Deadmau5 Loses HC Character to Server Lag

We all know how the server lag has been lately when we play the game. Even more so for the HC players in general. With the greater risk it seems to have hit Deadmau5 this time while he was live streaming. Due to that said lag watch below to see it happen.

Needless to say he wasn’t too happy with that situation. Any HC player wouldn’t either. Lag the killer of HC characters.

From YourEDM & Kotaku

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  1. And this is why I won’t play hardcore anymore. Too many lost to lag, too much time spent, too much work wasted.

  2. It is sad really — love hardcore, but just cant deal with the lag this season especially. Blizz really needs to sort this out or they will end up losing the most devoted players over this. As former hardcore player playing softcore, I do feel my interest waning since the thrill is gone….

  3. I don’t understand the draw of hardcore in Diablo 3. If you die, someone can powerlevel a new character to 70 in about 10 minutes. You can save your second best legendaries in every slot, so you’ll immediately have legendaries in every slot and your 6 piece set bonus upon hitting 70 (albeit with slightly less perfect rolls). You probably even have mats saved up to Cube or Enchant your gear. So what’s the point? It’s just a slightly longer reset at this point, except for those who have one or two ultra-rare drops.

    • Be careful! The hardcore “hardcore” players will come at you full force with the “carebear” comments and ragehate for being critical of the play mode they think makes them better players than the rest.

    • That’s the easy stuff. Level 50+ leg gems are what you gamble every time you play hardcore.

  4. Ouch. That has got to sting.

  5. In solo, the first thing u have to do is to press the ESC button in order to freeze the game. U just increase your chance to live!

  6. Why people waste their time with playing HC in the first place is beyond me. To lose it all due to something else and its bullshit that you can’t control or be compensated.

  7. really don’t care
    i don’t play HC shit , why invest time in something like this
    i live in europe never had any probs with lag spikes
    you are all bad loosers thats why !!

    PS:his music sucks to

  8. he should have alt f4 at once that maybe could have saved him or ? and this is why hardcore sucks.. even if no problems i heard to many stories of lag and disconnect problems and your char dies for reasons u cant control.. zero fun playing hc really 🙁

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