We’ve been doing out own datamining on that leaked pre-alpha version of Reaper of Souls and posting some of the most interesting images in our datamining gallery. There are some very interesting things to be seen, and while all the usual “might not make it into the final game” caveats apply, there’s some intriguing stuff related to a PvP or dueling system.

    Thus far in the ongoing RoS datamining we’ve seen a lot of code strings about skills and new game modes and Paragon 2.0 and lots more, but if there have been any about PvP I didn’t see them. Yet in the images in the leaked RoS build, there are a two big pictures showing a ton of images for PvP Achievements. (Here cropped into 3 pics for easier display.)

    You might have seen those previously, but these next two… {snip]

    As observed in comments, these are not related to PvP but are displays of your character in the selection screen, just showing two skills as samples. So sad. But all the PvP achievements are still a thing…


    Even though these aren’t indications that it’s coming soon, what I want, and have wanted since I first saw it at Blizzcon 2009, is a PvP system that’s based on player skill, where everyone has access to the same characters and same gear.

    Here’s how it went when I pitched Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira on the premade character deathmatch thing during an interview a couple of months ago:

    PVP! You guys said in a recent interview that you’re not working on any new PvP systems, even though it’s still in your thoughts, and Josh you said that people stop by your desk all the time and ask you about PvP.

    Josh Mosqueira: Right.

    Flux: Back in Blizzcon 2010 and 2011 there was a PvP demo in the Blizzcon demo. I loved it, I played it madly, if it was on Battle.net right now I’d play it every night. During development you guys repeatedly said that ESports wouldn’t work with Diablo 3, that it couldn’t be balanced. And I can certainly see that with the existing characters, since there’s so much variety in skills and gear that it seems impossible to equalize.

    But it seems like you could do an arcade style brawler that would fix that. Say there are 3 pre-made versions of each character, with gear and skills that players can’t change, and we just pick one and make teams and dive into the arena, just like an upgraded version of the wildly-popular PvP demo from past Blizzcons. It keeps records, it keeps scores, you’ve got ladders and rankings and the whole thing. That would be spectacular and awesome and can we see it in the next couple of months?

    Josh Mosqueira: You’re right. We played that, at least I played those versions when I got here.

    Flux: And they were awesome!

    25:40 — Josh Mosqueira: But was it the right expression of PvP for Diablo? Something we really struggled with is, does it feel like Diablo when you’re not A: using your character that has all your cool items, and does it feel like Diablo in the fact that you’re not getting any items. I think everybody intrinsically gets the idea that a PvP mode in Diablo 3 should be really fun, and we’ve seen examples that in bursts it can be a lot of fun. So the questions is how do we make sure it feels like thematically… not just a side product, but part of the overall core fantasy of the game.

    Flux: I think we might get into a debate about the perfect being the enemy of the good, in this case? The perfect system would be awesome, but if it doesn’t happen for five years, we could have a lot of fun in the meantime.

    Josh Mosqueira: That’s funny since that’s one of the phrases I love saying. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

    I’ve been on the team in this position for a couple of months and there are a few things we’ve really been focusing on. But it our desire and Wyatt’s as well that we want to tackle this question. A few weeks ago someone came by my office with what I thought was a really cool proposal. So it is something we’re working on and come one day we’ll be able to give you guys an answer. Not the perfect answer, but the right answer.

    Well, he didn’t say “No”…

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