Data collected on 10,566 Diablo 3 Legendary drops – Watch the analysis

Data collected on 10,566 Diablo 3 Legendary drops – Watch the analysis

Diablo 3 Legendary drop rates are always a hot topic so what happens when you analyse 10,566 of them over the period of 30 days? Rhykker of our very own IncGamers HC East clan decided to find out and compiled the findings (see spreadsheet) in this neat video. 150 players from the clan took part, and from the 451 possible Legendary items that can drop, 23 never dropped at all and 20 dropped only once. The 10 most common items account for 9% of all drops and the most common one sixth of items account for half of all drops.

The video covers their findings on the most common drops and also includes numbers on Horadric cache drops and Torment-Only drops.

Watch the video and view the analysis screens below then discuss.  How do your legendary drops compare to the clans’?

We’ve also been gathering this type of data in DiabloNut for the past month or so and it’s useful to see what is dropping and what players are using. If you’ve not yet entered your BattleTag then do so because it gives the community a good idea on how items are being utlised by the different classes.

The video has been archived in Diablo3.TV for future reference.

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    7 thoughts on “Data collected on 10,566 Diablo 3 Legendary drops – Watch the analysis

      • Finding something will never be exciting or interesting if its obtained easily.

        Having rare items are absolutely required to make a loot finding game fun and exciting.

        • You are right, but the game should then be fun and exciting for whom? The casual player who’ll probably never find anything really good because he lacks playing time or the hardcore player who can farm a bunch of hours a day? I think Blizzard is struggling with the same question. Especially since either party can be very vocal on numerous message boards. It’s a fine line to balance and it’s probably impossible to achieve since there are so many people playing the game there will always be unhappy (and vocal) players…

    1. Begs the question of why Blizzard hasn’t ever published this sort of information as a way to tell all the doubters that the system is working as expected.

      They could (should) have mathematical models based on their understanding of the drop-rate, then compare that to what is actually happening, to prove that there are no bugs / everything is working as intended / there are no secret ‘drop tables’ etc.

      Sure, we got that one infographic that must have been about 18 months ago, with the promise that they’d do more, but they haven’t.

    2. So I guess the legendary drop rates a while back was somewhat accurate or at least true? it feels like players are finding a lot of black thorns, stolen rings etc. Whilst there’s a lot of loot that can be hard to split evenly for drop chance, the actual chance to have a game/build changing item drop doesn’t seem to have a higher weighting than the stuff that’s pretty common.

      Must be something hidden at work really, as I don’t find crap with my Monk except my 4th stolen ring, not exactly allowing me to change my build to try something new Blizzard! My Crusader found new items I never had before. If the our clans are finding that some items are more common than others, then it really can’t be RNG.

      Thanks for Rhykker and the clans for putting this together.

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