DDoS Attacks on Battle.net and Other Online Game Portals

If you were trying to play Diablo 3 last night and found the servers up and down, you weren’t the only one and it wasn’t just Battle.net having issues.

Various large-scale game platforms were hit by distributed denial-of-service attacks last night, including Valve’s Steam platform, with the affects still ongoing this morning.

DDoS attacks usually see services and networks taken down or slowed to a crawl by an overload from an outside source, meaning that users are unable to utilize these services fully while the overload is ongoing.

Electronic Arts’ Origin platform first became unstable last night, with users unable to log into the EA servers. A group called “DERP” claimed responsibility on Twitter.

This same group were also allegedly behind DDoS attacks on EA.com earlier this week, as well as attacks on Blizzard’s Battle.net.

Later still, both the Steam platform and Blizzard’s Battle.net were taken offline, with users receiving error messages when they tried to access either website. A different pair of Twitter users claimed responsibility this time around.

Seems like random cyber terrorism just for the hell of it, spreading inconvenience at worst. DERP indeed.

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  1. I was joking with my buddy when steam went down…. I must be psycic

    • Or it was a lucky guess. 🙂

      It always makes me sad when people finally come together and then do pointless things like this.

  2. I am sure these guys are just a bunch of bored teenagers , why do they attack their own communities(they were watching LoL) ? What do they gain ? what good are they doing to us ?
    Somebody needs to go after them. hope they get caught.

    • Problem is, even if they catch these guys, DDoS attacks are extremely simple to do. The hardest part is finding enough PCs to overload a server, but this isn’t that hard either.

  3. It’s so sad to see many people with amazing potential wasting on negative and useless things like these, but i believe in karma, hopefuly life will teach them and maybe they’ll start working to protect us instead of the other way around…and come on, attacking gaming ? Entertainment ? That’s just sad…

  4. Talking about amazing potential? These DDos attacks can be made by every common with simple tools^^
    Either bored kids or players, who wants to fret these companys for their crap they do;)

  5. Fucking with EA and Blizzard?
    They sound more like heroes than terrorists.

  6. Amazing potential? 😀 Sorry ,but there is a free tool downloadable by anyone + these kids get coordinated via social networks. They agree on certain hour (e.g 19:00). All You need to do is enter the website name and press the button.
    If there is enough ppl willing to do this, bam and the website is down. H4X0rZ

  7. QUOTE

    such badass, much coolness, wow

    Yeah, I totally agree…it

  8. But I thought online only stopped hacks and cheats?

  9. QUOTE

    ... A group called "DERP" claimed responsibility on Twitter.

    Please, God or aliens or ANYONE: take me off this planet, right now.

  10. what a bunch of idiots so they attack something that will be down not too long.. whats the point?

  11. QUOTE

    Please, God or aliens or ANYONE: get me off this planet, right now.

    You probably shouldn’t ask for God’s help in getting off the planet; chances are you wouldn’t like his methods.

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