David Brevik is Advisor on new Diablo-like or Diablo Game

David Brevik is Advisor on new Diablo-like or Diablo Game

Huge news this weekend straight from the one and only David Brevik. On a Twitter post today, Brevik revealed this…

So there you have it. A new game is in the works, whether it’s actually a Diablo game remains to be seen. In the picture posted by David, we see the constellation of Libra. Reading the text, it doesn’t sounds like it has anything to do with current Diablo games, the constellation of Libra is intriguing however, and it could simply be a reference to the month of November when, according to Wikipedia, “the Sun appears in the constellation Libra from October 31 to November 22”. This covers the time of BlizzCon so it sounds like there will be some kind announcement.

According to Wikipedia, “the Sun appears in the constellation Libra from October 31 to November 22”. This covers the time of BlizzCon so it sounds like there will be some kind announcement.

I will say that I would be excited to see Brevik back at Blizzard in some capacity. If there’s one man who can help Blizzard recreate the magic of the first two Diablo games it’s Brevik.

Brevik had always said he wouldn’t discount a move back to Blizzard but he had settled in San Francisco and didn’t want to move to Irvine. By taking on an “advisor” role, he can work remotely.

Both David Brevik and Bill Roper recently dropped into Blizzard HQ which we speculated would be to record video footage for the Diablo anniversary event at BlizzCon. It now appears that David may have been there for more than a quick video shoot.

Ok guys, get to work on your theories on what this means for Diablo and a possible new game.

Thanks to Moshy for the heads-up in the forums.

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    54 thoughts on “David Brevik is Advisor on new Diablo-like or Diablo Game

    1. That’s great news! Let’s just hope that corporate doesn’t meddle so much this time, so it turns out actually being an ARPG and not just a Hack’n’Slay with roleplaying elements.

    2. Mythology

      The association with scales and balance began with the ancient Babylonians, with the scales representing the balance between the seasons as well as day and night. The ancient Greeks viewed Libra as the claws of Scorpius reaching out.

      Obviously, it is time to rebalance the Diablo Scales…. maybe even dropping diablo all together for a new franchise…an epic reboot of the genre?

      • That’s cool. Now applying that to the Diablo Lore/Universe. The balance between heaven and hell is broken, which was the primes initial plot. Now, with the ending of RoS, are the scales in heaven or hells favor? Are the nephalem allying with one or another, or are they sticking to their own world Sanctuary.

    3. Sounds promising. A step in the right direction. Hopefully evolves into something more. I am not sure what power an advisor has though.

      Question is what “pushes this genre to new heights” mean? Do I smell disappointment for people expecting a traditional Diablo game?

      • “I am not sure what power an advisor has though.”

        An outside perspective with an inside window can give more weight to an argument, as the feelings and doubts of a sheer fan, while still being more out of the thumb of Blizzs corporate side. That was the real value to Blizzard of having had Blizz North.

        • I suspect he can get frustrated too. If being only an adviser, he can’t get too attached to the game, because surely the bunch in Irvine will try to make a lot of decisions he will advice against. I get a feeling he is quite incompatible with the people Irvine likes to hire. But better having him as adviser than nothing.

          Also, it’s not like Blizzard didn’t have advisers when they were making Diablo 3. They had the whole fanbase of the franchise, which they totally ignored.

          • Of cause he will get frustrated from time to time. That’s the natural status quo, when dealing with the corporate, who often don’t understand, why their “good game ideas” to raise profit numbers are hurting the game and ultimately the company. Being an adviser gives him the opportunity, to substantiate his opinion enough, while not having to deal with the corporate too much by himself. That’s something that the devteam can use, to stand their grounds, if necessary.

            And what you seem to not have gotten from my comment above: Mere fans are lacking this inside window and thus can’t substantiate their opinion, which is then also filtered by the community team, making educated guesses on what the fans are really saying, almost never having direct contact with the devteam, where the one person might sit, who instantly understands what the fan is getting at. (You know the kidsgame telefone/chinese whispers?) This way it’s hard to build up an argument to bring corporate to understanding, when their attempts at raising profits are going overboard in a bad direction.

