Progression has reached 20% in the Darkness Falls promotional page for Diablo III. With this new reveal, you get to see a page from the Book of Cain. For those of you who have not purchased the book or seen the pages online, this excerpt delves into the history of the Archangel Tyrael. The Book of Cain was actually a pretty good read and is well illustrated. I would think most of us have read of viewed the pages some way or another by now, but if you haven’t, this is a small tidbit of what’s inside.

    Tyrael Book of Cain

    While this is not a groundbreaking reveal, it does seem to outdo an interview shot in 2011. The image of DiabloWikiTyrael is Brom’s, and it seems that his rendition has been used quite often. Anyways, head on over to the official page if you haven’t had a chance to read the book yet.

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