I’ve mentioned David Brevik’s new game It Lurks Below a few times and today his latest creation is being released on Steam Early Access. Although it’s not an isometric ARPG, many of the features are inspired by his previous work on Diablo.

    David has taken elements from Diablo’s RPG, Terraria and Minecraft to create this new action-oriented survival-RPG. All the RPG staples are there including random loot, character skills, leveling up, and of course boss fights. Players have to lead their customisable heroes randomly generated underground dungeons full of endless evil.

    David had this to say about today’s launch.

    “At the Game Developers Conference last month, I talked to a lot of indie developers who recommended doing Early Access through Steam – they basically said I’d be crazy not to do it. I’m flattered by the overwhelmingly positive response to the closed betas and my personal streams of It Lurks Below so far. I read every piece of feedback I receive, and I value any additional thoughts players may have before I finalize the game for its official release. Which of course is…‘Soon.”

    The game will be available today for $19.99 and it is expected to get a full release later this year.

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