Dane Bright – Farming for the Rare Merchant

Dane Bright – Farming for the Rare Merchant

dane bright merchantDane Bright. I hadn’t heard that name until clanmate Bluedragon made a thread in the community forum asking for information on him. He’d created a page in Diablo Wiki with what he had gathered so far. He wondered if we knew more.

DiabloWikiDane Bright is a rare merchant who sells legendary and set crafting plans. He sells one at a time and his inventory of one plan refreshes every 15 minutes (he sells dyes too). You have to leave the area for his inventory to refresh. The easiest place to farm for him is in the DiabloWikiNorthern Highlands as it’s the smallest area he has been spotted in and also you more often than not come across two DiabloWikiTreasure Goblins. He’s also been spotted in the Dahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands and Westmarch Commons which are considerably more work to farm.

ahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands and Westmarch Commons. – See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Dane_Bright#sthash.EGs9gU9B.dpuf

ahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands and Westmarch Commons. – See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Dane_Bright#sthash.EGs9gU9B.dpuf

ahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands and Westmarch Commons. – See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Dane_Bright#sthash.EGs9gU9B.dpuf

Dahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands and Westmarch Commons. – See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Dane_Bright#sthash.EGs9gU9B.dpuf

Dahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands and Westmarch Commons. – See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Dane_Bright#sthash.EGs9gU9B.dpuf

As soon as I saw Bluedragon’s thread of course I had to start my search.  I farmed him all night, eventually finding him. I very quickly lost connection which I chose to take as a sign it was time for bed instead of having the mother of all hissy fits. Okay, maybe I did have a hissy fit first but have wiped it from my memory. The next night, sucker for punishment, I farmed again (maybe 25 times) and found him in the top left corner of the Northern Highlands. I managed to buy quite a few plans before losing connection.

northern highlands
Highlands’ Boy

I was specifically after the level 12 plans rumoured to appear but had no luck. The next night I had another go and only had to sweep the area seven times for him to appear. I got a good few plans, using the time in between Dane refreshing his inventory to do bounties and rifts. This is why it’s best not to farm for him in Normal difficulty as you’ll end up having to kill time in between waiting for a new plan to appear.

I did this all on Torment 1 but so far he hasn’t offered me any plans above level 10. I’ve listed below all the different ones I bought. Sometimes he offered plans I already had but as the plans are not account bound, and I had to buy them anyway in order for him to refresh his inventory, I gave them away to clanmates.


Plan forArtisan LevelItem TypeCost
Umbral Oath4Knife3060
Unending War4Two-Handed Mighty Weapon3060
Wall of Bone4Shield3060
The Magi5Staff3900
Aughild’s Victory6Set5220
Deadeye6Hand Crossbow5460
Asheara’s Uniform7Set6420
Cataclysm7Two-Handed Mace6660
Demon Hand7Fist Weapon6660
Guardian’s Contingency8Set6780
Lost Boys8Boots7020
Black Bone Arrows10Quiver7380
Blood-Magic Blade10Dagger7380
Griswold’s Masterpiece10One-Handed Sword7380
Hallowed Defenders10Set7380
Robes of Rydraelm10Armor7380
Sage’s Plight10Set7380
Wondrous Deflectors10Bracers7380

What’s your experience with finding Dane? Can you confirm the other locations listed or have you found him somewhere else entirely. Also, the level 12 plans that he’s rumoured to sell but have eluded me, did he sell any to you?

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27 thoughts on “Dane Bright – Farming for the Rare Merchant

  1. I’ve found him once doing bounties and bought a level 5 plan (a fist weapon I think) but wasn’t aware his inventory refreshed every 15 minutes.

    • Oh and I also found him in the Northern Highlands, haven’t seen him anywhere else.

  2. Most people also bought up all the <=10 plans on the AH before it closed down and after 200hours I think you should have found almost all the plans there is to have. I wouldn't waste my time on farming this merchant.

  3. Have googled this extensively before trying to find the Crimson plan from him. He doesn’t drop >10, period. All the reports he does are false unfortunately.

  4. Yeah, smart loot drops only plans I don’t already know and are eventually going to drop them all anyway, it really isn’t worth farming for this guy in my opinion. But may as well buy from him if you find him.

  5. I ran Northern Highlands probably 50 times this past weekend without seeing him. I did all the runs on Torment 1, and in the process found a couple of item upgrades for my barb, a ton of gems, & gained a couple of paragon levels. I got a lot of shrine events, always “kill the 3 elites” type which are easy to complete.

