We newsed up our Hardcore Graveyard earlier this week, and today there’s a death that would deserve a really large headstone… with an asterisk. The player is Kungen, the death is a level 60 Hardcore Barbarian in Inferno Act One, and the asterisk comes since the death was about as dumb as possible — from standing on a fire grate, while he was alt-tabbed out, checking the sound settings on his live stream. Just like that, 170 hours of character development and all the gear he was wearing… gone.

    He looks half dead in the web cam, so I’m guessing this was about hour 19 of a marathon play session, and he didn’t realize he’d left the options menu and the automatic pause that induces on your single player game. On the other hand, he’s so fatigued that he hardly reacts to the discovery, while I think most of us would have been in the market for new headphones, mouse, monitor, and possibly one of the walls of our living room after losing a level 60 HC in that way.

    There’s no embed option on the live stream, but this link should skip you to just before it happens at 1:21 (81m) into the session.

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