Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise: 80% Unlocked

Now that we’ve finally “caught up” with the developer diaries to near-current time, the informational pieces are becoming rather interesting as events unfold. Shot on March 21st, here is Dev Diary V for you.

Our Diablo III Dev Diary video series concludes as Jason Regier, Jay Wilson, and Christian Lichtner discuss Inferno difficulty, monster affixes, achievements, release expectations, PvP, and more in this exclusive interview from March 21, 2012.

This segment has some small talk about PvP, which is a hot topic of speculation. We’re now only at 2 more unlocks to go, and only 2 weeks left until launch.

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22 thoughts on “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise: 80% Unlocked

  1. *waiting for someone to make a positive comment about them caring about PVP…..might be waiting for a while*

  2. Unlock 90% NOW!!!!!!!!!!! OMG well, as long as it isn’t another text read

    • I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the unlock at 90% rhymes with wallpapers.

        • They posted what all of the unlocks were going to be on this site back at the beginning of this so you can look it up if you want… It’s not directly involving any of the already established Diablo 3-related products just so you know…

      • Still not as big of a fail as million favs for five old and before-seen wallpapers. 

    • With the amount of BS they have to listen to from the community I can understand why … They are grown up people trying to do their jobs and the community is mostly raging teenagers. If I had their job I would have been fired years ago for stating my opinion about the community on their forums. Good for them they don’t have my temperament and is able to be professional.

      • Considering how long ago D2 came out i doubt they’re still teenagers, just idiots…

      • ^^^^ What DrGriner said. I had to chuckle when they started praising the community. Really? I thought to myself. There has been constant static from a very vocal bunch (yes I think you nailed it with “raging teenagers”) since the beginning. If I were the head of the D3 team, I would of had words for all those kids. Or re-post all the hate they spewed after they purchase the game anyway. Then again, there is a reason why I am not the head of a game development team hehehe.

  3. I know it can be hard to understand for some, but if I had the chance to sit down and talk to these guys for hours about the game, making it, how they felt about the individual aspects of it etc etc, I would.
    Concerning the community, had I been a top producer of D3, I would have been tempted to just shelve the game. The people bringing us Diablo 3 has been working their arses off for ages trying to deliver the best experience they can, and what do they get in return? Loads of people calling them worse than crap, saying how inept they are, how crap their ideas are, how dumb they are for not making the game in a certain way and how useless they are in general.
    Thankfully, most of the community seems to be on their side, but anyone having something unpleasant to say, should really ask themselves: What if it was some work I had done that got that amount of flak? How would I feel about that?
    Debate is constructive, mud throwing just leaves a mess…     

  4. Blizzard logic. 1€ = 1£ = 1$
    Better exchange rate, bigger fees.
    Doesn’t sound too nice to me.

    Whops, wrong tab. >.<

  5. ughhhh been following this game for like 2 years now, FINALLY it’s coming out!!!!

  6. I’d just like to state for the record that Achievements don’t mean Anything at all. I still can’t believe anyone gives a crap about these. They don’t translate to anything tangible in the game. Is it an item? Is it gold? Is it a new level? Is it more content.
    None of the above! I hate achievements and they are pointless.

  7. Actually achievements are not pointless and many people do enjoy doing them. They also do provide certain bonuses (e.g. banner customisations are unlocked).

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