Datamining: RoS Barbarian Skill Changes and New Game Modes

Lots more datamining from the latest Reaper of Souls patch. There’s a bunch of new info about added game modes, Nephalem Orbs powerups, plus a giant list of changes to the Barbarian’s skills. We’ll post equally huge lists of skill changes for the other four five classes later today, since there’s just a ton of content and spreading it into different posts makes for easier/better absorption.

As always, the game is a work in progress and subject to change before release.

Game Modes Changes

  • LootRunsButton – Nephalem Rifts (Interesting they revealed this Loot Runs => Nephalem Rifts name change in the Blizzcon Panels news, several days before the change was added to the test build.)
  • AdventureModeDetails – Explore the world of Sanctuary and complete Bounties and Random Dungeons to earn awesome loot!
    • ReaperOfSoulsRequired – Reaper of Souls Required
    • Difficulty_4_Locked – This difficulty is locked until you get at least one hero to level 60. (As we saw in other recent datamining, they appear to be combining Nightmare and Hell into one new difficulty level called “Torment.” Which would make Inferno the third difficulty level, which is why this says “fourth?”)
  • HotKeyWorldMap – Toggle World Map (The World Map is tied to the Bounty system, and gives players hints where in a given game potential Bounty targets are. It’s presumed this goes with some kind of “play all acts in the same game” feature, but that’s not yet confirmed.)
  • WaypointMapInstructions – {icon:rmb} to open the world map. Press ({c_white}{HOTKEY_MAP}) to close the map.
  • LootRunKey – Bring this to the Nephalem Obelisk in town and it will open a Nephalem Rift. (Previously sent you to Zoltun Kulle). This change is not Kulle, man! Also, during the beta we had the DiabloWikiNephalem Altar as a respec object for a while. Be funny if they bring it back with the same graphics and a minor name change. But an entirely different function!

  • Nephalem Orb Bonuses

    DiabloWikiNephalem Orbs/Globes are one of the coolest little features in the Diablo 3 console, and it’s not real surprise that they’re being added to Reaper of Souls. Presumably with some changes in function, but the basic feature remains the same. Once in a while a monster drops what looks like a yellow health globe. Players grab them, gaining the DiabloWikiNephalem Glory buff, which lasts for 60 seconds and can stack up to 3 times. Each stack increases movement speed and damage, and stacks 2 and 3 add lightning damage sparks as well.

    Those effects can be seen in the tooltips below, but there are a few other power ups not found on the console. We don’t know how these buffs will work; if the bonuses are for more stacks or random, how long they last, etc. (They are listed below in their order in the game code, which does not necessarily have any correlation to their order in the game.)

  • PowerupGlobe_Buff_Infinite_Casting_0_desc – Free casting and removed cooldowns.
  • PowerupGlobe_Buff_Invulnerable_0_desc – Invulnerable.
  • PowerupGlobe_Buff_Damage_0_desc – Greatly increased damage.
  • PowerupGlobe_Buff_Run_Speed_0_desc – Greatly increased run speed.
  • PowerupGlobe_Buff_Damage_0 – Nephalem Power
  • PowerupGlobe_Buff_Electrified_0 – Nephalem Conduit
  • PowerupGlobe_Buff_Electrified_0_desc – Electrocuting nearby enemies.
  • Click through for more new game modes details, and the mega-list of Barbarian skill changes.

    Bounty Page buffs:

    We listed the Bounty Scroll bonus in today’s items datamining update, but it fits better here:

  • X1_Passive_BountyScroll – Grants a random buff to you and your allies.
  • And here are the buffs it can currently provide:

  • Pages_Buff_Invulnerable_0 – Dimensional Shield
  • Pages_Buff_Damage_0 – Dimensional Power
  • Pages_Buff_Electrified_Cast_0 – Dimensional Conduit
  • Pages_Buff_Infinite_Casting_0 – Dimensional Channeling
  • Pages_Buff_Run_Speed_0 – Dimensional Speed
  • QA_FSU_0 – Slayer
  • QA_FSU_0_desc – This aura emanates death within 50 yards.
  • Not sure what those last two are; don’t seem to be Bounty Pages, but got to list them somewhere, eh?

    Barbarian Datamined Skill Changes

    Along with all of the new item properties and new game modes, the devs are still working on many changes and improvements to the character skills in Reaper of Souls. These are a work in progress and many of them will change further before release. See past documentation of big datamined skill changes by class: Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Witch Doctor.

    If a skill or rune effect is not listed then it did not change in this RoS patch. Also note that changes listed are from previous RoS patches which might have already made big changes from the skill in the game today.

