Regular readers will remember we pinned down Diablo creator David Brevik shortly after Diablo 3 launched and he was not that impressed with it at the time. It spawned a huge backlash from Blizzard employees and our now-infamous interview which sparked the “Fuck that Loser” comment from then Diablo 3 producer Jay Wilson. That’s thankfully all in the past and Brevik seems more upbeat about what Blizzard showed of Diablo IV at BlizzCon this weekend

    1) Congrats to Blizzard on the announcement!

    2) The look is much closer to D2 than D3 imo. They seem to want a grittier experience.

    3) the story seems like it is going in a good direction.

    4) the core meta-game (online, hubs, etc) seems like something I would design. It’s almost like Marvel Heroes meets D2.

    5) as for the rest of details, gameplay etc, I think it is too early to tell. Things like that change often so we will wait (years) to see.

    Brevik also commented on his Twitch stream saying “it’s definitely more along the lines of a Diablo 2 game than Diablo 3” and “it seems like they are harkening back to those core principles”.

    He also added that he “didn’t think they were going to announce it” and that it “semi-redeemed them from their PR disaster of Diablo Immortal last year”. Importantly for Diablo and Diablo 2 fans, he added, “it seems like something I would design”.

    He also touched on the open world and reiterated that it was something that they wanted to do with Blizzard’s North’s Diablo 3 design and used those concepts to create Marvel Heroes.

    Of course, it’s too early to tell how the game will turn out but it’s always interesting to hear David’s thoughts on the franchise. If you want to hear all his thoughts on Diablo IV and what was revealed, check out the stream. David’s latest game is It Lurks Below which is currently available on Steam.

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