David Brevik and Bill Roper Visit Blizzard for Unknown Reason

roper blizzard David BrevikBill Roper and David Brevik have been busy and updated their Twitter accounts to show recently dropped into Blizzard. Why? Well, we’re not quite sure, but the most obvious reason would be to contribute something to Diablo’s 20 Anniversary celebration at BlizzCon. Possibly to film footage for a video or something similar.

Fans will speculate that maybe Brevik is returning to Blizzard to take charge of the rumoured new Diablo but that would be less likely than the above reason.

Brevik has been enjoying a spell of indie development under the name Graybeard Games following his departure from Gazillion and Marvel Heroes. He has in the past mentioned that he would be tempted to return but is settled in San Francisco.

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  1. Hopefully they will be involved in the next Diablo game, but I guess that would be too good to be true. Here’s hoping that something exciting gets announced at BlizzCon, and not just a video footage of Diablo history.

    • I’m sure there’ll be something HUGE Diablo related. Given the anniversary and the lack from last years Blizzcon, there’s hopefully something. The thing with Blizzcon from last year sucked for Diablo, but they do plan these things years in advance and that may explain last years Diablo features/time to enable the anniversary with something huge. I’m placing my bet on a remake of 1 or 2.

  2. I’m going with a remake of Diablo II being the main event, and then a cinematic teaser of Diablo IV at the end to make everyone shit a brick. With the remake of Diablo II coming out in 6-12 months and Diablo IV coming out in less than 3 years.

  3. If we’d just posted that picture of Bill Roper without the beard and put up a vote about who it was, +/- guesses until someone got it right? I’ve met the guy a dozen times and I still wouldn’t know it was him without the name tag…

    • I wouldn’t have guessed, unless there was a hint that he was a previous Blizzard employee, at which point I would have randomly said him just because.

  4. Hellgate London 2 confirmed 😉

  5. FUCK THAT LOOSER !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I place my bet on Diablo’s 20th anniversary celebration. Yes, Brevik was the creator of the Diablo concept and lead designer, lead programmer etc. but Roper was a producer. Although Blizzard guys have (had) been looking for a game director, I don’t think they need a producer for a new Diablo game too. I just think they invited them for the celebration but not because they were the designers or producers of the previous games. It’s probably more related to their previous roles in the Blizzard management (at that time). Brevik was the President and co-founder of Blizzard North and Roper was a vice president of BN. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Schaefers were invited too since they were the other two vice presidents.

    So, don’t get your hopes up. Besides, I wouldn’t want to see Brevik back at Activision Blizzard. I just don’t think he would be given a kind of autonomy he had as the head of Blizzard North while they were developing Diablos. In fact, the first Diablo was mostly developed before Blizzard bought Condor and renamed it Blizzard North just a few months before the release of the game in 1996.

    • BTW I want to clarify, I have nothing against Activision Blizzard and what they’re doing. It’s just how these things work.

      Anyways, guys over there very probably just filmed them for the anniversary stuff and there’s nothing more to this story. Still, it means Blizzard could leave the Jay Wilson scandal behind and invite Brevik.

  7. >I wouldn’t want to see Brevik back at Activision Blizzard. I just don’t think he would be >given a kind of autonomy he had as the head of Blizzard North while they were developing >Diablos.

    Exactly right. Activision Blizzard doesn’t make epic games. They just make profitable games.

    • Blizzard’s strength now is execution. They have the money, the time, and the personnel to execute a plan in a very polished fashion.

      But actually coming up with a good design in the first place, and then not watering it down through committee? Not sure they’re good at that, any more. Brevik could probably help with that.

      • That’s not a strength. That’s Fordism. Pure and simple.

      • I sometimes wonder, if Blizz is even aware, anymore, that programming is also art.

      • Blizzards strength was making SOCIAL games. Battle.net 1.0 was an incredible social experience for young online gamers. They moved away from that. I’m not sure Brevik is the guy to fix the problems. The people who can fix this might be the people who designed Battle.net 1.0 in the first place.

        • Eh, B.net 1 was basically just a chatroom lobby.

          They could have easily added that back in for SC2 in b.net2, and kept all the other features, and it would have been much more social than SC1 or D1/2 were. But they didn’t for some reason.

          Seems to be some sort of “think of the children!” anti-abuse angle they’re going for.

  8. they are just here to say goodbye to metzen thats all

    god we gonna miss that metzen guy !!!!!

  9. What worries me about a D2 remake is the current Blizzard staff. Sure, there are some quality of life changes that are obviously in order, but the core of the game is what has kept me coming back to it time after time. What I am afraid of is that core being destroyed by some moron group of devs.

    • its not even there and you are shitting all over the place , plz go play stupid minecraft or pong ,
      you are not worthy the name of diablo fan !!!!

    • D2 is a social game. The dangerous “quality of life” changes are those things that make it more antisocial. Among the incorrect changes are:

      1. Moving it off battle.net 1.0 and not giving the game a lobby.
      2. Killing Baal runs.
      3. Making chat more antisocial by adding “spam protections”.
      4. ripping out the named game feature.
      5. adding an automated match maker.
      6. adding solo content while removing group activities like trist runs, chant games, tomb runs, baal runs, etc.

      There’s a lot of people that think these sound great but they’d actually damage the game.

      • Disagree, Diablo 2 was always a single player game for me.

      • I think half-minded opinions from inexperienced gamers is more damaging to games. Consumerism is what drives games into the ground. Example: Diablo 3 Real-Money Auction House. Diablo 2 was made by enthusiastic talents that wanted to see their vision come to life. Diablo 3 was made to make money.

  10. It’s a dichotomy wherein entertainment is viewed either as a form of art or simply commodity. D3 with the AH and subsequent ‘pay-to-win’ cash model bastardized the ‘soul’ of the franchise as Blizzard attempted to milk the sh*t out of their IP. If devs aim to create rich gamer experiences versus recurring cash flows it would be a much more positive balance. I’m still crossing my fingers that the next Diablo iteration achieves this so as to not alienate further fans of the franchise.

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