David, the greatest thing i ever did in Diablo II was have a follower army and then play a necromancer for their army.

What inspired that greatness?

When we decided what classes we were going to make in D2, necromancer was the top choice for many on the team. When I think of necromaners, the first thing I think of is an army of the dead and we wanted to make that a reality. It was a concept that everyone immediately jumped on and made happen. We all thought it would be extremely fun. And we were right!

Whose decision was it to make the cows clickable in Diablo?

I don’t recall. There were so many strange, sleepless, crunch-filled nights during development, I’m sure that was a 3am decision. That said, it was probably the best 3am decision made.

I’ve noticed you were involved in the making of Diablo 1 and 2. Were you also involved making the development of the unreleased version of Diablo 3 – the cancelled sequel that would have had the gamers fighting in Heaven rather than Hell. If so, why was the game cancelled and would the game had been a complete departure from released D games, including the released version of Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 started development when I was still President of Blizzard North. We left about 2 years in and so I wasn’t involved after that. I would guess that the team wanted their own vision of what to make because it’s hard to make a product when the vision-holder isn’t part of the team. I would have done the same thing.