The Darkening of Tristram Event will be back in December

The Darkening of Tristram Event will be back in December

Last year saw the launch of the DiabloWikiDarkening of Tristram event which was part of Diablo’s 20th Anniversary celebrations. In case you were wondering, it’s back this year.

In a simple blue post that simply says, “yep”, Blizzard has confirmed the return of the DiabloWikiDarkening of Tristram this year.

If you missed it last year, it’s a recreation of the original Diablo dungeon crawl in Diablo 3. The visuals are made to look like the pixelated Diablo 1 graphics and the movement has been reduced to eight directions. While it’s not that a faithful recreation of the Diablo experience, and the end battle is nowhere near as exciting as the original, it’s a fun romp.

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    9 thoughts on “The Darkening of Tristram Event will be back in December

        • *Diablo 3 Lover. Fixed your name for you. Since you are a tumor, please remove yourself from this site at least. Please?

        • One can be a fan of the Diablo series and complain to their heart’s content, which may result in helping to better the game. However, behaving like a sycophantic idiot does not.

      • It’s a neat little diversion from the main game. Nothing more, nothing less, but at the cost of free it’s hard to complain about it.

        I’m not quite sure why it’s a special timed event and not something that’s just open to do all the time, but whatever.

          • You serious? It’s free because you already paid the money for a fully fleshed out a realized game, and this was added to it as completely free bonus content. That’s like someone giving you free gas and then you saying, “How can it be free if I had to buy a car to use it?”

        • Well that’s my point, why make it a timed event?

          Also, it’s “free” to players, however Blizzard developers and artists spent some time making it. That time could have been spent on doing other, better things.

    1. It’s only once a year because it’s a disgrace. This and the Necro were the big reveals, what was supposed to make us “lose our shit” at Blizzcon. It’s just an abnormally long grift with set layout and grainy graphics but they had Wilson out there trying to drum it up as a free game inside a paid for game. My guess is they’re trying to drum it up but keep it relatively out of the spotlight for when D2 HD releases, which is what this was supposed to have been, but they were too busy with SC HD so they just rushed this mess out instead. As is painfully clear by now Diablo always gets brushed aside in favor of literally any other franchise. As for the content itself, it’s an OK distraction for a little while. Same way that a trip to the vault or the cow stage is.

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