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Dorjan has been doing more work on the DiabloNut database today, tidying up navigation and populating more tables with information. Whilst he was at it he also generated quick reference lists for such things as the  Blacksmith’s Plans (368), Mystics Enchantments (390), Jeweler’s Designs (52) and Gems (108) – the numbers in brackets indicate the total number of items in each category.

As you can see by those numbers the lists are way too large to squeeze onto this news page so the complete lists are in the Beta Forum if you need them in the future but below is a taster snippet to glance over.

blacksmith's plans

Blacksmith's Plans


The Blacksmith

  • Journeyman Large Shield Learnt From Artisan Level
    • +30-35 Vitality
    • Increases the base experience rewarded per kill by +11-12
  • Journeyman Thought Mirror Learnt From Plan
    • Increases Spirit regeneration by 0.20-0.22 per second (Monk Only)
    • Increases the base experience rewarded per kill by +7-8
  • Journeyman Shaman Mask Learnt From Plan
    • Increases Mana regeneration by 6.00-9.00 per second (Wizard Only)
  • Journeyman Steel Wand Learnt From Artisan Level
    • +27-35 Precision
    • Increases the base experience rewarded per kill by +5-6
  • Journeyman Leather Quiver Learnt From Artisan Level
    • +12-17 Attack
    • Adds 21-30% more damage to Witch Doctors only
  • Adept Eiku Learnt From Plan
    • +45-53 Vitality
  • Adept Caged Horror Learnt From Plan
    • +45-64 Maximum Mana (Witch Doctor Only)
  • Adept Binding Rope Learnt From Artisan Level
    • +24-29 Precision
    • +0.06-0.07 Attacks Per Second
  • Master Shuko Learnt From Plan
    • +54-62 Attack
    • +54-62 Attack

Full List of Blacksmith’s Plans (368)


Mystic's Formulas


The Mystic

  • Enhance Boots – Major Nimble
    • +12 Movement Speed
  • Enhance Leg Armor – Major Seeking
    • +16% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
  • Enhance 1H Melee Weapon – Heroic Hostility
    • Increases Hatred regeneration by 2.00 per second (Demon Hunter Only)
  • Enhance 1H Melee Weapon – Heroic Infusing
    • Increases Mana regeneration by 40.00 per second (Wizard Only)
  • Enhance Bow Weapon – Heroic Brutality
    • +106% Critical Hit Damage
  • Enhance Bow Weapon – Super Decimation
    • Grants +18 Mana per Kill (Witch Doctor Only)
  • Enhance Bow Weapon – Super Spikes
    • Attackers Take 13 Damage
  • Enhance Ring – Major Euphoria
    • Health globes grant +30 Life
  • Enhance Shoulder Armor – Major Fortunate
    • +99-0% Gold From Monsters
  • Enhance 2H Melee Weapon – Super Barbaric
    • +12 Fury (Barbarian Only) Regeneration
  • Enhance 2H Melee Weapon – Heroic Illuminating
    • Increases Spirit regeneration by 0.38 per second (Monk Only)

Full List of Mystics Enchantments (390)


diablo 3 jerweler

Jeweler's Designs

The Jeweler

  • Square Topaz Learnt From Artisan Level
      17% Gold From Monsters (Helm)
      30 Defense (Other)
  • Radiant Square Emerald Learnt From Artisan Level
      23% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items (Helm)
      42 Precision (Other)
  • Radiant Square Ruby Learnt From Artisan Level
      Increases experience rewarded per kill by 23% (Helm)
      42 Attack (Other)
  • Radiant Star Amethyst Learnt From Plan
      18% Life (Helm)
      58 Vitality (Other)
  • Radiant Star Emerald Learnt From Plan
      31% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items (Helm)
      58 Precision (Other)
  • Radiant Star Ruby Learnt From Plan
      Increases experience rewarded per kill by 31% (Helm)
      58 Attack (Other)
  • Radiant Star Topaz Learnt From Plan
      31% Gold From Monsters (Helm)
      58 Defense (Other)

Full list of Jeweler’s Designs (52)

As with all information that we’ve been datamining from the beta client it could change before release.

These lists and others are archived in the Datamining forum.


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  1. From these enchants you can see that they still haven’t found a solution to making the item stats more interesting.

    At the start when they said said they were removing stats and talent points. I was like \Alright, this could work still\ but apparently I’m not the only one that over looked the major blow it would make to the game. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that notices how boring the items are. There is just no excitement to go spend countless hours farming for something for +def, +weapon damage, + experience, etc. I don’t know if anyone has played dead island. The game wasn’t terrible, but the weapon stats were so boring that you could almost lose interest in picking up another one because you know nothing cool is going to be there. The only redeeming quality of that game is that you can bash zombies heads in first person. And the chick didn’t wear panties.

    All in all. I for one would rather them take another year to put out a game with exciting drops. One that i will play for 10 years like Diablo 2. Instead of putting out a game in the next few months, one that i will play for like 1 month and be completely bored of it. It seems like blizzard has slightly been snowballing downhill in terms of quality of the content they release for WoW. Games like Starcaft 2 which weren’t entirely bad, but nothing new or exciting. I’m hoping D3 isn’t the game that completely ruins a extremely good game release track record from blizzard.   All this being said, i’m wondering who they hired/fired.

