thanks to Nobbie for sending word of an allegedly leaked in the newly-released Chinese version of Diablo 3, here’s a screenshot of a new type of DiabloWikiGift of Ramaladni, which would be used to answer a common player prayer by adding a socket to jewelry.

    The translation reads:

    Death Prophet’s Gift: Use this item and select an unsocketed jewelry to add a socket.

    Assuming this isn’t an outright hoax, it’s not clear if this is a leak of a future object (Next patch? Expansion #2?), or if it’s something specific to the F2P, semi-P2W version of the game recently launched in the Russian and Chinese markets. From the description it sounds like a free fifth affix on jewelry, which would add quite a bit more power creep, of the most delightful kind.

    Death's Profit Gift

    Death’s Profit Gift

    Death’s Prophet’s Gift: Jewelry Socketing coming to RoS? I’m all for this, and not just because I’ve had terrible luck finding any decent jewelry so far this season, to the point that even a DPG wouldn’t have given me a well-equipped neck. And yeah, it would create a whole new level of power creep, but we’ve got so much of that already in Patch 2.2 that a little more wouldn’t see that big a deal?

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