The 2D side-scrolling action role-playing game It Lurks Below finally released after a year in Early Access, and it is available now on Steam. This retro-style dungeon crawler is developed by David Brevik, co-founder of and once president of Blizzard North, who worked on the first two Diablo games, and you can see the influences.

    It Lurks Below features eight characters classes, loot with random stats, and randomly generated levels. There’s also a heavy emphasis on item stats and improving the character abilities, so it’s almost like a pixel art side-scrolling cousin to Diablo with Terraria mixed in.

    Players may also customize their experience with four different survival modes. They include Creative and Descent, which offer straightforward experiences and ramp up to Survival and Hardcore. Higher difficulties put more reliance on the survival tree for unlocking structures and staving off hunger. Hardcore difficulty limits players to a single life.

    To mark the release, Brevik thanked fans for their longtime support for the game, writing:

    “Thank you for all of your support through Early Access. The game has grown so much and I will be forever grateful for the unwavering support that the community has given us.”

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