Diablo 3 Legendary drop rates are always a hot topic so what happens when you analyse 10,566 of them over the period of 30 days? Rhykker of our very own IncGamers HC East clan decided to find out and compiled the findings (see spreadsheet) in this neat video. 150 players from the clan took part, and from the 451 possible Legendary items that can drop, 23 never dropped at all and 20 dropped only once. The 10 most common items account for 9% of all drops and the most common one sixth of items account for half of all drops.

    The video covers their findings on the most common drops and also includes numbers on Horadric cache drops and Torment-Only drops.

    Watch the video and view the analysis screens below then discuss.  How do your legendary drops compare to the clans’?

    We’ve also been gathering this type of data in DiabloNut for the past month or so and it’s useful to see what is dropping and what players are using. If you’ve not yet entered your BattleTag then do so because it gives the community a good idea on how items are being utlised by the different classes.

    The video has been archived in Diablo3.TV for future reference.

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