    New Barbarian Skills

    Cause a massive deluge of rocks and debris to sweep across an area dealing 1800% weapon damage to all enemies caught in its path. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 25 Fury you spend.
    Cooldown: 30 seconds

  • DiabloWikiGlacier: Giant spears of ice freeze enemies.
  • DiabloWikiSnow-Capped Mountain: Cave in from both sides push monsters into a valley in front of you.
  • DiabloWikiVolcanic Eruption: Chunks of molten lava rain down from the sky.
  • DiabloWikiLahar: Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 15 Fury spent.
  • DiabloWikiTectonic Rift: Store up to 3 charges of Avalanche at a time.

  • New Barbarian Passives Skills:

    None were changed in function as revealed in previous datamining, but all got lore flavor added.

  • Effect: Increase Strength by 4% for 8 seconds after killing or assisting in killing an enemy. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Flavor: “The battle was never ending, sapping our minds and bodies to the point of exhaustion. But they thrived amidst the carnage, every killing blow renewing their bloodlust. They couldn’t be stopped.” –Sergeant Peshkov on the Siege of the Barbarians, 1123 Anno Kehjistani
  • DiabloWikiSword and Board
  • Effect: Blocking an attack generates 20 Fury.
  • Flavor: “Turning away the attack of an enemy saps their resolve as surely as landing a blow of your own.” –Battlemaster Kal-Jor
  • DiabloWikiKilling Spree
  • Effect: Unknown.
  • Flavor: “The faster your enemies fall, the shorter the battle, the greater the glory.” –Ancient barbarian wisdom

  • Primary Skill Group

    Generate: 6 Fury per attack. Brutally smash an enemy for 165% weapon damage. (Fury Generation down from 8)

    Generate: 5 Fury per attack
    Swing your weapon in a wide arc to deal 160% weapon damage to all enemies caught in the swing. (Damage up from 140%)

  • DiabloWikiBroad Sweep : Increase damage to 230% weapon damage. (Damage up from 175%)
  • DiabloWikiScattering Blast: On Critical Hits, knock enemies back 10 yards and deal 60% weapon damage to enemies where they land. (Knock back distance increased from 9 yards)
  • DiabloWikiReaping Swing: Generate 2 additional Fury per enemy hit. (Fury Generation down from 3)
  • DiabloWikiRupture: Enemies slain by Cleave explode, causing 160% weapon damage to all other enemies within 8 yards. (Damage up from 85%)
  • DiabloWikiFrenzy
    Swing for 115% weapon damage. Frenzy’s attack speed increases by 15% for 4 seconds with each swing. This effect stacks up to 5 times. (Damage up from 110%.)
    Generate: 3 Fury per attack /

  • DiabloWikiManiac: Each Frenzy effect also increases your damage by 2.5%. (Damage down from 4%)
  • DiabloWikiSidearm: Each strike has a 25% chance to throw a piercing axe at a nearby enemy that deals 130% weapon damage to all enemies in its path. (Damage up from 110%)

  • Secondary Skill Group

    DiabloWikiHammer of the Ancients
    Cost: 20 Fury
    Call forth a massive hammer to smash enemies directly in front of you for 535% weapon damage. Hammer of the Ancients has a 1% increased Critical Hit Chance for every 5 Fury that you have. (Damage up from 325%)

  • DiabloWikiSmash: Smash for 680% weapon damage. (Damage up from 406%)
  • DiabloWikiRolling Thunder: Create a shockwave that deals 505% weapon damage to all enemies within 22 yards in front of you. (Damage up from 275%)
  • DiabloWikiThunderstrike: When you kill an enemy with Hammer of the Ancients, other enemies within 10 yards are stunned for 1.5 seconds. (Previously stunned all enemies within 10y of any enemy killed by the attack.)
  • DiabloWikiRend
    A sweeping strike causes all enemies within 12 yards to Bleed for 925% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. (Damage up from 700%.)
    Cost: 20 Fury

  • DiabloWikiLacerate : Increase damage to 1350% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. (Damage up from 903%)
  • [/wiki]Bloodbath[/wiki]: Enemies killed while bleeding cause all enemies within 10 yards to begin bleeding for 925% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. (Bleed damage up from 100%.)
  • DiabloWikiSeismic Slam
    Slam the ground and cause a wave of destruction that deals 540% weapon damage and 4 yard Knockback to enemies in a 45 yard arc. (Damage increased from 240%, knockback distance down from 8 yards.)
    Cost: 30 Fury

  • DiabloWikiShattered Ground: Increase damage to 670% weapon damage and increase Knockback distance by 100%. (Damage increased from 288%)
  • DiabloWikiRumble: The ground continues to shudder after the initial strike, damaging enemies in the area for 230% weapon damage as Physical over 2 seconds. (Damage increased from 60%)
  • DiabloWikiStagger: Each hit has has a 60% chance of stunning enemies for 1 second. (Chance down from 100%, duration down from 1.5 seconds)
  • DiabloWikiStrength from Earth: Gain 1% of your maximum Life for every enemy hit. (Maximum Life down from 2%)
  • DiabloWiki