Dead Island Nod to Diablo

A few days ago we reported an achievement in Crimson Alliance which rewarded players with the Unicorn Armour. Solomon Wreath spotted another dedication to our favourite RPG, this time from the newly-released zombie smasher Dead Island from Techland which is currently topping the UK game charts for the second week. The Butcher is their focus and in the game you must find his namesake and kill him with an axe to receive the “Ahh! Spoiled Meat” achievement.

Dead Island Butcher Achievement

His legend lives on.

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    7 thoughts on “Dead Island Nod to Diablo

    1. I think it’s more of a nod to DotA. There’s a character whose alias is Butcher, and his Ultimate makes him cry Ahhhh, Fresh meat!

    2. @Frost

      If I don’t say this I am sure you will get flamed anyway lol. The Butcher is originally a boss from Diablo1. Icefrom used d1 sound with abomination model in Dota and don’t talk about that shitty game I hate it.

    3. Just wanted to say that if you’ve got at least 1 friend to play with, Dead Island is the best game I’ve played this year. It’s funny, at times intense and It’ll take you 60hrs to finish if you have no highlvl on your team.

      There’s lots of hate about it going on, but I guess gamers nowadays are just bitches.

    4. AHHHHH FIRST NOD TO SOLOMON! Lol but it took them long enough! I posted that days ago. Ah it’s still great to see nods to 1996 from 2011. As I said, despite some hatin on the Butchah, the filthy bugger did something right. Can someone semi-confirm his return in D3?

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