Daily Diablo 3 Gameplay #8

The highest possible level in the beta is 13, and that’s a hard cap; it’s not that you just gain exp every slowly once you get to 13, it’s that you gain zero exp from then on. This is apparently something set specifically for the Beta, and isn’t due to very harsh diminishing returns. In any event, 13 is plenty high enough to devastate the monsters, as several videos have demonstrated.

This first video, recorded by MrTidus, shows a kind of “greatest hits” of a Clvl 13 Monk, as he massacres everything in sight in a bunch of tightly-edited clips. There’s not much variety in skills, with the combos DiabloWikiDeadly Reach and DiabloWikiCrippling Wave taking out everything with a single hit, and heavy use of DiabloWikiDashing Strike to essentially teleport the Monk from group to group without a wasted second.

Click through for a couple more videos showing an equal disregard for monster dignity or game difficulty, and the highest monster massacre scores you’re likely to see in the beta. (Over 100!)

Here we see two short videos of the same Clvl 13 Monk abusing the Jar of Souls quest and killing the skeletons almost as quickly as they can spawn. He racks up over 100 kill massacre bonuses both times.

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8 thoughts on “Daily Diablo 3 Gameplay #8

  1. just curious… based on the beta, which character class clears mobs/bosses the fastest (farming)?

    I personally want to play the wizard for pvp, and based on this vid, the monk seems to be pretty good for pve.

    • Keep in mind hes lvl 13 pulverizing lvl 6-8 mobs. But to answer your question, check the Clvl 13 wizard footage using disintergrate. He wrecks EVERYTHING besides The Skeleton King in a second.

  2. I got an invite to F&F beta. The barbarian is the strongest by far because he scales the best with gear. Off the top of my head, my lvl 13 monk hits for around 25-30 dmg and crits 45-55 similar to the guy making those videos. Barbarian dual wielding crafted heavy axes with +crit dmg modifier and axe mastery passive has 15% chance to crit, +5% crit and +30% dmg from Battle Rage buff. So I have 20% crit rate and the crits are 70-123 from what I remember. Disintegrate is only around 20dmg per second and it takes more than 1 tick to kill enemies.

    • Hitting speed and number of targets hit at once seems much more important than gross damage.

      I can’t imagine anyone beating the Clvl 13 wizard in the beta, since Disintegrate essentially clears the entire screen in 1 second every time she uses it.  Her drawback is a lack of a movement skill, so she has to run (slowly) along.

      The Monk is super fast since he hits very quickly and kills everything with just 1 or 2 hits, plus he’s got such a fast movement skill that can be used endlessly.

      Barb can match the Monk on hitting/killing speed, but Leap Attack is his lowest level movement skill, and it’s got a 10s cooldown, so the Monk should be much faster moving along.

      DH doesn’t have a killing skill that can match Disintegrate, even though Vault is an awesome movement skill.

      Poor WD comes in last, lacking any killing skills of that strength, or a fast movement skill.

      That’s all just for the beta, of course, with a Clvl 13 cap and very weak monsters.

      • I hope they don’t have plans to nerf anything because that sounds good to me! They could beef up WD otherwise being slower and not as much damage will kill his play experience. A way to fix that without buffing would be to save WD gear in your stash if WD is the next character up to play, then he’ll be stronger earlier on. I want to know how a monk stacks up against a wizard in combat. I’m sure every char is viable in pvp on some level.

      • My own experience would be that the Witch Doctor is the fastest, with Wizard. Disintegrate and Firebats being pretty equal in damage, what disintegrate wins in range, firebats wins in aoe. The Monk and Barbarian being not much behind. Granted I haven’t yet tried the Demon Hunter properly.

  3. I should mention my numbers were off of cleave, meaning I kill 4-5 guys per swipe and often leap attack alone kills weaker enemies.

    Just my gut feeling but the barb still feels like he clears rooms much faster. Monk is a close second most fun and his dash certainly gives ridiculously awesome mobility.

    I unlocked wizard disintegrate just yesterday but wasn’t impressed by it actually. Demon Hunter takes some luck but my best shot was a single hungering arrow that pierced 6 times and killed 7 zombies.

  4. That quest reward screen looks super annoying. There should just be a little “quest” notification in a corner like in D2. Then you could look at it at your leisure, not when your trying to kill stuff. Hope they change that.

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