david brevikFollowing his departure announcement from Gazillion, David Brevik hosted a live stream where he discussed the future of Marvel Heroes now he’s gone and his plans which he covered in his previous update.

    During the stream David also talked about whether there was ever a possibility he would return to Blizzard and this is what he had to say:

    “I’ve been very close going back to Blizzard several times before Gazillion. I might go back but the thing that’s preventing be going back is they don’t want to open a studio in San Francisco.

    “They’ve tried the out of house studio thing a few times and not had very much success with it. That said, the only time they did have success with it was with me and Blizzard North so I think that we could do it again.

    “Never say never, there are scenarios where I could still live here ion San Francisco and still work down there. It’s all theoretical anyway, there’s no plans to go back to Blizzard at this time.”

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