Travis Day added another post about DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 in his Friday in the forums, and this one should stir some debate.

    When the Paragon 2.0 system is released our current plan is to take all the experience players have currently accumulated and sum that into a single value, well two values really, HC and non HC. If you have 5 paragon level 100 characters on your account in soft core that we will add that total experience earned into a single value and your soft core paragon level will be equal to whatever that amount of experience translates to into levels.

    The current plan is to do the same thing with all of your hc characters. We are still discussing what we do with dead vs active characters but I’m leaning towards including experience of dead hc heroes as well.

    The purpose of the paragon 2.0 system is the reward players who want to invest lots of time as opposed to specific characters. Under that philosophy I don’t see any reason to deny HC players experience they previously earned.

    Xanth wrote a recent column about this issue, and it’s something we’ve debated on the podcast and elsewhere. Currently, players with Paragon 100 (or just other high level) Hardcore characters are afraid to play them, since the risk of losing all that experience before Paragon 2.0 goes live is palpable. So it’s nice of Blizzard to try to assuage that fear, and also… if the Paragon system is going to preserve HC experience gained after P2.0 goes live, why not also preserve it before the system goes live?

    On the other hand, we’ll get purists objecting. Saying that players playing HC up til now have been operating under the assumption that death was a permanent loss of all they’d gained. Just like in real life. Some players will surely feel that it’s cheesy for Blizzard to offer this generous system shift in advance of Paragon 2.0. Yes, it’s vote time, and argument time in the comments.

    Should the exp earned by already-dead HC characters count towards Paragon 2.0 when it goes live?

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    Ironically, I had a post on this topic with a vote ready to go last week, but I kept hoping we’d get more details from Bliz on how they were planning the system to work, and that I should hold off on posting the vote until then. Is this how it feels to be right? It’s nice, for a change!

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