David Brevik joins the Path of Exile Team

path of exileWe now know what game David Brevik is advising on, he’s joining the Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile team in an advisory role and will help them with their launch in China.

The news comes via a press release put out by Tencent addressing Chinese Path of Exile players and news that both Chris Wilson and David Brevik will be heading to China to meet fans.

Grinding Gear’s CEO Chris Wilson confirmed the appointment and told Diabloii.Net, “David is an advisor, primarily for our launch in mainland China, but we hope to learn from his experience as much as we can over the coming months.”

That’s it then, well done GGG for getting David onboard. As for Diablo, we will have to wait and see what happens with the franchise at BlizzCon.

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  1. Good on you GGG! Hopefully they pick his brain a lot!

    “As for Diablo, we will have to wait and see what happens with the franchise at BlizzCon.”

    Lol. Nothing. Nothing’s happening. Diablo runs in Blizzard’s history, but not their veins. Diablo “4” will not be called Diablo 4 at all. Probably something more like, “Nightmare Game: The Life of an Agnostic Lawful-Neutral Demon”. But not without all of your pop-culture references and cringy puns! Without that kiddy shit, it wouldn’t be “Modern” Blizzard! They just can’t let a game exist by itself, and let the inside jokes be from the lore, like a cool developer. Dated memes in place of creativity makes it hard for me to take any game & developer serious. Anyways… before we get too off track… EIGHT years ago we have this goldie:

    “And while “Diablo III” ends the trilogy, fans needn’t worry — it’s not the final curtain for “Diablo.” “We’re not saying this is the end of the ‘Diablo’ universe, but we are trying to bring this storyline to a close,” Wilson said. “It’s not just ‘Diablo III’ — we’ve got plans beyond.””
    Take a peek: http://www.mtv.com/news/2457494/diablo-iii-storyline/

    I think we’ll probably be waiting another 4-8 years before we get another hyper-iterated, over-polished “ARPG”.

    Any hype that’s being generated NOW about a POTENTIAL GAME, isn’t going to be making headlines anytime soon because that’s the Blizzard way. They gather resources (which is where we’re at right now), they start their R&D which takes facking eons, and then there might be something that comes out of it. And until then, we have no idea if it will be Diablo related or not.

  2. why would a talented man join a company who makes a shitty rpg ????
    poe sucks

    • Well the talented man didn’t join Blizzard.
      Guess he was smart enough to know Diablo is at a dead end.

    • Yeah I read it as Blizzard sucking more than PoE being the greatest rpg.

    • Stop kidding yourself. Everyone knows PoE is miles ahead of Diablo in every aspect. Don’t be a blind Blizzard fanboy.

      • i’m no fanboy at all
        i played it — it sucks harder then a whore

        Like said i’m no fanboy (i do not like all games from blizzard) but D3 is better then poe
        in fact every game is better then poe imho en Diablo is not dead , its dead in the eyes of t he stupid and nagging community , you can get mp games in no time if you play D3 , i still enjoy it
        They can even bring the AH back if it was for me ….

        but yeah , i try to adapt en stuff and thats what you naggers and stupid kids can’t so …

        • Most of us adapted and started to play PoE.
          I have put around 3 to 4000 hours in Diablo 3 and RoS. I don’t regret the time i spend but PoE offers a lot more to my liking.
          One thing Diablo 3 does better is the combat. However PoE wins with the dark atmosphere, the build diversity, endgame content, keeping the game fresh with new content etc etc.
          Diablo 3 has become incredible stale. You only have a few sets to gear your character so there is no build diversity whatsoever.
          It could still have been a good game if Blizzard decided to keep supporting it. The 2nd expansion should have been out a year ago. Not yet another season with no changes.

          By stating that every game is better then PoE you are just shit talking. You probabaly never even reached a lvl 90 character.
          And if the community is stupid and nagging Blizzard should hear their demands. Guess what? Without a community the game will cease to exist very fast.

          • so you only speak for yourself …

            thru i was like lvl 15 orso , could not handle it anymore , always the same shit
            and yeah you D2 fanboys wanted that dark atmo so thats the only thing you like about that shitty game
            and you find D3 repetitive …

            i agree that there must be an community but not like the D3 one
            blizz can not do anything right in there eyes … NOTHING and for what , coz its not like the kiddies had expected … so like i said adapt ore leave its that simple , you can say a few thing but constandly nagging about averything , come on ….

