A fan datamined some future items out of the PTR client, and shared them both in a short video. They feature a sleeping kitty that’s also a new Witch Doctor mojo, and a flapping winged hand crossbow for Demon Hunters.

    If the WD’s “cat on a stick” mojo looks familiar, we got a preview of it during one of the Blizzcon 2014 panels, when they showed a slide of upcoming item graphics. You can see the winged xbow there also, now that you know what to look for. That bear paw looks fun too; probably a Monk fist weapon?

    Datamined: New Reaper of Souls Item Graphics

    New item art

    New item art

    Update: Monstrous shared some more screens of the new items, firm in his conviction that Wizards should have the right to bear arms.

    I tried to match up unused datamined icons. Could these be future class sets for the crus, monk, wiz and WD? —Monstrous

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