Datamined Murlock Goblin + Sea Monster = D3X2 Skovos Hints?

A nice short video showing datamined creature animations from the patch, including a Murloc treasure goblin carrying a Blizzcon tag in his backpack (obviously this year’s digital prize for Blizzcon attendees). There’s also a cute and tiny WoW Panda, and most interestingly, a reskinned version of those Act 3 monster troop carrier worms that looks like a sea monster. Thanks to Mads Lund for posting the video, Datamined Murlock Goblin + Sea Monster = Skovos Hints?

As with all datamining, don’t take anything as set in stone, and remember there are tons of things datamined from the patches that never make it to the live realms, much less in the next patch. That said, shall we add some rumor mongering to the spy footage? There’s no telling about that panda, though it moves much like a reskinned Cuddle Bear, and looks bite-sized, rather than bear-sized.

The other two offer juicier considerations, and many players have noted a nautical theme to the Murloc goblin and the reskinned, sea monster-looking demon vomiting worm.

Murlocs debuted in WoW and have become regular Easter Eggs and bonus features in other Blizzard games (including D3), but they are froggy amphibian creatures, and no setting currently in Diablo 3 is water-based. Also, the sea monster (or is it a frozen monster?) is clearly a reskinned version of the weird worm things that appear in Act 3’s outdoor areas and vomit demons up onto the high walls where you are fighting. Like the Murloc, it’s (apparently) an aquatic version of the creature, and I can’t think of anywhere now in Diablo 3 it would fit. There are plenty of little streams and swamps and occasional ponds n Acts 1-5, but none of them look remotely large enough to logically contain something the size of that monster. (Maybe the Cesspools in Rifts?)

So if nothing in the game now makes sense, what sort of area would be water-based and fit the lore of a Murloc goblin and a troop-spitting water monster? The Greek-themed, partially-submerged, water demon-infested city of DiabloWikiSkovos, of course. We’ve got tons of early D3 concept art set in Skovos (see gallery below), and the tropical island beaches and jungles and sunken temples would offer a totally different setting than anything in the game today. Which is why Skovos is where many fans hope and expect D3X2 to take place.

For much more on Skovos and its potential for D3X2, check out Nobbie’s Skovos expansion speculation article from earlier this summer.


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  1. We sure this guy isn't just trolling given that every model here is a re-skin of something old?

  2. My guess is that it is why they hire a new designer in the diablo universe. Diablo 3 is a beautiful and well polished now. What would a Diablo 4 bring ? May the new expansion be long and filled with new things to explore.

  3. I'd say its meant to by crystaline not watery, just a guess going by the green. This maybe D3's Travincal. Love that concept art.

  4. As a former 3D modeler for games, I double-checked that datamined stuff, and it all appears to be 100% legit, incl. the re-textured models. The BlizzCon 2015 Murkgoblin is a new model with good quality, the new Panda texture for the cuddle bear is fine, and that "sea monster" has everything you'd expect (a flowing surface, (fake) refraction effects, and a creepy "skeleton/bones" under its watery "skin"). Mads Lund also posted a video with the new class pennants as well as a special BlizzCon 2015 pennant, which can be interpreted as another sign for major Diablo news at the con. I'd say we're going to Skovos 90% because the majority of the artwork stems from there – another proof by the way that the former art director Christian Lichtner has already finished his work on a potential D3X2.

  5. I can only hope that someday there will be an ultra-rare chance for goblin packs to spawn as murloblin packs. Murlocs always come in dozens and the noises they make are hilarious.

  6. Seems legit to me.At least considering I couldn't come up with anything less fitting the series' original gothic horror fantasy (and with pink laser beams, asian punk wizards and protossian spaceship-heavens already being established in D3, of course).

  7. There's loads of conversation strings and monster lore books that were datamined when the PTR first went up. They describe a corrupted island connected to the demon Nereza, who was mentioned by the ancients in Act 1. I got the impression it was some sort of (mostly)deserted island though, not one of the Skovos isles. Maybe they're planning to add another small area in 2.4?

  8. On Mads Lund’s channel there is another video with the new pennants. The last one,the BlizzCon pennant looks like a trident, just like in the concept art.

  9. “The Worldstone has been changed. Our children are born weak and suffer short lives. The demon Nereza promised to restore their power but instead turned them into misshapen creatures and sent them to war against us. We may die, but not before she is sent back to the Burning Hells.” If the demon Nereza has something to do with the second expansion I presume that She turned their children into “Murlock” creatures ( small children = small creatures ) and she probably appear as one of the main bosses. But it’s just a guess.

  10. I wonder if the maps will just be a retexture of map designs already in the game like the cathedral and hall of agony and other areas that do that.

  11. Actually Murlocs debuted in Warcraft 3, not WoW:

    They’re effectively the Fallen of the Warcraft universe: generally harmless little guys that make funny noises and run around comically.

  12. So main theme of the next expansion is Water, Ice and Rainforest (since it is subtropical place) but mainly water. Whoooa that’s great:) The water animations and theme itself will be great.

  13. Thanks for the checks Nobbie. Much appreciated. D3X2 definitely something fishy going on :D.

    Maybe it’s just a BlizzCon kind of event that’s temporary?

  14. Why do you people get so excited about datamined info. It really is cool to hype about the next expansion but they will never upload textures for monsters before they even announce such expansion. It is not only considered as a spoiler but also not typical for Blizzard. This guy could be just trolling around like we don’t know there are pandas already in the game.

    • I bet he is not trolling. Blizzard likes to tease, e.g. they put the Goblin and Worgen masks into the WoW data files before Cataclysm was announced.

  15. nobbie: Hi, do you know any other hints/teasers in the past? I think of this to as a tease for fans.

    • Nothing that's isn't known already (and mentioned in my blog), e.g. that Tyrael talk about the missing Horadrim in Skovos.

  16. so new hero is Pirate ?

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