The latest patch has been datamined and we have a few examples of the new, more basic Tooltips that Bashiok mentioned previously. Many players were concerned by that announcement, and felt Blizzard was dumbing down the game by simplifying the already quite simple tooltips. Player protests were for naught though, as Blizzard remains adamant that these changes will improve tooltips for the better.

    Here are some of the new tooltips for Barbarian skills, and as you can see, the new tooltips are indeed instantly understandable, without a lot words or any confusing numbers. These might be considered spoilery, so we’ve put them below the fold. Click through to see the details.

    Hit baddies hard. Make Fury.


    Hit many baddies hard. Make more Fury than Bash.


    Ignore Pain

    Makes less owwwies from baddies.
    Cooldown: Kinda long.


    Weapon Throw
    Throw axe. Big hurt baddies. Much Fury cost.


    Spin around and hit many baddies. Costs some Fury, then more Fury.


    Threatening Shout
    Makes baddies unstronger.


    Wrath of the Berserker
    Hulk smash. WREASTLING!
    Cooldown: Take a snack break.

    Disclaimer: These are jokes and not real. In case it wasn’t obvious enough!

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