After a few days off, our Daily Gameplay feature returns!

    The first video is another speed run by Trump. He piloted the 24 minute Wizard run we saw last week, and he’s learned new tricks and refined his technique enough to now do it in 18 minutes, with a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor. The movement is non-stop, as he literally spends 95% of the movie running through dungeons, only pausing to fight when absolutely necessary (which is much less often than you might expect). View the movie below, and check out the forum thread in which Trump presented it, where he’s providing interesting answers about the how and why of things.

    The game is not too easy. Act 1 Part 1 in normal mode is intended to be very easy. I did get lucky in this particular run. In order to get lucky, I did multiple runs and picked my best one, and I studied the “patterns” of map design quite a bit. These dungeon maps are quite random.

    Click through from another couple of interesting gameplay movies from the Diablo 3 Beta.

    To go to the other extreme, here’s a full play through that’s anything but a speed run. It stars a Witch Doctor as well, and for the sake of comparison, at 18 minutes he’s just into Cathedral 1. The full video runs nearly two hours, since the player takes his time, listens to the DiabloWikiNPC dialogues, breaks almost every barrel, etc.

    Finally, we’ve got a DiabloWikiMonk and DiabloWikiWitch Doctor co-op movie. It’s 25m, 1080 quality, and they run from Cathedral 2 down through the DiabloWikiSkeleton King battle. It’s not exactly teamwork, (there’s almost none of that in the beta since there are so few DiabloWikiskills that affect other characters) but they do play together, for the most part.

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