Datamined New Diablo 3 Rune Interface

A Russian D3 site has posted a selection of images datamined from the new patch. The most interesting can be seen below, it’s called “skill pane” in the datafile, and seems to be the new skill interface, with runes somehow integrated into it. This is just the background and may be misleading; all of the icons will not be lit up at once when using it in the game, and there will be text and tooltips and other interactive elements.

The text on that page is just a translation of the “leaked” info about the new runes system that was on Reddit yesterday. As it’s 90% similar to what Azzure has been predicting for weeks, we’re waiting for the official details before drawing any more conclusions.

Update: We have confirmed that this image and the others on that Russian update are legit and straight from the new D3 patch. (Though we do not know what they mean or explain; just that the image shows an interface coming soon to D3.) We’ll have MUCH more info about it coming up shortly.

Update #2: We’ve seen runes/glyphs like these previously in Diablo III. For example, compare the runes in this image to the three (inside the circle) for the Jeweler’s gem upgrade interface. You can see those lit up, as they animate during the actual process, in the small excerpt image to the right.

Update #3: In comments Skab reminds us that very similar glyphs were seen in mysterious stickers on the walls around the Blizzard campus last year. Photos showing them, courtesy of KuangTu, can be seen here, here, here, here, and here, from our Blizzard’s Campus gallery.

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    92 thoughts on “Datamined New Diablo 3 Rune Interface

      • More customisation?

        Its Blizz dude, we are lucky if they didn’t cut stuff out!!

        I’m already missing the nice Rune Arts…This one is like predator language influenced? This is a really poor UI IMO!

      • I too am very excited Benjehova, but knowing the Diablo community, 90% will be OUTRAGED and FURIOUS! There will be QQ for weeks on end, and a month later, everyone will come around and declare how awesome this new system is!! 😆

        Edit: Look! QQ right above me already…. No offense. =)

        • Dont worry, i know for what i stand for! There fore im not gonna say in a week that the system isn’t good if i feel it is! But i can tell you right now that this is a really poor and amateurish UI!

    1. WTF am I looking at?!

      Disclaimer: The above statement in no way reflects this user’s opinion on wtf they are looking at. Relax.

      • That was my reaction too. It looks like a WoW interface to me. Those jagged glyphs/runes are unlike anything we’ve seen in D3 previously. If it is indeed D3, it’s a radical change over previous game interfaces. (Unless they’ve redone all of the others to match this?)

          • Mark of death, and it was also the markings at the blizzard offices from the chinese fansite’s trip to irvine. Like flux said, these are also used in the gem upgrade interface.

            The patch contains a lot of cool stuff that I can’t quite get to yet. Took a while to, err, get it.

        • It is definitely very different. It has a different aesthetic to it, as you essentially noted. I’m curious to see where they are going with this…

          (P.S. I could eat a turkey sandwich right now… damn you pretend-captcha!)

        • I don’t think it’s an interface screenshot.  It looks more like a source file of icons that would be used on a different interface screen.  Note the four different versions of the same ‘unlock’ icon.

          1 for locked, 2 for unlocked, 3 for unlocked mouseover, 4 for click?

          • Good point. But that might just show that you really, really unlocked the hell out of the first unlock, and the second unlock is quite unlocked, the 3rd is just barely unlocked, and you’ve misplaced your keys for the last one…

            EDIT: kar: yes, turns out it is – I edited that part of my reply out

    2. You are all welcome for my countdown party named “The Diablo III Release Countdown Party 2015” .

    3. I really need an explanation to understand this. If this is legit, I am quite disappointed so far. The old runes were easy to distinguish just by their colour. These runes look all the same, thus confusing and boring.
      Lets see what tomorrow (for us europeans) will bring.

      enter the following: fancy pants 😀

      • Colours aside, the glyphs on the old runes are much easier to tell apart than these too. Much simpler and cleaner. Time for them to do what they do best: iterate!

    4. I really hope they don’t unlock based on level – it’d suck having to wait until Nightmare/Hell to get your desired build together.

    5. Is it just me or does this have a sort of League of Legends vibe? I hardly played it, just read about their Glyphs or whatever, and it kind of reminds me of that.

    6. If this is the new stuff then holy shit they fucked up.

      But it’s a Russian source so I am highly skeptical.

      • Not the runes.  I have the rune images (flattened) from datamined files from a good while ago.  Just checked my files when I saw this image as I knew I’d seen them before.

    7. I really have no idea what to make of this, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s got to be better than the previous version.  My #1 wish is just for builds to mean something, and for switching to different builds to not be TOO easy.  Harder than it is currently, but of course, not as difficult as, say, Titan Quest (price eventually becomes unsustainable).

      In any case, Im looking forward to hitting the skill calc again :P.


    8. Wait! I don’t get it. How are they supposed to have mined this information if yet, I can’t download the data for patch 13? It’s not available for the public, but is it Russia???

      • The patches are on long in advance of them going live. Clever people can figure out the URLs in advance, sometimes. (We have clever people working for IncGamers also…)

    9. So you are taking a picture you found on the internet, put your logo on it and post it on your site?
      Way to go.
      Other than that, most screens look more like screens especially the last one, they probably
      would use 3d objects for the “hero stand” don’t you think?

