Last night David Brevik was back on his Twitch stream where he talked about yesterday’s Diablo Immortal announcement and he remains open-minded about the game but Blizzard announced this all wrong.

    Now that the announcement has sunk in, David talked candidly about the news on his latest It Lurks Below stream. While fans may be upset by the announcement and are talking about protesting in various forms, David thinks that says that “protests will fall on deaf ears”. Some fans have suggested that this announcement will finance future Diablo projects but David disagrees adding that it is “not a funding feeder for future Diablo projects”. However, David was intrigued that Blizzard outsourced this project saying that outsourcing has been a “disaster for Blizzard in the past” referring to Starcraft Ghost which was eventually canned.

    Brevik wondered if any Blizzard executives would be brave enough to admit that, “this is not the absolute best it could be”. He wondered if they would be able to say  “we need to fix this or cancel it”. He added, “I don’t know the answer to that.” Brevik went on to say, “Maybe it is, maybe this is the best mobile game of all time, I don’t know. Has anybody played it here? Why is everyone judging something before they play it? It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”

    David had quite a lot to say on the matter but was certainly surprised at the fan reaction adding:

    “I think its super weird they are having Netease doing this game. For two reasons. One, I thought that Blizzard was high on getting mobile experience and expertise. That’s why the did Hearthstone on mobile which was a stepping stone to doing soemthing bigger. Why have the pivoted to, from what I have heard, a skin of a particular game from Netease to Diablo is strange. It seems very un-Blizzard like.”

    “Maybe they saw the potential in that particular game to become something great and with a few tweaks it becomes something way better than any other mobile game. It seems weird, it’s caught me off-guard. I don’t know what to say other than this is unusual”.

    “In general, I am not going to judge it until I actually play it. The idea of Diablo on mobile sounds fun. I am intrigued. I understand people are disappointed, they wanted Diablo 4, they wanted Diablo 2 remastered and I don’t think Blizzard did a good job of announcing this at BlizzCon and raised the expectations of a lot of the PC gamers and hardcore gamers through the roof to announce this. This would have been better announced with the Diablo 3 Switch version. At the same time, do I think it’s the end of the world? No.”

    “Next year when they announced Diablo 4, on whenever, people will be excited about it. I have been saying for months don’t get excited, they aren’t going to announce Diablo 4. Diablo 4 is probably years away and there is no advatnage to announcing a title early. If you announce early, the hype train is too high and expectations are crazy high. It makes more sense to announce Apple style and say it’s out in six weeks.”

    You can watch the stream below, it’s lengthy and It Lurks Below discussion is also in the stream and it’s quite entertaining. The video below starts when David joins the stream.

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