A Russian D3 site has posted a selection of images datamined from the new patch. The most interesting can be seen below, it’s called “skill pane” in the datafile, and seems to be the new skill interface, with runes somehow integrated into it. This is just the background and may be misleading; all of the icons will not be lit up at once when using it in the game, and there will be text and tooltips and other interactive elements.

    The text on that page is just a translation of the “leaked” info about the new runes system that was on Reddit yesterday. As it’s 90% similar to what Azzure has been predicting for weeks, we’re waiting for the official details before drawing any more conclusions.

    Update: We have confirmed that this image and the others on that Russian update are legit and straight from the new D3 patch. (Though we do not know what they mean or explain; just that the image shows an interface coming soon to D3.) We’ll have MUCH more info about it coming up shortly.

    Update #2: We’ve seen runes/glyphs like these previously in Diablo III. For example, compare the runes in this image to the three (inside the circle) for the Jeweler’s gem upgrade interface. You can see those lit up, as they animate during the actual process, in the small excerpt image to the right.

    Update #3: In comments Skab reminds us that very similar glyphs were seen in mysterious stickers on the walls around the Blizzard campus last year. Photos showing them, courtesy of KuangTu, can be seen here, here, here, here, and here, from our Blizzard’s Campus gallery.

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