Dead Level 60 Hardcore Barbarian

We newsed up our Hardcore Graveyard earlier this week, and today there’s a death that would deserve a really large headstone… with an asterisk. The player is Kungen, the death is a level 60 Hardcore Barbarian in Inferno Act One, and the asterisk comes since the death was about as dumb as possible — from standing on a fire grate, while he was alt-tabbed out, checking the sound settings on his live stream. Just like that, 170 hours of character development and all the gear he was wearing… gone.

He looks half dead in the web cam, so I’m guessing this was about hour 19 of a marathon play session, and he didn’t realize he’d left the options menu and the automatic pause that induces on your single player game. On the other hand, he’s so fatigued that he hardly reacts to the discovery, while I think most of us would have been in the market for new headphones, mouse, monitor, and possibly one of the walls of our living room after losing a level 60 HC in that way.

There’s no embed option on the live stream, but this link should skip you to just before it happens at 1:21 (81m) into the session.

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61 thoughts on “Dead Level 60 Hardcore Barbarian

  1. I just made it to HC 60 an hour ago (in Act 2, mind you, though the last box of EXP came from wretched mothers) and I would hate to have this happen. Just did my first 2 nephalem valor runs and it’s amazingly fun.

    Also, funny fact: highest DPS two-hander on HC AH: 800.
    Highest on SC AH: 1800. 

    • “Just like that, 170 hours of character development gone.”
      This is reason #1209371200239 not to play HC. 

      • “This is reason #1209371200239 not to play HC”

        Please state 1 other reason. Cause as a hardcore player I can’t think of a single one. What I can think of is 1209371200239 reasons not to play softcore.

        • Permanent death.
          Defensive game in nature vs. offensive game in nature.
          No RMAH.
          None of my friends play it.
          Inability to rely on public games.
          Invulnerable minions, and a plethora of unfun affixes.
          Over-reliance on cooldowns.
          Can’t tab out and not fear death.

          • “people who enjoy a challenge”
            You could always do something really fun and challenging, like filling out tax forms for people in a foreign country, or seeing if you can wedge an entire box of raisins into your toenails.

      • 170 hours, but only because the game just launched. Hardcore is not really hardcore anymore, players can easily level up to 60 in 8 hours if they have friends to help, and every time they find a better gear piece they can just put the weaker one in the stash to avoid losing it in case they die. When they reach level 60 again hey can equip an slight weaker armor on their character without losing much.

      • The fire is bugged, several people already reported the problem. It looks like the fire is not burning the barb, but the damage AoE is larger than the visual AoE, so the barb is taking damage from the fire.

  2. He seemed to react pretty well. It’s awesome to see someone that has invested that amount of time and effort in to getting his character there simply say “It’s ok, it’s just a game” instead of doing blind nerd-raging. It’s just that, a game.
    I’ve been thinking of trying HC as A1 Inferno runs aren’t the most fun thing to do, and I hope it’s as fun as people make it out to be.

    • Thats what I was thinking. It’s admirable that he represented us nerds that well, I think most non-gamers would assume that every one in that situation would throw a tantrum over it.

  3. The adrenaline rushes when you’re about to die, running away with a quarter health bulb, your leap and potion on cooldown and arcane enchanted mobs running after you throwing mortars and maybe casting a jail on you at any time as you head for the exit/waypoint. Then, once you’re safely back in town, you realize you haven’t actually taken a breath in the past minute. Those moments make hardcore awesome. 

  4. Ouch, hope he still has alot of gear from the hours of treasure goblin runs 🙁

  5. I wanted to see NERDRAGE!

    Kungen started the fiiire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning! 

  6. Kungen is a pretty cool guy. He took his death really well and laughed alot about it later on when they rerolled new characters.
    As a WoW player I knew about him from his incredibly successful guild(s) but I never watched him on stream before and mad props to being such a chill person.
    One of the earlier posters said that he treats it as “just a game” and by watching him that seems to be the case but at the same time you dont get to lead the top raid guild in wow by by just fucking around.

  7. Haha, a few years ago when I was playing a warrior in Burning Crusade I thought he had the most epi skills ever…. But now that I actually see him in on the screen I know that while he spent all his time on being so awesome in a game I had a good time with a lot more girls than he’ll ever be with… 😀

  8. You have died. Your deeds of valor will be remembered… and probably laughed at.

  9. Hmm that was suicide as he just watch his barb stand there and die even though it took a while i mean he didnt even take one swing or step all the time the bats where eating him.
    Unless you can somehow steam the game while alt-tabbed out of it, then he might of been AFK thinking it was still paused.

    • Yeah, not like the post AND the audio in the video both state he was alt-tabbed out. I’d say reading comprehension but then I also have to ask if you are deaf?

      • Looking again I think he might have just been looking at his 2nd monitor and reading the comments on the live stream, and he was just tired from playing so long that he didn’t notice/react to peripheral vision? 

        Irrelevant anyway; it was obviously accidental due to his inattention, and thus all the more painful?

        • I believe that he has a streaming software that streams from the game even if he is tabbed. At least this is what it sounded like from when he was talking about it afterwards.

    • Funny how you need over a trillion reasons not to play hardcore.
      I only need one reason not to play softcore: A game where you can never lose gets really boring in less than a day.

      • That does not make much sense, how many games are there where you can’t restart when you die? Maybe you’re just playing Diablo, but then you’re missing out on some awesome games!

  10. Not related to this issue at all but… I know this site used to have a column for rare and unusual monsters and, well, I just killed “Unburied Jay Wilson”… It was in a dungeon called “Development Hell” where every monster is an Blizzard employee who worked on Diablo 3. It spawned instead of one the three Defiled Crypts in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. I didn’t even notice it at first untill I saw that the random zombie I killed had first and last name. In the end I got a Feat of Strenght for it. Has this occured to anyone else? I’m guessing it has, but I certainly haven’t heard of it.

  11. First rule of HC is NEVER take your eyes off your character when you are in an area that is not a 100% safe zone. Don’t understand why he didn’t portal to town, which would have takes 4 seconds.

    • His explanation was that he thought to have pushed t for a portal, and alt tabbed. Obviously he thought wrong..

      on the bright side, he allready has a lvl 60 monk which is even better…. 

  12. LOL why should he even care for those 170 hours he played… he has all time in the world, he’s fat and have lots of time… Just die like that… why not?

  13. I died last night as well 🙁
    To a lovely frozen/jailer/nightmarish combo!
    If only I had used WotBS.
    If only… 

  14. I have never tried a hardcore character cause I know I would have been in that list of people that died in Act 1. I give props to somebody that can make it that far without dying. My laptop would have been against the wall if that was me. My wife already thinks I am insane for setting here cussing all the time. The one thing that keeps me from trying is Belial. I have had the hardest time with him, and it seems strange he is act 2 and Duriel was act 2 in D2. I also had a helluva time with Duriel, but eventually mastered it. I know, I suck. Never claimed to be worth a shit at this game, even though I love the bloody hell out of it.

  15. The funny thing to me was I told him the day before, that you do NOT alt-tab in hardcore.
    I hope he learned from his mistake.
    I laughed me ass off when I saw the vid of him dying. I still chuckle at the thought. :rolf:  

  16. The legendary WoW raid-leader dies from “standing in the fire”, oh the irony. Could have happened to anyone though, especially after playing intensely for so long. Kungen is dead, long live Kungen 🙂

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