    I was doing this mainly out of curiosity, and the off chance that I might get lucky and get a level 12 plan, specifically hoping for Asheara’s lvl 12 plan which everybody but me seems to have found. Well I finally sort of gave up. This morning I ran Act II bounties and on the last one, Kulle, Ashera’s plan dropped. 🙂

    • I did about 50 runs on Torment 2 – 4 and finally found him. His spawn seems to be very rare.

    • I made a little spread sheet and did the Northern Highlands on T1 Adventure mode yesterday (June 19th, 2014) 58 times and did NOT find him, I did manager 9 Set/Legendaries, 3 rare crafting mats, and 3 new patterns from various yellows. I will continue after maintenance today as the wife’s account needs 18 or so 4-10 level patterns. This guy is tougher then the old Baskiok!

  6. Never ran across him, hadn’t even heard the name until he came up in a post last week. Now I think I will look for him as I am only finding maybe 1 plan a day when grinding to get everyone up to 70 (working on number 4 now). I was worried when the AH went away that it would take forever to get all the plans, but finding this guy would make it quite a bit easier. Thanks for the info on this.

  7. Can you find the low level recipes when playing at lvl 70?

    If not, its a good way to get the low level plans without having to play lower level characters.

  8. Yes, sense that forum post can online I’ve been looking for that idiot and I still haven’t found him after 40+ attempts, all in the Northern Highlands. I was beginning to thinks Dane Bright was a idiot scam I bought into. Oh well, keep trying just like I did for that darn stupid special ring (RORG).

  9. There’s a Dane Bright Community you can join on the Americas server. They’re trying to collect data on where he spawns, sells, etc.

  10. The question is if he spawns on normal?
    I’m leveling some new characters for achievements and could combine it with a hunt for him. So far no luck. I might just be down on my luck (as per usual) or I’m on too low difficulty level…

    • I just found him on my first run after work, on normal with my lvl 67 Barb.

      He was low on the map, just above the southern entrance, to the right of the burned-out building.

      I had to clear the area of goatmen, because I didn’t feel like getting pelted with spears while I tried to talk to him. After I cleared the area, he had disappeared.

  11. I found him in Northern Highlands during the beta but, he wasn’t in the described location; he was closer to the middle of the Map right near the little dirt road that runs through. He had a level 12 Legendary plan for me … but, it was the beta. I’ve been hoping to find him every since. But, no luck. After seeing this post I’ve run Northern Highlands at least 40 times today; nothing yet.

  12. ok … a whole day on and off looking for him and nothing. Sometimes I wonder if the powers that be read this forum and just nerf stuff as soon as you point to it. I ran Northern Highlands at least 100 times today and I’m very thorough. nada

  13. ok … I just found him. 😀 Man, I almost gave up. A commited a whole day to this yesterday and got nowhere … but, the thing is I bet I missed him.

    As thorough as I think I am, he’s really easy to miss. And he spawned in a part of the map I really didn’t think he could spawn in. He showed somewhere on the top left (close to the north west side of the map)

    So far, i’ve gotten two Legendary plans from him, the first was Earthshatter and the second was Blood Magic Blade. I know a great percentage of rare Plans So, I thought this NPC might base his plan on what I know … but, I already knew EarthShatter.

    I will farm him until I get dropped and report back

  14. it didn’t take very long. I invited a friend in to farm Dane with me and we started a rift; as soon as I had touched the rift we both got booted from not only the game, but the game itself closed.

    Before that happened I had gotten 6 Legendary plans from Dane

    2 Eathshatter
    Blood-Magic Blade
    Demon’s Skin (set item)
    Lost Boys

    As soon as we were booted i went to the Bnet site and sure enough, the bug had been reported already … just a few moments prior to us getting booted.

  15. So this was a bug or is he still able to be found? or was the bug just the 15min refresh time?

  16. Don’t think he spawns for Witch Doctors. Been farming on and off for a week with about 70+ runs and nothing.

  17. I think I need a break from D3. Farming Dane unsuccessfully for the last week has kinda ruined the game for me for now. And there’s a birthday buff on at the moment …

  18. QUOTE

    I did about 50 runs on Torment 2 - 4 and finally found him. His spawn seems to be very rare.

    I don’t know what difficulty Elly was running when she found him on runs 25 and 7. I did mainly Normal and Hard, with a few on Expert and Master. Gave up after around 100 runs total. Maybe he’s more likely to spawn on higher difficulty levels?

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