David Brevik will deconstruct Diablo at GDC 2016

david brevik DiabloNow here’s something to look forward to at GDC next year. David Brevik who’s best known for co-founding Blizzard North and now CEO at Gazillion working on Marvel Heroes, will be taking about the original Diablo in a classic game postmortem.

David will be recounting the development of Diablo and offering “key takeaways from the experience, shedding light on how the game went from a single-player, turn-based claymation DOS game to the genre-defining classic it became.”

The hour long session will take place at GDC in March and it will be great to hear David talk about the development first hand. This is definitely one to watch out for and hopefully it will be released in some form for public consumption after the event.

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  1. Does anybody actually want to see that? I would rather hear him talk shit about Jay Wilson and Jay Wilson’s Neck (which is a separate living entity).

  2. Great news! Thanks for tip, Rushster. Definitely want to see this.

  3. This is probably going to be good. For some reason I feel like Brevik is trying to communicate the passion for making games and specifically Diablo and Diablo II.

    It’s like he is trying in his own way to make other developers see what it is all about. I hope people who work on D3 will look at this objectively, seeking to gain as much insight and knowledge from this as possible. 🙂

  4. I really do most sincerely hope this gets a public release, it must. When I think about D2 these days it still bemuses me how they managed to keep the game in such a unified and functional but expansive structure (trying not to use the words 'game balance'). It is so tempting when your are playing with the many variables in a game to make one or two stand out. Its like your ego is trying to ruin the game. Either you have the right temperament (or brilliant ideas) for making these sorts of games or you don't imo. If a video can't be released could a point based summary of the idea's and thoughts of this dialog be published? Much thanks.

  5. They are so ARROGANT at Blizzard that they will do exactly the opposite way just to prove they do things different.

    Like the idiot of Jay Wilson said; “we dont want a Diablo 2, we just want a perfectly executed game”.


  6. \F that loser\ gags aside, this guy needs to stfu already about Diablo. Just check his credability by looking at his recent projects like Hellgate or Marvel Heroes. Which are both Diablo clones, both hyped up as hell (\from the maker of Diablo\), both suck and both failed.

    Yeah, he was part of something big in the past, and yes, he had his fair share. But the only thing that makes him stand out over the rest of the Diablo team is that he’s the only one who won’t freaking shut up about it.

    • Maybe he’s being asked about it constantly? Just like in interviews every single time? The guy isn’t just going around all, “LETS TALK ABOUT DIABLO I WANNA TALK ABOUT DIABLO OK? LETS DO IT!” he’s being ASKED the questions. Maybe none of the other members are being asked about it? And don’t you place Hellgate onto this guy. That was all Bill Roper’s aborted abomination child.

  7. I think the mentality of the current Diablo team can be summed up perfectly by this statement (regarding Brevik): “f*ck that loser”


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