David Brevik has considered returning to Blizzard

david brevikFollowing his departure announcement from Gazillion, David Brevik hosted a live stream where he discussed the future of Marvel Heroes now he’s gone and his plans which he covered in his previous update.

During the stream David also talked about whether there was ever a possibility he would return to Blizzard and this is what he had to say:

“I’ve been very close going back to Blizzard several times before Gazillion. I might go back but the thing that’s preventing be going back is they don’t want to open a studio in San Francisco.

“They’ve tried the out of house studio thing a few times and not had very much success with it. That said, the only time they did have success with it was with me and Blizzard North so I think that we could do it again.

“Never say never, there are scenarios where I could still live here ion San Francisco and still work down there. It’s all theoretical anyway, there’s no plans to go back to Blizzard at this time.”

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  1. And people at Blizzard will say: “Haha, keep thinking that Brevik, ain’t gonna happen mate!”

    • When Dave says “I’ve been very close going back to Blizzard several times..” means to me that Blizzard wanted him back several times, and he might have said “no sorry” in the last moment which pissed some folks off more than before lol.

      There are multiple reasons why people work or do not work for a certain company. More often than not, we fans have no clue why Dave left or didn’t come back. Very often the reasons are very simple such as having a beloved home somewhere and work would be too far away lol.

  2. Oh shit … The Art Director Role for the Diablo franchise (unannounced project) is not listed anymore at the Blizzard Jobs Site. If Dave is the one who filled it, then it might be something awesome that awaits us lol 🙂

    I think if Dave is coming back to work on D4 in a lead role, this would be crazy after the fiasco with Joe Wilson. This would be absolutely awesome. It’s important to understand that no matter what happened in the past, you never shut doors because the future can bring the most unexpected things. Also just because some people didn’t agree with each other in the past resulting in the departure of some, doesn’t mean that their minds and horizons haven’t changed in the meantime in a positive fashion.

    One can dream 🙂

    • Oh come on, what has the guy done since blizzard north? Tried to make more diablo style games and failed both times and doesn’t really have any other decent game under his name. If it was left to him, Diablo would have been a turn-based claymation roguelike for pete’s sake! What on earth makes you think he’ll make a great diablo game now?

      • He knows how to express mystical and physical laws, and social, physical and mystical relations in formulas and putting the whole into an always logically deductable, coherent framework that makes up a solid, rpgcentered base design.

  3. It would be epic if this guy came back and made Diablo 4 the greatest ARPG ever.

  4. Can't say I blame him. While SF is a little overrated, it is infinitely preferable to the hell hole that is Irvine. Which is weird, b/c there are a lot of parts of OC and LA that are amazing. But Irvine itself is a pit. Does he actually live in SF? Is he one of those gentrifying technocrats who are kicking the real folks back to west Oakland or *gasp* Richmond?

    • Agree on avoiding SoCal living, but given that these guys work about 12 hours a day in an a/c digital playground, I don't see why it matters where he lives. They're at work every hour of the day anyway, and he could easily spend weekends or vacations in SF after just a couple hours of travel time.

      Location isn't a real great excuse, IMHO.

  5. It was very insightful stream, thanks David for that.And don't forget reveal of "Pirate Action-RPG", which Blizzard North developing almost a year!

  6. „[…] the thing that’s preventing be going back is they don’t want to open a studio in San Francisco. […]“What!? They wouldn't even open a new business just for him in a comfortable 5 minutes walking distance of his home and crown him king of it? Heartless bunch!

  7. Curious. Could the old band get back together!  What good news that would be.

  8. I don't see why some of you idolize these guys.  Like someone mentioned above, D1 was going to be a turn based claymation game.   It wasn't until Blizzard became the publisher and changed the game direction that D1 became what it was.  D2 was certainly an improvement on D1 but it had it's share of issues.   These guys then failed to take the game to the next step and floundered around trying to develop D3 to the point where it was cancelled.  They then went off and created the fiasco that was Hellgate London and the failed project in Mythos.  Torchlight was ok.  I certainly thought they were onto something if they could evolve the game design for Torchlight 2.  But IMO T2 was a major let down.  I couldn't even stay motivated to finish act 3.  Was just so boring of a story line, it left no motivation to keep playing.   I don't think I was alone in that.   Just look at the Steam achievements.  http://steamcommunity.com/stats/TorchlightII/achievements  It's pathetic how few people have completed even the most basic of achievements.  The King is Dead achievement which I believe is the last boss, only completed by 14% of players.  That is really pathetic.Marvel Heroes?  Never played it but that alone says something.   From what I've read it is a major mess of a game to where they had to pretty much go back to the drawing board.  And it still hasn't surfaced as a holy shit you must try this game.  I'll give these guys credit for making the attempts and actually making playable games. That alone is not easy to do.   And certainly they had a big role in making D1/D2 for which I'm grateful.    But they don't make great games by themselves.   A certain amount of magic happened with D1 and D2 that was a combo of these guys and Blizzard people.    I just don't believe they deserve rock star status and I certainly don't see them as the Diablo Messiahs who will come in and rescue the Diablo franchise.

  9. I totally agree that they don’t deserve “Rockstar Status”. I just think that some key people are needed to form a combination that in turn has a chance to create something great aka “Magic”. Some games turned out to be unforgettable simply because of the minds involved and because “the stars aligned on that day”.

    I think that games have increased chances to be great if they follow key-core-concepts that are repeated simply because they worked in the past. Its good to add new things to those core concepts in order to keep it fresh. However, trying to re-invent the “wheel” and messing around with the core-concept is a “dangerous” thing that can backfire horribly.

    Good examples are a static non-random game-world from WOW brought into an ARPG like D3. An Auctionhouse and RealMoney auctionhouse brought in from WOW into D3 replacing core-player-to-player trading, and ultimately resulting in no trading at all. The removal of player character development through stat and skill allocation & specialization is another huge issue in D3.

    Anyways, I wish D4 would bring together some of the core-devs such as Brevik to be part of a epic Dev-Team reunification to create the best ARPG the world has ever seen lol. Following Core-principles that worked in the past (D1 & D2), and adding new things on top of it.

    Also Matt Uelmen should do the music for D4 lol, no brainer to me.

  10. Diablo3 tarnished the legacy of a beloved franchise, that’s why we look back to the good ol’ days with rose-tinted glasses.

    If they didn’t turn the game totally upside down with Diablo3 few people would even care what Brevik was up to.

    If you observe the body language and tone of current devs it’s without a doubt that there exist bureaucratic barriers and deep philosophical obstacles. UI for instance required years to overhaul, I’m still uncertain why. This is not ‘QoL’ – rather it was integral to the game to give player necessary information. Philosophically, Blizzard still thinks it best to tailor the experience almost to the point where a player feels he or she wears a literal straight jacket. There are numerous threads regarding the ‘Illusion of Choice’.

    And then there’s game-breaking stuttering which from a AAA publisher is embarrassing frankly.

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