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    Deckard’s Data Dump (DDD) is an application that, while running in the background during play sessions, harvests data about the loot that you collect:

    • Quantity, rarity and location of all item drops
    • Your basic stats at the time of the run (Magic Find, Gold Find, etc.)
    • Quantity of gold drops and location

    How it works
    DDD makes use of pixel and image searching techniques to gather data. All of this data is them logged and analyzed on-the-fly, providing feedback on where your ideal magic find locations are based on your desired loot types.

    Is DDD Safe to use?
    Absolutely. This application does not hook into the game client, intercept packets or modify game files. In fact, it doesn’t even require you to be playing the game to log data – it would work equally well looking at a screenshot of or a video. While Blizzard will never give explicit permission to use this application, it is completely undetectable – it performs roughly the same processes as screen capture software.

    Optimal Compatability Requirements
    Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
    Microsoft Excel 2003+

    Features under development

    1. Gold capture
    2. Back-end speed improvements
    3. Expanded area list
    4. Removing Excel dependency

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