Most of you will remember David Brevik’s original reaction to Diablo 3 when I interviewed him shortly after launch. He was not that impressed and his comments prompted the “f**k that loser” post from Jay Wilson”. In a quick an interview with IGN, his opinion has now somewhat changed.

    Following the release and Jay departure, the team knuckled down to try and address many of the game’s flaws. David Brevik, who was the original Diablo creator, was more impressed after the updates.

    “I think Diablo 3 ultimately ended up being a great game. Especially after the expansion I thought, they added a lot of really great stuff to it that fleshed it out and made it a much better game than I thought it was at launch. But, you know, I thought it was a fine game at launch and I think it really held up the Diablo legacy.”

    It seems David’s opinion has changed somewhat because when I spoke to him he was visibly upset by what Blizzard had done to the franchise after launch. David has obviously come to terms with Diablo 3 and there’s no doubt it’s a better game now than it was at launch.

    My interview with David Brevik shortly after launch for context.



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