Datamined Info and Changes

diablo 3 patch 1.0.1As you would expect, there is a ton of datamined information that can be gathered from the retail client so we are being selective with what we post so the main focus is on item and database information.

Skills pretty much remain unchanged apart from one slight change for the Barbarian.


Ground Stomp – AvalancheEnemies are knocked back 12 yards and inflict 55% weapon damage to enemies in the landing area.Enemies are knocked back 9 yards and inflict 55% weapon damage to enemies in the landing area.


There is of course all the new items and changes that are going into and the Hero Planner as I type this up. There is a lot of data to get in so please be patient while we work through it all.

Regarding images, well we don’t want to spoil the game so we are going to hold off on those until a little later, much better if you experience it all for yourselves and we’ll add them into the datamining gallery so as not to spoil anything here on the front page.

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    1. post the images now 

      I’m at work, I want something D3 related until I get home and can download 

      anybody reading a news item named “Datamined Info and Changes” should expect spoilers and shouldn’t be upset if they find any

      I read this specifically because the title led me to believe spoilers would be here 😥  

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