Deckard’s Data Dump (BETA)

Download here (v 1.8): [download link]
Bug report forum: [link]
Contribute data: [upload link]
Virus scan report: [link]

Deckard’s Data Dump (DDD) is an application that, while running in the background during play sessions, harvests data about the loot that you collect:

  • Quantity, rarity and location of all item drops
  • Your basic stats at the time of the run (Magic Find, Gold Find, etc.)
  • Quantity of gold drops and location

How it works
DDD makes use of pixel and image searching techniques to gather data. All of this data is them logged and analyzed on-the-fly, providing feedback on where your ideal magic find locations are based on your desired loot types.

Is DDD Safe to use?
Absolutely. This application does not hook into the game client, intercept packets or modify game files. In fact, it doesn’t even require you to be playing the game to log data – it would work equally well looking at a screenshot of or a video. While Blizzard will never give explicit permission to use this application, it is completely undetectable – it performs roughly the same processes as screen capture software.

Optimal Compatability Requirements
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Microsoft Excel 2003+

Features under development

  1. Gold capture
  2. Back-end speed improvements
  3. Expanded area list
  4. Removing Excel dependency
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41 thoughts on “Deckard’s Data Dump (BETA)

    • Oops, thanks for the heads up! We’re still getting everything set up on our end, but I’ll work on getting a link up ASAP.  At the very latest, expect everything to be working on launch day.

  1. there should be the option to be able to send the date to a diablo.incgamers database, I wouldnt mind collecting data for the greater good 😀

    • The app needs a lot of polish still, but allowing users to upload their data and view charts/graphs of the combined pool is something we REALLY want. I doubt it’ll be ready by release, but hopefully soon after.

  2. Awesome!  It’s almost like a Christmas wish come true.  Less time spent collecting the data and more time with the fun of analyzing it. 😀

    Edit: When you mention removing Excel dependency, that won’t preclude being able to export the data to a program like Excel, will it?

    • no need to worry – if we change the log file to something that excel no longer understands, we’ll create functionality to export to an excel friendly file format. We have no interest in keeping data locked up inside DDD.

  3. This is awesome and very useful for me as i will grind for years.  Great job well done! 

  4. Damn! That’s awesome!
    I’ll definitely use it to help collect data.

    Will the source code be available sometime? I’m a programmer and want to learn from it. 😀  

  5. Does it work with non-English language clients ? French eg.
    If this is not the case how can we help you with the localization?


    • Currently English-only. I’m not opposed to supporting other languages, but don’t have access to other language clients for testing, etc. This is definitely a possibility in the future if there is enough demand.

  6. Are there plans to implement a finer grain (or option of) for collected location data?  If not, I humbly do suggest…
    I understand that over time the special event tile roll will likely determine the true item potential for each area, yet I (and I assume others) would be very interested in a heat-map style data visualization.  I understand the visualization may be beyond the scope of this project at the moment (I do not envy you for your weeks before and after release), however if location data present in the UI could be captured (character location on minimap and such) at the same time as the loot/area information, legions of eager data-crunchers would be able to work their magic.
    Regardless, good work.  I know I’ll be using your tool and sharing my data whenever I play.

    • We’ve talked about exactly this a number of times internally, and it’s a feature set we’d love to explore more. After combing through some of the datamined game images, it may be feasible to piece things together if the number of possible arrangements for each zone isn’t too cumbersome.  My biggest concern is making sure that the application remains very lightweight given how unforgiving Diablo can be. That is to say, if capturing a snapshot of the minimap adds a few hundred milliseconds to the process, that may well be the difference between living and dying.

      Technical issues aside, it’s a great suggestion. We’ll likely be totally swamped the first few weeks after launch, but eventually we’d like to flesh this out much, much more. 

  7. I would be very careful with using something like this. There was a recent developers interview in BestBuy where a question was asked about third party programs… Will third party programs that collect data about how much loot/gold is dropped where and when be allowed to use? JasonRegier: Using 3rd party programs like those is against the terms of use.

    Blizzard doesn’t take these things lightly. Especially with the RMAH coming into play. I can guarantee you there are ways to detect this program and Blizzard certainly has the capacity to execute that knowledge if they feel the need to do so. Personally I wouldn’t touch it.

    • I just saw that quote this morning –  unfortunate news for us, but not entirely unexpected. I’ll update the main post to reflect that the tool has entered “use at your own risk” territory. We still plan to use it internally to provide the information it gathers, but this question seems targeted right at the project.

  8. Just wanted to post what Seraph posted, pretty gay move by Blizzard. Why do they ban programs like this, when it only logs data that is given to us?!

  9. Data mining without a good parser is useless. I hope you guys make a good data parser for it.

    • Check out the latest update – download will be made available shortly after launch.

    • No, that’s completely wrong. Blizzard scans the memory space allocated to the GAME ONLY. Not everything on your computer; that would be a legal matter.
      Therefor, having a program like this that doesn’t inject in to the game memory (assuming what the creators have said is true), you’d have a very very very low risk of getting banned.

  10. You all know that there is a slider in Nvidia Control panel for changing value over quality same thing is available inside ATI Catalyst CCC so this slider actively changes the Diablo3 gameplay experience by showing you more antialiased or blurred/smooth image. So do i have to uninstall my video card drivers to play Diablo3?!? Well its a stupid question …there are 100`s 3rd party programs or services running on my(anyone) PC somehow changing my overall experience in some cases involving D3 in some not… so this is purely VAGUE Blizz answer and VERY speculative now put back your fanboy swords where they belong stay a while and listen!

  11. Hmm. It has been stated that Blizzard now uses memory sifting to search for third party apps. I am betting they are going to be mega aggressive about these applications, mainly because they probably have set up a reporting system that requires very little actual human response. A partition set up on a RAM disk, and running the executable from there might beat that though…

    • Memory sifting? Did you make that term up? I can usually google stuff like that that I don’t understand. But not in this case. I’d love to know more.

  12. Is there anyway you can add a way to calculate dmg done? To try and find an optimal build.  😀

    • Please dont. We dont want World of Warcraft Damage meter-Stuff in D3. Take the build you like most.

  13. So any word on when we’ll be able to download DDD? I’d love to start working with it.

  14. So, has this project been dropped or something? No download link for a while now…

  15. I was hoping to download the application, but I don’t see a link.  is there an eta on when it will be made available again?

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