DiabloWikiBashiok is calming down some apprehensions on what types of data will be available on the tooltips of weapons. We will see more than just “DiabloWikiDPS“.


    Right, it still shows attacks per second and the damage range … which equal damage per second.

    So, is there an actual question here? I realize it’s an old thread revisited, but we’re not just showing DPS if that’s the only concern.

    He also popped in to a soundtrack-related thread, pointing us in the direction of the current Diablo III overture, and (in so many words) saying he likes the music…


    Well, if you haven’t already I’d recommend checking out the Diablo III overture if you’re interested in the music. It highlights bits of the major pieces that have been composed for the game, and is worth the download in my opinion. I believe it’s offered exclusively through iTunes at the moment.

    Who cares about the music.

    I turn it off in the options and turn up the sounds.

    I’d rather hear blood splash then some corny music.

    I dislike you and your opinion.

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