David Brevik confirms no involvement with Diablo franchise

Following yesterday’s update from David Brevik we all got rather excited, but perhaps it was a little too soon because David has just posted this tweet confirming no Diablo involvement.

Bill Roper also confirmed no involvement.

So there you have it. Despite yesterday’s tease, he’s not involved with anything to do with Diablo. The question remains, what is he involved with? It’s still not clear for who or what he will be advising , it was naturally assumed it would be Blizzard based on his tweet.

I guess we are going to have to sit this one out and wait for some more concrete news.

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  1. Bill Roper also tweeted stating he’s not working for Blizzard:

    Bill Roper ‏@BillRoper
    Lots of speculation about my coming back to Blizzard to work on the Diablo franchise. Would be an honor but just rumor. Thanks for the love!


  2. Yea, good job guys on the false alarm story earlier. LOL

  3. We all had our doubts. It was considerate of Brevik to at least respond. This is still very interesting stuff.

  4. Just sayin’… they’re not going to admit anything until it’s all revealed, it is blizzard afterall. We’ll all know a little bit more come November, or 2020, whichever comes first.

  5. You know after all this hype if they announce Diablo themed Bejeweled for smartphones with Jay Wilson as the surprise returning director who immediately comes out of retirement to spearhead this bold new project, I’m just gonna take a hammer to my own nutsack and be down with it.

  6. Probably just a red herring to keep people guessing until Blizzcon.

  7. Very sad news to hear…Brevik was one of the few who could undoubtedly help wright this sinking ship of a franchise.

    I think Sneakytails was right when he told me they were most likely just at Bliz for Matzen’s (sp?) retirement or the Diablo Anniversary (or both).

    Now the question becomes will Blizzard have the guts to admit the large mistake made with D3 and will they finally announce how they plan to return the core pillars of Diablo to the franchise.

  8. Ahah! “Would be an honor” said Bill Roper – sounds like he’s up for the call!

    • Except Bill doesn’t actually have any particular skills that they’d need.

      • +8 to become unrecognizable when clean-shaven?

      • Also, you grossly underestimate his PR-fu. Roper in his prime was 10x the spokesperson and media savant of anyone employed by Blizzard on any aspect of D3. No offense to Wyatt and Josh, etc, but Bill could sell snow to esquimax and get ice cubes in change.

  9. Brevik is still an adviser to a “diablo-like” game…
    If it’s not with Blizzard maybe this will be the pressure they need to get back to the core of a good ARPG and we will end up with two great games.

  10. “Yes, David is an advisor for our Chinese Path of Exile launch. He’s working with us and Tencent.”


    HA HA HA

  11. hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa
    there goes the hope of the stupid rage kiddies

  12. David Brevik’s developing a PC and a Mobile game alone all by himself with his own game engine. So, they’re very small indie games with some RPG elements in it (not ARPGs and the PC game is a dark gothic game). He left the CEO position of Gazillion to code his own games. So at first I was surprised he became the adviser for a new Diablo game but Mark Kern really manipulated me into believing it’s true.

    As for Path of Exile, advising for it shouldn’t be a time-consuming thing. Although I don’t have time to play PoE, I know Chris Wilson and I talk to him time to time. He’s a very intelligent person that has already planned the short, middle and long-term future of PoE. He and Jonathan has already known David personally and I think they needed him more for the business side of things then for the help on the actual core gameplay. Especially considering David is already busy developing 2 different games on 2 different platforms by himself alone. Graybeard Games is just him and no one else.

    Also, I don’t understand the satisfaction of those poor souls that thrive on other people’s misery and sadness. They obviously like Jay Wilson and those boring, hated or even unknown games but they at least shouldn’t have made fun of this situation and feast like cannibals.

    I suggest you to laugh somewhere else but not here.

    • I take joy because of statements like this
      “Time will prove I’m right again, as always.”

      and you’re still doing it
      “but Mark Kern really manipulated me into believing it’s true.”

      nobody manipulated you

      you believed what you wanted to believe
      you took a statement someone else made — and you jumped to conclusions
      and you leapt with such certainty, such arrogance and condescension towards anyone who disagreed with you

      and now you’re trying to blame him
      “Mark … manipulated me …”

      wow, just wow

      hey guys, I didn’t leap. I was pushed

      The thing is, you began to make a really nice humble apology to everyone in the other thread — a move that I REALLY respected you for

      but then you ended it with this
      “I hate Mark Kern for this”


      so yeah, I find humour in this

      and as for your other little conclusion
      “They obviously like Jay Wilson”

      well that’s just about as “obvious” as David being the advisor for Blizzard

      and finally,
      would it have been awesome if he were an advisor for the next ARPG from Blizzard ?
      yes, absolutely
      but that’s not what happened

      I still think there will be an exciting Dialbo announcement at BlizzCon
      and my guess at the moment is that it will be an updated D2
      and I’ll be happy with that

      but that’s all it is — a guess
      and if its not an updated D2 I’m not going to say this site or Blizzard or anyone else manipulated me into believing it was

      • You’re right. Perhaps inside I wanted to believe in this and you’re right that I was so confident about it too and thus I apologized for such a small thing, not for once but TWICE for god’s sake. What do you want me to do for believing Mark Kern’s words on this issue? Perhaps you should recall I was the only one apologized for believing in Brevik’s role for Blizzard.

        Also, you’re really taking things out of context. OFC I don’t hate Mark Kern. I like him for WoW and D2. I was exaggrating my disappointment and making fun of the whole thing a bit. Same with the Jay Wilson thing. I was making fun of your enjoyment of the disappointing result. You’re really sensitive and making a big deal of this thing. And I don’t like your attitude.

        Perhaps I’ve seen hundreds of posts of yours in the last 8 years and I’m sure you and some others have seen a thousand of mine. If history has taught us anything, I was proven right about “almost” everything and I promise you there were people who came to me and said I was right about everything all the time for Diablo, PoE and Runic’s future. If I remember right you were proven wrong many times. Have I ever spoken about how things turned out for the Diablo franchise, Runic Games, Path of Exile, Jay Wilson etc. although I was right about almost everyhing for them? I wanted Runic to delete my posts in their forums and they returned my wish but here my posts probably still stay. Go on and read them if you want to see how I predicted today. Your posts should stay too. There you will find the difference between me and you. I was wrong for once and I apologized twice for it. If you follow my way, you’ll probably need year.

        You exactly know I’m really capable of speaking at your tone and bring this to a lower level but I don’t want to. I won’t reply to you anymore.

        BTW, you’re not the voice of reason. I wish you could have gone beyond that in all these years. Unfortunately, you seem to continue this repulsive false act.

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