David Brevik’s new game It Lurks Below hits Steam Early Access today

I’ve mentioned David Brevik’s new game It Lurks Below a few times and today his latest creation is being released on Steam Early Access. Although it’s not an isometric ARPG, many of the features are inspired by his previous work on Diablo.

David has taken elements from Diablo’s RPG, Terraria and Minecraft to create this new action-oriented survival-RPG. All the RPG staples are there including random loot, character skills, leveling up, and of course boss fights. Players have to lead their customisable heroes randomly generated underground dungeons full of endless evil.

David had this to say about today’s launch.

“At the Game Developers Conference last month, I talked to a lot of indie developers who recommended doing Early Access through Steam – they basically said I’d be crazy not to do it. I’m flattered by the overwhelmingly positive response to the closed betas and my personal streams of It Lurks Below so far. I read every piece of feedback I receive, and I value any additional thoughts players may have before I finalize the game for its official release. Which of course is…‘Soon.”

The game will be available today for $19.99 and it is expected to get a full release later this year.

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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get into this retro, pixelated stuff. I really don’t get it …

    • Do I run this game on my Windows 95 machine? I’ll have to pull that out of the attic and dust it off.

    • The main reason pixelated games are a thing, is because it is a lot less labour intensive to create for small indie studios. Yes it is also meant to be nostalgic, but it is really a resource thing.
      And remember David is making this solo, so this is mighty impressive.
      I am unsure if I will buy it or not, but ultimately graphics a less important aspect of a game than game play and how fun it is.

  2. “Retro” is a big new trend emerging because of many factors in the gaming industry and society in general.

    Besides that, all of this is individual preference, its subjective.

    It’s like me saying D3 sucks, and others saying D3 is the best ARPG of all time.

  3. I wouldn’t mind giving this a shot. It’s not like I am a nut hugger or anything just because it’s Brevik, but since he is the sole person involved it may be alright. I never played Hellgate London or Marvel Superheroes, but Torchlight was OK.

  4. I don’t mind the retro style for some games, but typically I find it hard to work with in action packed games like this appears to be. It becomes too hard to distinguish what all the sprites represent when the screen is loaded with them, which I find frustrating. I wish him luck though, it seems like a labor of love.

  5. This is a great time to dust off Hellgate London or the Torchlight series and remember that there was a time in the past in which graphics on videogames were going forward, not backwards. Yeah, it’s Brevik. Yeah the name is good too. Yeah, I get that pixel art is a an art style. But ‘cmon, graphics’ lives matter too.

    Even D1 looks much much better than this. Gosh, even the original Doom 1 from 1993 looks better LOL. I’ve spent my hard-earned bucks on a good videocard and a decent 1440p display to put them to use.

    Needless to say I’m gonna sit on this one.

  6. Got it. Played an hour and a half. Refunded it. Looks just like Starbound with Terraria gameplay. Fails at both. Meh. Why would anyone play this when they could just play Terraria? Or Starbound?

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