    4. “Oh, I’m afraid this does not bode well at all. This MAP OF THE STARS portends great disaster, but its secrets are not mine to tell.”
      — Adria, the Witch (1996)

    5. as someone who loves Diablo II and enjoyed Reaper of Souls I’m really not upset by this. No, I am not the most hardcore Diablo fan in the history of mankind so don’t freak out on me in the comments. That being said Diablo II was definitely my favorite childhood game. If Blizzard wants to try and innovate and come out with a brand new amazing ARPG I’m totally willing to get on the roller coaster and see where it takes me.

    6. Well, he says he is “the” adviser so I guess he will be the only one at that position. Still, I don’t think he’ll have much power over the direction of the game as the adviser. Better than nothing ofc consdering the fact that he didn’t want to move to Irvine no matter what and Blizzard didn’t want to open a brand new studio for Brevik at San Francisco.

      I guess Blizzard and Brevik found this middleground solution. Brevik was too high-profile for a Game Director only position anyways since he was the President and founder of Blizzard North, CEO of Gazillion, owner of Flagship etc. through out his career.

      Long story short this is good news and the only possible good outcome in this situation for Diablo fans.

    7. Don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble here, but nowhere does it state that this has anything to do with Blizzard. I might be possible, but it could also be that Brevik is advising some other company making a Diablo-esque game.

      • He would announce the company or the game if it wasn’t Blizzard and an unannounced new game. So I laugh at the arguments that it can be Grim Dawn or PoE or anything but not a product from Blizzard. When we consider Brevik’s unusual visit to Blizzard last week too, it’s almost no-brainer that it’s Blizzard and a new game from the Diablo franchise.

      • I don’t see why it matters what company makes it; it’s the employees that make good games good.
        Besides, Blizzard would make lawyer noises if he compared someone else’s game to the Diablo franchise, so, since they haven’t, it’s probably pretty safe to assume they are the ones who he’s working with. Whether it’s actually set in Sanctuary is a better question, I think.

      • I talked about this with HolyKnight last night and came to the same conclusion. Nothing in Brevik’s post he’s working at Bliz, and I think he’d have made that clear if he was. “Diablo-like game” in fact sounds like he’s making clear it’s not a “Diablo game.”

        Given that he founded a new gaming studio less than a year ago, with the stated purpose of making an ARPG, it seems weird he’d be “advising” Blizzard on anything. AFAIK Bliz never has anyone advising or involved in a project outside of their studio, etc.

    8. On the game side of things, I do really want a third-person mature MMO in the Diablo universe. Something bigger than Hellgate London with Blizzard polish. Random dungeons with static open world but Diablo style satisfying visceral combat along with random item drops. Lots of PvP and parkour elements in the mix with clans, server wars, raids, lots of social events. However, the art style and music should really resemble original Diablo in order to capture the religious Middle-Age Europe architecture and demonic atmosphere of the first game.

      If something like that’s not in the works, I hope it’ll be a D1 remake.

    9. If it is Blizzard, no way it isn’t F2P. They switched Starcraft 2 halfway through, surprised they haven’t added more cash shop crap to Diablo 3 yet. I can’t stand F2P, even the “right way” to do it like Heroes or Hearthstone, b/c the gold grind is carefully engineered to annoy you w/o disheartening you from trying.

    10. I just saw former team lead of WoW and producer of D2 Mark Kern replied to Brevik’s tweet as:

      “Thank goodness. The series really needs you back. ”
      Source: twitter.com/Grummz/status/787777414411628544

      This pretty much confirms it.

      • Aaand I saw people from Blizzard liked his tweet. For example a Program Manager that’s currently dealing with Blizzcon stuff at Blizzard liked his tweet recently.

        I feel like I’m a little bit older (but wiser and more calm :)) to regularly follow the development of a Diablo game but I’ll try my best with this one because it actually got me excited for a bit with the hope that it will be more than a traditional ARPG.

