Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #16: Speed!

After a few days off, our Daily Gameplay feature returns!

The first video is another speed run by Trump. He piloted the 24 minute Wizard run we saw last week, and he’s learned new tricks and refined his technique enough to now do it in 18 minutes, with a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor. The movement is non-stop, as he literally spends 95% of the movie running through dungeons, only pausing to fight when absolutely necessary (which is much less often than you might expect). View the movie below, and check out the forum thread in which Trump presented it, where he’s providing interesting answers about the how and why of things.

The game is not too easy. Act 1 Part 1 in normal mode is intended to be very easy. I did get lucky in this particular run. In order to get lucky, I did multiple runs and picked my best one, and I studied the “patterns” of map design quite a bit. These dungeon maps are quite random.

Click through from another couple of interesting gameplay movies from the Diablo 3 Beta.

To go to the other extreme, here’s a full play through that’s anything but a speed run. It stars a Witch Doctor as well, and for the sake of comparison, at 18 minutes he’s just into Cathedral 1. The full video runs nearly two hours, since the player takes his time, listens to the DiabloWikiNPC dialogues, breaks almost every barrel, etc.

Finally, we’ve got a DiabloWikiMonk and DiabloWikiWitch Doctor co-op movie. It’s 25m, 1080 quality, and they run from Cathedral 2 down through the DiabloWikiSkeleton King battle. It’s not exactly teamwork, (there’s almost none of that in the beta since there are so few DiabloWikiskills that affect other characters) but they do play together, for the most part.

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26 thoughts on “Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #16: Speed!

  1. Now this made me ROFL 😀 
    3rd video, man with Rasputin’s beard and russian accent says “I don’t have enough spirit”

  2. That Witch Doctor run was impressive, but I enjoyed the commentary in the 24-minute Wizard speed run. I saw some of Trump’s earlier attempts at the WD run on his stream, and he was recording commentary with all of them, but I guess he just got sick of it after a while.

    • Haven’t you read anything that’s posted in this website? normal difficulty is suppose to be easy, especially act 1, and especially from the beginning to skeleton boss. I want to see you do better!

      • It doesn’t matter what you say… the mind of the illogical naysayers will never be swayed… To them, the first small fraction of the game that is basically a tutorial must be how the entire game including the other three difficulty levels is…

        Oh wait… he’s just a troll… dammit, I fed him too… 🙁

      • Also, plague of toads cast at point blank range so the toads all hit one target is like the highest damage spell in the game… and beta mobs are capped at level 6…

  3. Is there a reason why hardly anyone in the beta seems to play with the “autoequip items” option turned on? Especially in a speedrun it could save some seconds of inventory management early on.

  4. Anyone would be great at it if they’ve done it 100 times over. I mean shit, these guys are so bored with it that they are doing speed runs lol.

    Speaking of which, if there isn’t enough content to keep beta testers occupied, then beta testers are gonna stop playing while the new waves come in, in the coming months lol.

      • Not really, they changed up the maps a bit and later added 3v3 and 4v4 mode. Not to mention some of the balance changes were really game changing. At one point infested terrans were spawned from overseers and lurkers were still in the game.

        The only thing limited was the map pool, so the beta was essentially the entire multiplayer game. Anyone who got bored of the SC2 beta probably didn’t even buy the entire game because I doubt a few more maps would suddenly do it for them.

  5. Leah is diablo, and that’s all folks
    enjoy your clicker noob game
    captcha: losing time

  6. This game beta is already boring to see :(.. And Blizzard said that we dont see D3 this year? so they mean we gona see same stream of 1/3 Act in 6 month ??? WHAT FUCKING JOKE…

  7. By the way, is there a link on this site to see all of these videos in a collection? I know they are searchable on youtube, but there is a lot of chaff as well. It would be nice to have one place on this site to go to that has all of these daily gameplay videos (or links to them) collected together.

  8. “the injured are turning”? In sanctuary I thought dead bodies became zombies.. Not by the T virus infecting the living?

    • Apparently Blizzard decided to go the classic conversion through infection route in addition to long dead corpses being able to rise except instead of it being a virus or whatever, it’s “vile magic” which somehow can be transmitted like a virus… I dunno… 🙄

      • Well if there’s a rase the dead spell in effect over the area then as the injured die they will turn,  depending on the injury parts of them could “turn” before they die.

    • I like that there are 3 other guys lying on stretchers in the inn, while that happens. That must be kind of an awkward moment, after 5 people less injured than you turned into zombies and get slaughtered, literally right on top of you.

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