More datamined infos have surfaced from that pre-alpha version of Reaper of Souls. Bear in mind that all these are from a very early version of RoS and changes can and will be made between this and what we see in the game.

    The most interesting details seem to show that the devs have come to agree with long time fan theorizing that a lack of hard caps or breakpoints on gear in Diablo 3 is a big reason the item system feels so boring. (Read all about Breakpoints in Diablo 2.) With no caps or diminishing returns on the best affixes in D3C — CC, CD, and IAS — MOAR in those fields is always the best strategy, hence every character wants the same few affixes on all of their gear.

    D3 still needs more variety and utility from other affixes, and seems to be getting them in RoS, but putting diminishing returns or hard caps on some stats (D2 had both on most useful stats) seems like a reasonable way to promote affix diversity and to open up the item game since players won’t seek just the same few stats on every piece of gear.

  • DiabloWikiCritical Hit Chance – *You may have a maximum of +40.00% Critical Hit Chance from items.
  • DiabloWikiCritical Hit Damage – *You may have a maximum of +250.00% Critical Hit Damage from items.
  • DiabloWikiAttack Speed – *You may have a maximum of +40.00% Attack Speed from items.
  • DiabloWikiMovement Speed – *You may have a maximum of +25.00% movement speed from items
  • Block Chance – *You may have a maximum of 75.00% Block Chance.
  • DiabloWikiGold Find – *You may have a maximum of +300.00% Gold Find.
  • DiabloWikiMagic Find – *You may have a maximum of +300.00% Magic Find.
  • Magic Find – *This increase is diminished for rare and legendary and set items.
  • You can directly boost all but one of those fields in the DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 system to add more on top of your item bonuses. There are two values that really stand out: 1) DiabloWikiCritical hit Damage capped at just 250% (+another 50% from Paragon Points) would be huge drop for most characters (you can get more than that just on a Manticore, Skorn, or many 2H weapons today), and 2) Block Chance capped at 75%? That’s about 50% higher than anyone has now!

    Currently shields go up to 20% and can increase up to 8% more from a Block increase affix on the shield, but that’s far from a common bonus and the vast majority of top quality rare shields (these are much sought in the Hardcore Auction House) have 15-20% blocking. And that’s about all characters have, since other gear that adds blocking % is virtually non-existent in D3C.

    +Blocking chance was initially (in some dev interviews from Gamescom) said to be amongst the fields that you could boost in Paragon 2.0, but it’s not amongst the fields in the DiabloWikiDefensive Tab in the recent datamined info. So where else are players supposed to get that much blocking%? Do shields in RoS go much higher than the 20% cap we see in D3C? Will shield blocking bonuses be found on other pieces of armor?

    And is this a general indication of the increased importance RoS will place on a bit slower and more defensive play style, as Wyatt Cheng keeps warning telling us?

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