    10. These look like random UI assets put together rather than one cohesive screen. The aesthetic is really tribal and at odds with the stained glass look of everything else. 

      I hope these don’t unlock by level. God, I hope not. Level 60 characters would then all have the same skills, same runes, and same stats — all freely changeable at any time.  Hopefully that’s not the case. 

    11. Yeah wtf is with taking an image from another site than slapping your own websites fucking image on it? Why the fuck would you watermark images that may not even be real?

      • There’s a link to the source, where you can see it as presented. We won’t put watermarks on them from the full patch, but as most thieves are lazy and just steal the first image they see without bothering to click another link, putting that on this image slows down other fansites a bit.

    12. Are we certain these are skill runes? Looks like Netzem Petroglyphs to me.
      Guess we will have to wait and see.

    13. Yeah alot of them have the same shape. How the fuck do you tell them apart? This makes no sense. Than again we no real context seems pretty fake.

    14. that russian site seems to be updating as progress is mined, theres a new interface for setting up banners now it seems.

      edit : question is, how are they mining something that isnt even out?

    15. IMHO it fake 100% fake why?

      Answer there needs to be 6 rune-able skill slots (the number skills you can pick) in the above there’s not 6 slots of any kind. There’s a 3, a 1 and a 4 for a total of 8, then a ton of extras stuff so that out unless they changed number of active skills? If so then is there 1? 3? 4? 7? or 8?
      If we say include the passives (but these cant be runed so why would these be here) well then we need 9 slots but see above there’s only 8 slots, though if it changed well it would fit, but what the extra odd slot, the 4 big slot it complete different to the rest?
      Lastly the number of extra’s things well its far to high to fix with any known diablo 3 stuff, I guess it could be a listing of found rune types (only thing I think it could be), but it looks really cumbersome.
      If it turns out to be real well: Since Blizzard are aiming for casual AKA “noob” friendly who ever designed the above need to be taken out side and handed over to the fire squad and shot J/K well fired really, as there’s no way that is design casual friendly ^ see above nothing about it makes sense plus you get the “noobs” trying to rune passives that can’t be runed, and no end of other problems cropping up.

      If they made this big a change well they might as well start again from day 1.

      • That screen is supposed to be of all the graphics used in an yet-to-be-revealed UI. It doesn’t have 4 of anything, it has 3 states of all buttons in the UI. Get it?

    16. I expect much complaining, once this system is revealed, about how it’s too casual and runes are no longer dropped items. Oh and I expect people to complain that it reduces customization too.

      Can’t wait to see the tears.   

      • The tears are gonna be glorious, there isn’t even an explanation for it yet and still the tears are flowing at a steady rate already! 🙂

    17. I’m with you on this one, it looks very ugly and clunky compared to all of the other pop out windows we’ve seen in the beta.

      • This isn’t an interface. It’s a texture. There’s a very, very large difference.

        Bits of this image are parsed out into the game client and displayed according to their state (in D3, usually “locked” or grayed out, selected, mouse-over).

    18. SkillsUI.stl* 3 extra categories have been added for each class (total of 6)* All classes have “Primary”, “Secondary”, and “Defensive” as their first 3 categories now* Barb: “Tactics”, “Might”, and “Rage”* DH: “Archery”, “Devices”, and “Shadow”* Monk: “Conviction”, “Technique”, and “Focus”* WD: “Terror”, “Decay”, and “Voodoo”* Wizard: “Arcane”, “Conjuration”, and “Mastery””Skill Runes begin unlocking at level {s1}”

      (source : , original source probly that russian site translated) 

      • We can agree this solves the inventory issue, it also makes it easier for people to use the runes they really  want to use instead of the ones they just found or had to buy.

    19. taking this from the russian site…what do you guys think?
      he runes are no longer physical objects that fall. They are opened every time you get a new level with new skills (up to 60 levels). You open the skill, and then at certain levels of certain runes to open up this skill. No more no loss of runes or rune levels. This allows you to add parameters to the effects of + runes and runes on the equipment will be able to take advantage of better equipment and enhance further skills. The first rune will open starting at level 6. After that, you’ll get something new every level up to the maximum.

      On Normal, slots skills will be as if “locked” on the kinds of skills (this is for beginners who have no concept of what a resource generator / Spender). To the nightmare of all the slots will be unlocked for everyone (maybe even up to a nightmare, but it is not confirmed). That is, we get something like the introduction. For example, Barbara paints can be linked to a generator of rage, the PCM can be Spender, in the third slot can be utilities, etc. Again, the details of how the blocking skills could be changed and it is unknown whether or not it necessary to pass the normal with these “locks”, but they are going to present it.t

      • If you unlock runes up to level 60 it will stop some people from claiming that you aren’t rewarded every single level, with some ability. 

        If not then it doesn’t matter much.

        • While destroying a few basic concepts of the game in the process. Sounds like a great trade-off 😀

    20. Authenticator? -No, certainly not…but maybe they figured out that someone’s mom accidently deleted their beloved level 4 character and had to start from scratch. Well, this won’t happen any more since now you require a runeword to do so. 😛

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