Datamined: New Reaper of Souls Item Graphics

Datamined: New Reaper of Souls Item Graphics

A fan datamined some future items out of the PTR client, and shared them both in a short video. They feature a sleeping kitty that’s also a new Witch Doctor mojo, and a flapping winged hand crossbow for Demon Hunters.

If the WD’s “cat on a stick” mojo looks familiar, we got a preview of it during one of the Blizzcon 2014 panels, when they showed a slide of upcoming item graphics. You can see the winged xbow there also, now that you know what to look for. That bear paw looks fun too; probably a Monk fist weapon?

Datamined: New Reaper of Souls Item Graphics

New item art
New item art

Update: Monstrous shared some more screens of the new items, firm in his conviction that Wizards should have the right to bear arms.

I tried to match up unused datamined icons. Could these be future class sets for the crus, monk, wiz and WD? —Monstrous

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11 thoughts on “Datamined: New Reaper of Souls Item Graphics

  1. Every time I click on the images it just refreshes the page. Can't you guys just upload them to imgur or something? I have this problem a lot.

  2. Kitty mojo? For real? It's not even decrepit or some rat looking hairless cat or anything. I suppose carrying a kitten on a string is morbid enough but its too cute for my liking. It's not even voodoo. How about bones, like Spine of the Black Cat or something?

    At this rate, the bear paw chould be part of a new monk Panda set =P

    • One of my biggest laments in D3 is not finding the hamburger or the rainbow sword. "Grrr, grim-dark! Spikes! Bones! Blood! Grey! Brown! No colors!" Yeah, that cat is much more interesting than most of the gear. Maybe not as dangerous as a bunch of snakes, but definitely more dangerous than a frog.


    … if it's for real …

    when I saw the "kitten on a stick" I was like I WANTS HAVE! though I have absolutely no idea what a sleepy puss could be useful for …

    in any case, all your cats are belong to us!

    • Esoterically spoken, cats are often said of being open to the spirit realm, sometimes just in a way that they are just perceptive to it, sometimes as far as posing as an always open mirror to it up to being complete mediums, both to the spirits as an open reach into our world, as to the esoterics believing in such things as a way to reach into and influence the spirit world themselves.

      We ain't talking reality here, but a high fantasy scenario in a medieval like setting, where magic is part of everyday life, though. And from the Witch Doctors background being deeply rooted into a connection to the spirit realm, banking on the mysticisms around cats here is just more like a logical conclusion.

      As there are still a lot of esoteric views on "the magic properties of cats" around, some dating back at least to ancient egypt, that it still doesn't tell much towards probable ingame properties, though. It could be an item offering more choices on the summoning side, to bring back the complimentary quality of minions as a part to many Witch Dotors setups that was originally aimed for, without disabling possibility and viability of setups focused on minions as the main source of damage. Or, as some associations are speaking about enhancement of "psychic capabilities" in one way or another, its property may be focused on enhancing the WDs CC-capabilities. (Taken generally, being real big time and adding the legendary effect boosting entire, randomly selected skill categories at once or something similar to that, ain't in contradiction to the mysticisms here, either.)

      Even such a thing as simply treating the kitten as a host for breeding locust swarms ain't out of the question, as the assumption of Blizz banking on mysticism here could be entirely wrong and the item's planned more in the like of transcending the more realistic roots of the medieval setting instead, but aesthetic sense hopefully already served as a working barrier to such a display of bad taste.

      Well… We'll see, when the time has come for Blizz to offer some hints on their ideas of where to go with the "kitten on a stick". As anticipation is already there, I'd just wish for the information policy being like a game between Blizz and the Community itself, with each tidbit sparking the next round of more intensified speculations, instead of the usual PR buzz that has already worn out both sides quite a bit.

        • If so, it'd imho turn it into lot of potential thrown out, just to make a cheap joke and to ride on the popularity of catmemes in social webs. I imagine that an implementation of the item idea with a more realistic feel to it, meaning in inner logical coherence to both the workings of the rulesystem and the story background of Sanktuario, is probably a hard thing to pull off, though.

  4. These might be exclusive anniversary items that will be farmable during the week of Diablo 3's 3rd birthday (starting on May 15, 2015).

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