        You know what’s funny? This is the result of a butterfly effect. If it wasn’t for Rushster’s interview back in 2012, Brevik wouldn’t be this popular between the current Diablo players or any video game players and I seriously doubt Activision Blizzard would even consider a remote official adviser role for a game for the first time. After that interview people cared more about Brevik and Blizzard North and hated the D3 team (can’t deny that the weak state of D3 in the beginning helped too). So thank you Rushster 🙂 You probably ruined Jay Wilson’s career too but that’s a minör casualty 🙂

        • “If it wasn’t for Rushster’s interview back in 2012, Brevik wouldn’t be this popular between the current Diablo players or any video game players and I seriously doubt Activision Blizzard would even consider a remote official adviser role for a game for the first time. After that interview people cared more about Brevik and Blizzard North and hated the D3 team (can’t deny that the weak state of D3 in the beginning helped too).”

          In my opinion, you’re completely wrong here. At least for the crowd on this site at the time, who mostly were fans of the predecessor and were fueled by the newly instilled hope for a proper successor, evolving the gameplay of D2. A hope that what lost, when Blizz North ceased to exist. It only allowed to speak more openly about it, without being instantly drowned by fanbois, declaring ones opinion to that of a hater with rosetinted glasses in regards to the older game. (And there was always the feeling of the PR-departement being mixed into this crowd of fanbois, actively stirring the fanboiVShater-flamewar in a failed attempt at damage control …)

        • “If it wasn’t for Rushster’s interview back in 2012, Brevik wouldn’t be this popular between the current Diablo players or any video game players” — utterly ridiculous — completely, totally, and utterly ridiculous

          • I bet you didn’t even know who David Brevik was. Actually I know you didn’t know him from your posts in Runic forums. If even a nerd like you didn’t know Brevik, what makes you think the Diablo players knew or cared about Brevik before that interview.

            Blizzard wouldn’t even consider an adviser position for the first time, especially a remote one, if the fanbase wouldn’t cry for Brevik and curse the D3 team everywhere in battle.net forums, ingame, here, diablofans, all over the internet since that interview without a stop.

            OFC Brevik’s previous position as the former president of Blizzard North and creator of Diablo helps but at that moment thanks to D3 developers idiotic oublic responses to that interview triggered the butterfly effect.

            Blizzard has never done something like this for former Warcraft, Stracraft, WoW creators before.

            Time will prove I’m right again, as always.

      • “This pretty much confirms it.” — no, that doesn’t confirm anything — unless Mark has spoken with someone at Blizzard or David and knows for sure that David is talking about Diablo — otherwise he’s guessing just like us

        • Are you serious? He knows David personally, he has lots of friends at Blizzard and that’s why he probably knows what David’s up to. You know more abour your friends’ work than a random poster on the internet.

      • I apologize from everyone. It looks I was wrong just like Mike Kern and I fucked up. I should have sticked with my original idea that he went to Blizzard HQ for the 20th anniversary stuff.

        Damn. I feel so ashamed 🙁 I hate Mark Kern for this 🙂

    11. I was getting bummed out about all the latest Diablo news but this is like, the greatest curve-ball ever. I am intrigued to see what happens.

      • As I think about this more, considering all recent events, it’s possible that Blizzard is going through an identity crisis. Blizzard lost many of their defining team-members. It’s likely that Blizzard wants to keep at least one person with some familiarity within contact to make sure they aren’t going way off course. Brevik would be a good candidate because anyone else would have either recently retired or is working for other companies now.

    12. _TOP_Commander and I totally called this on the forum months ago. We speculated that Brevik’s One-Man-Indie-Studio “Graybeard Games” was just a camouflage, while he was secretely working for Blizzard on a new Diablo game. At the time we thought he may be the new Game Director, though. It turns out we were very close indeed 😀

    13. I don’t think Blizz has what it takes to make a great ARPG game. Especially after Witcher set the standarts way too high.

        • “What does it take to make a great ARPG btw?”

          In my opinion: Hack’n’Slay gameplay, looting, enticing character development options, a mature storyline and an environment design, where pvm opponents culture and social behaviour is not only reflected in background story fragments and distinctive types, but also in difference of tactics used in reaction to the different environments their placed in.

    14. So sorry guys: No, no happen.

      David Brevik ‏@davidbrevik 27m27 minutes ago
      There has been a lot of speculation (and hope), but I’m not working on the Diablo franchise currently or in the near future


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