    You can feel something has changed in the development crew.  It could just be that all the old timers. the higher up people. Are becoming old, and in their old age. They are losing the reflexes they once had, games are becoming too hard for them. So they develop them to be easier.   I’m not going to say fire anyone just yet, but if D3 sucks. Jay, resign.

    And that’s nice, delete all my indentations when i post. Sorry for the wall of text.

    • Honestly, no matter how you look at it, stats in games like these will always just be numbers once you boil it down. Everything ever, that is computer related, is down to numbers. So how do you suggest they change it? Stats like these are essentially what made Diablo 2 worth replaying so much. If you’re ever serious about ladder climbing, you WILL worry about those 2 defense points you’re lacking on your boots, because you don’t have the perfect pair.

      Also, what we’ve seen thus far is mostly low quality loot. Blue drops were never all that interesting, neither would the majority of rares back in Diablo 2. The interesting stuff is Uniques, or legendary as they are called in D3. Add set items and high quality rares and you’ve got the item types that come with interesting stats.

      If you’re like me, and don’t care about stats and ladder climbing, there’s still some massively interesting stuff for us to find. Take skill runes. That’s probably the best approximation to non-numbers enhancements you’re likely to see anywhere. Instead of seeing only a marginal upgrade in damage numbers, your skills can change behavior completely. Several times per rune type. I don’t think we can ask for anything more exciting than that.

    • What the hell would ou find interesting then. You´re riding on the back of the whole “whaaa these stats are too boring.” movement from a while ago when items were first released, but you seem to take to whole new levels. What would you find interesting? Boots with “5% chance of bursting into song upon kill” or chest piece with “10% chance of dancing macarena when struck”?. Would those seem interesting enough for you? It is easy to complain all day long so what kind of stats would you find interesting, please do enlighten me. Because really, have you ever even played an RPG? Strenght, Intellect, Armor, Defense, Resistance, Health, Mana, these are the stats that are present in every RPG.

    • I have to say I agree with the responses to you, I’m not sure what you’re looking for in “interesting” stats on weapons.

      These aren’t too far off of what you would see in D2.  Often we forget that D2 pre LoD was pretty bland.  The only reason why it looks bland now was because Blizz took that first year of data from people playing it and added a ton of things to spice up itemization.  The focus of this game is your skills so as Stark said you have essentially 6 different effects per skill.  And I think when the end game items come out there are going to be more unique item effects than what we got in D2.  Already you can see there are some more interesting Monster effects on some of the champions and unique monsters, so I see that directly translating into effects on gear.

      I’m still trying to figure out which items you are referring to in D2 since most items were damage, defense, stats, skills, chance to cast X when struck/hit, move speed, increased attack speed, resistance, cold/poison time reduced, cannot be frozen, MF, gold find and elemental damages.  Off the top of my head thats what I got, and mainly because I don’t feel like thinking about it any more.  I think these gems are plenty assuming you’re only talking about the gems, and those are all very low level items on the blacksmith (I could make things equivalent to those in the beta).

      • It’s too early to say for sure, since the weapons we’ve seen so far are low-end stuff, but I think they could put more interesting things on weapons especially. I actually find weapon enchants in WoW pretty interesting, even though I can’t stand that game any more. Berserking, Black Magic, Mongoose, etc. are pretty cool proc-based enchants that provide a nice bonus like increased attack speed and damage. Since enchants in Diablo are pretty much bland +stat and +damage type things, I think there’s room to add stuff like this. I bring up an addition to D3 from WoW at my own peril, but I think it fits in Diablo and the genre. Personally, I think it would be much more interesting to find that new sword with a chance to enter a berserking state rather than one with +2 attack.

  2. Did they ever say why they got rid of sapphires and diamonds? Is it just because of the +stat theme? If so, that’s pretty lame. Hopefully they will return in an expansion along with charms and a properly working talisman. I loved that idea.

  3. Niiiice! Journeyman Leather Quiver, only usable by Demon Hunters, awesome damage boost, but only for Witch Doctors. Yeeeeeah…

  4. Journeyman Shaman Mask Learnt From Plan
    Increases Mana regeneration by 6.00-9.00 per second (Wizard Only)

    Witch Doctor’s mask that grants Wizard’s mana regen. Why? =)

  5. So I guess these are max values? Since they said a couple of times enchants are supposed to be random ie 12~20% magic find rather then a flat value.

  6. Might be average, or max, or minimum, or just a placeholder. We don’t know 😛

  7. I had no idea the mystic was a BBW.

  8. What a boring thing enchanting looks like. Just plain stat stacking and nothing interesting to see really.

  9. All those enchants are place holders? Highly doubt it. Yes, more interesting. + skills that you don’t even have. For example, teleport. Yes i do realize everyone has a movement mechanic so it’s just an example of something interesting on an item. There are ZERO +skills, it would be nice to be a warrior and be able to cast something like frost nova. Or like that guy said, a chance to enter a berserker status. There is just so much stuff they could be doing to keep that same diablo feel that they aren’t. And really, i can’t tell if you’re trolling or serious by saying all RPGS have those stats. I mean you’re kind of pointing out the obvious. We’re addressing the lack of interesting stats, not what we’re currently being shown. Ok? If those stats look awesome and interesting to you. You probably think Ben Stien in a porno sounds like a good idea.

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