            There would be new content and even an xpac , if the community had done a better job than nagging and shitting all over the place like they did.

            i’m no blizzard fanboy but i’m blaming the stupid nagging kiddies and not blizzard for the lack of updates an content for D3.

          • According to the upvotes most people tend to agree with my statements instead of yours so i don’t seem to speak for myself.

            So you got to lvl 15. That is like 30 minutues of playing the game.
            There aren’t many games you can judge in 30 minutes of playing. Especially action rpg’s.
            The real PoE experience doesn’t start until you’re around lvl 70. Same as in Diablo III

            I fail to see why a dark atmosphere would be repetitive? And no.. the atmosphere is not the only thing i like about the game, else i wouldn’t be playing it.
            And yes, after 4000 hours i find DIII repetitive. There is a lot more to do in PoE for end game characters. This is a fact.

            The real problem why we didn’t get more content or another expansion for DIII is a simple fact. Diablo III doesn’t make any money for Blizz/Activision after the sale of the game. WoW, Overwatch and Heartstone are making a lot more money then DIII.

            People who played DII probably aren’t kiddies anymore btw.

        • Maybe the community nags because they haven’t added anything to the game in years? The game is laughably easy and you can’t even play HC anymore because every class has a cheating death passive now? The expansion was literally 2 new vendors and rifts for 40 bucks? (LOL)

          Blizzard has definitely shown they do not care about Diablo fans anymore and have no further plans for the game. DeathMaiden is right. Anyone with half a brain can see how far superior PoE is to Diablo 3. I’ve only played for 4 months and have regretting playing Diablo 3 for so long. I feel cheated because I didn’t know any better. No one can say what you said except if you are just a fanboy. I mean if you honestly enjoy the brainless gameplay of Diablo 3 (this is what it has become, chaining rifts for good packs/layouts and such) then I guess D3 if your game but to say PoE is “bad” is just plain laughable. GGG did what Blizzard couldn’t, continue the genre.

      • I agree completely that PoE is miles ahead of D3. I’ve played every season of D3 and only recently started PoE. Wish I would’ve made the switch sooner. It’s definitely for those who like D2 better than D3. I almost forgot what it was like to actually use a godly rare item. I’ll still play D3 but the endless customization of PoE has me hooked.

        • there you said it ” It’s definitely for those who like D2 better than D3″ coz you kiddies still don’t understand that D3 is not the same as D2 , once you get you head out of your ass and put down the pink glasses you’ll see …

          I still like D3 … ok there is a little less content than D2 or even D1 but i still love it
          and i will vote yess for the return of an AH

          • Nobody claimed D3 was the same as d2. We were disputing your uninformed opinion that PoE was a piece of crap. You played to level 15? smh. I love d3 but look at the leaderboard for any class and 90% of the chars look EXACTLY alike. And PoE is “always the same shit?” I ain’t the one wearing glasses, grandpa. You are exactly the type of fan d3 was dumbed down for…

  3. This gave me quite the chuckle.
    I’ve been a supporter of POE since the early alpha days and have never been disappointed with what they’ve come up with to add to the game. I’ve also put in way more hours in POE than I ever did in D3.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Diablo series and played the crap out of D1 and D2, but sadly, Blizzard dropped the ball with D3, and though I tried, it just couldn’t hold my interest as I wished it could.

    • I’m opposite. I try to get into poe. Can’t. It’s just too samey even with all its skill gems and passives as well as ideas. On paper it seems to be a contender. In reality for ME it’s not a scratch on diablo.

  4. Thank goodness I am learning about PoE on a Diablo site.

  5. hopefully blizzard will think “mmmm, i think we fucked up”

  6. Shame. PoE had such potential but has failings in nearly every area.

  7. Makes me laugh at the fanboi’s feeling butthurt about POE.

    Despite David joining as an advisor, POE has one thing that D3 has not, Active development, and free to play. D3 is not being actively worked on, and Blizzard have a belief that they can still suck the wallets dry of people who do not know any better.

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