A nice short video showing datamined creature animations from the patch, including a Murloc treasure goblin carrying a Blizzcon tag in his backpack (obviously this year’s digital prize for Blizzcon attendees). There’s also a cute and tiny WoW Panda, and most interestingly, a reskinned version of those Act 3 monster troop carrier worms that looks like a sea monster. Thanks to Mads Lund for posting the video, Datamined Murlock Goblin + Sea Monster = Skovos Hints?

    As with all datamining, don’t take anything as set in stone, and remember there are tons of things datamined from the patches that never make it to the live realms, much less in the next patch. That said, shall we add some rumor mongering to the spy footage? There’s no telling about that panda, though it moves much like a reskinned Cuddle Bear, and looks bite-sized, rather than bear-sized.

    The other two offer juicier considerations, and many players have noted a nautical theme to the Murloc goblin and the reskinned, sea monster-looking demon vomiting worm.

    Murlocs debuted in WoW and have become regular Easter Eggs and bonus features in other Blizzard games (including D3), but they are froggy amphibian creatures, and no setting currently in Diablo 3 is water-based. Also, the sea monster (or is it a frozen monster?) is clearly a reskinned version of the weird worm things that appear in Act 3’s outdoor areas and vomit demons up onto the high walls where you are fighting. Like the Murloc, it’s (apparently) an aquatic version of the creature, and I can’t think of anywhere now in Diablo 3 it would fit. There are plenty of little streams and swamps and occasional ponds n Acts 1-5, but none of them look remotely large enough to logically contain something the size of that monster. (Maybe the Cesspools in Rifts?)

    So if nothing in the game now makes sense, what sort of area would be water-based and fit the lore of a Murloc goblin and a troop-spitting water monster? The Greek-themed, partially-submerged, water demon-infested city of DiabloWikiSkovos, of course. We’ve got tons of early D3 concept art set in Skovos (see gallery below), and the tropical island beaches and jungles and sunken temples would offer a totally different setting than anything in the game today. Which is why Skovos is where many fans hope and expect D3X2 to take place.

    For much more on Skovos and its potential for D3X2, check out Nobbie’s Skovos expansion speculation article from earlier this summer.

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