Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise: Reveal 20%

Progression has reached 20% in the Darkness Falls promotional page for Diablo III. With this new reveal, you get to see a page from the Book of Cain. For those of you who have not purchased the book or seen the pages online, this excerpt delves into the history of the Archangel Tyrael. The Book of Cain was actually a pretty good read and is well illustrated. I would think most of us have read of viewed the pages some way or another by now, but if you haven’t, this is a small tidbit of what’s inside.

Tyrael Book of Cain

While this is not a groundbreaking reveal, it does seem to outdo an interview shot in 2011. The image of DiabloWikiTyrael is Brom’s, and it seems that his rendition has been used quite often. Anyways, head on over to the official page if you haven’t had a chance to read the book yet.

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    19 thoughts on “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise: Reveal 20%

    1. ? How does this outdo a video diary? your crazy

      Im looking forward to all the video dairies 

      • Picture of Tyrael + Diablo lore > 3 guys talking about their job titles and beards from over a year ago.

      • Yeah I love dev diaries etc. I for one am excited to see the making of Diablo 3 that comes with my CE.

        • Yes, I cant WAITT for that, im really hoping for some good behind the scense while I wait for servers to come up

      • I don’t think that most people realize that the Dev Diary we saw last reveal was not a “state of development” interview as some mistakenly thought. None of the information is pertinent or current.

        While this plays as an advertisement to another one of their products, it at least provides some backstory/lore for those that didn’t shell out the cash for the book.

        • What the? NO DUHHHH its not current, ITS A DAIRY!  The whole point is we see what they were thinking AS things were happneing, back in feb, they thought they were close, just doing some of the crap they said, getting ready for end of year release. that stuff is grand compared to a picture that a good deal of us have already seen/read

          But serioullsy your argument is that its “old and outdated”…what?

          • I guess nostalgia is not my thing. Taking 4 minutes to talk about how well I grew my beard is not my thing. Hearing things I heard a year ago is not my thing. Perhaps being a writer has made me flippant towards “old news.”

    2. Anyone got access to the full book in a PDF or something? I’d love to take a look at it when at work tomorow.

    3. So much for the claim that it is tied in with release date? Flux said it would be probably friday or saturday before second reveal. Does this mean it actually goes off traffic on that website?

      • Yes, it always has gone off traffic. They have defualt unlock dates BUT when you like/share/enter that stuff you ARE speeding it up, it worked like this for all of them. 


      • there is absolutely no reason to believe that it is not tied into the release date

        it doesn’t mean its tied to web traffic at all, unless you believe they would completely stop releasing these if web traffic slowed down   🙄

    4. Strange that it is being released today.  I had agreed with (I think it was Flux) who said that the math would dictate the 20% release on Saturday.  Oh well, perhaps the timeline is sped up.

      I still don’t buy that the percentages are linked to the amount of viral marketing people are doing.

      • Well, Flux is trying to invent every conspiracy theory he can about Blizzard’s PR.

        Blizzard’s PR removed this website from their list for a good reason 🙂 Resulting, I must admit it, of giving a good reason to that Flux guy to be frustrated and to bash them at any occasion!

        • Are you dense? It is not a conspiracy theory to say that sharing Diablo content on the promotional page speeds up the process. Read the article before posting.

          Had you read it, you’d know that his article revolves around a Blizzard post, saying exactly what RyTEK doesn’t believe: that traffic affects progress. Which it does, according to the Blue.

          Blue Quote:
          “Keep up the great work on contributing to the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise site! The first mysterious, unlockable piece looks to be close at-hand.
          Bear in mind that the more you contribute, “like,” and “share” goodies from the website, the closer you will be to unlocking further Diablo III secrets. So it’s up to you to rise to the occasion, gather the force of the community, and move that percentage marker forward.”

          Also, please direct your attention to this link to further clarify:

          • Lol dude… You are the one who need to learn how to read…

            Flux theory was THE opposite… Meaning that he did NOT believe that social activity was driving the unlocks and that he invented another stupid theory about Blizzard’S PR unlocking the content on fixed date instead of using of the community activity.

            I cannot find the post from Flux anymore anyways (which is not really suprising :)).

            • “I’m not here to tell you not to throw yourself into doing Blizzard PR’s job for them, but if you’re expecting your efforts to make the earth rotate more quickly and thus bring May 15th sooner, as advanced in 10% increments, you may be disappointed.”

              That is a far cry from creating a conspiracy. Skepticism is the word you’re looking for.

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