Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #19: Massacre and Barb Explained

Our first video comes from Trump, and it shows off the largest DiabloWikiMighty Blow kill bonus yet seen in the beta. How big? This one scores 197 killed in one blow, and the action continues to a 227 total DiabloWikiMassacre bonus, thanks to the huge skeletal hordes spawned by the Jar of Souls event, and all the herding he did to lure a good 100+ additional monsters from the level into the killing arena.

Even with all that, this only works because of lag on his computer that causes all the deaths to be calculated at the same click, instead of in 8 or 10 discrete clumps. Without the lag the Massacre bonus would have been the same, but all those skeletons would not have counted for the same Mighty Blow. See Trump’s forum thread for more explanation and computer specs info.

The second video today is also from Trump, but it’s completely different in content. It’s a full play through with a new Barbarian, and Trump narrates and explains everything as he goes. Very informative, both about the beta and about the Barb himself. Click through to view it.

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31 thoughts on “Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #19: Massacre and Barb Explained

  1. i hope blizzard is realizing that with a monitor filled with monsters like this, the game would probably lag forever until they will remove the DRM only…

    • This has nothing to do with network latency, and everything to do with the fact their computer can’t handle the physics calculations associated with over a hundred mobs dying within a half-second. At least not in real time.

      • mmm i will not be so sure…he has a good hardware
        6GB RAM
        Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67 Ghz
        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE
        Maybe the drops info for the zombies are causing the lag

      • *The following is completely conjecture*: Agree with starrise – I would think this this was a physics-based lag originating in the game engine.  He was getting frame-loss just walking into the area, let alone interacting with 227 character models.  @metal sure he has good hardware, but if the game engine was never built to handle the overhead for say 45 kills-per-second it would still chug-a-lug through the damage calcs, pulling from drops tables, etc.  You may be right though… i don’t know if the drops are calculated on the server side or on the client side and then sent to the server for verification.  Good hardware isn’t the end-all-be-all either, look at how many years it took to develop hardware that could max-out Crysis and Oblivion.  Sometimes that game engine is the limiting factor.

    • Weeks ago, FSG were the ones who were claiming – based on “decent sources” – that the closed beta starts for everyone on tuesday/wednesday when it did not. Even the few press invites came a week later. So much about FSG and their “sources”.

  2. Deceebal thinking this is the only vid on diablo inc. /double facepalm
    Besides if you seen 1 vid of every class, you’ve seen them all

  3. @ Nobbie I was only talking about their playthroughs…not other details concerning D3…!  

    @ Autti …I have a proper X-rated expression for you conecerning plugging but I will restrain myself…  8)

  4. The question we all have: How much exp for a level?

    If the bonus is 2kish and it takes 4k to level, then it might really be well worth the time investment as a legitimate grinding way.

  5. This is a mob of 197 monsters, not  197 mobs.  How that linguistic drift irritates me.  Regardless, magnificent.  If only games like dynasty warriors could make killing 100 plus enemies at once this exciting.

    • Staldo, a is also mob is s gaming term, it stands for mobile originally, referring to things that moved in MUDs (NPC baddies), since then some people have come to believe it stands for monster or beast.
      So it is 197 mobs ^.

      • My mistake.  I thought it was a term dummies used to describe weak monsters that attack in large groups. Never played MUDS because I like pretty graphics so I’m the dummy.I’ll check urbandictionary next time.

        • I join in disliking the term since it’s a plural that means a singular. I could say, “a mob of mobs” but that sounds weird. So as I’m writing about the game I constantly have to say group, pack, horde, bunch, etc, and avoid saying “mob” even though it’s a perfectly good term for a lot of something.

          • Yeah the term mob is used a lot in WoW, which is where I got it from. It kinda sticks, unfortunately, because it’s quicker than saying monsters.

      • For more clarification, the original MUDs from which games like EverQuest drew their inspiration were a specific class of MUD called dikuMUDs. The original dikuMUD was programmed by a group at Copenhagen University and they called monsters NPCs — shorthand “mobit” — which when translated to English became “mobile”.

        This was further reduced by players to “mob”. 

        </nerd> 🙂

    • How will crackin, hacking or cheating tell Blizzard and the industry not to fuck with legitimate customers?
      The player is a tester who has not been charged money for the opportunity to try out the game in its unfinished state. So in this case he is not a customer who is entitled to any kind of quality product.
      The game is not finished, they are still fixing bugs. Is their client or server not properly tuned for this kind of situation? Maybe, but there is still time for some tuning before release.
      We also do not know what else is running on his computer at the time of this recording, except at least some recording or streaming program who do take up quite a bit of system resources. I’m not saying that accounts for the entire issue, just that you read the specs with that in mind.
      Oh and to do justice to the manner of the parent-comment, ‘your argument is invalidated by your handle mr. cumshot’

    • You seem to overestimate computer technology.  Simulating the effects of the spell on 200 entities at 25 frames/sec when said calculations are restricted to a single core of a multi-core processor which is also responsible for every other aspect of the game engine is not as simple as you’d think to do in real-time.

  6. I’d enjoy a competition where one would see who could get to lvl 13 with the least amount of ‘time played’.

    I would imagine the winner would be decked out like the barb in the video and enter prepared games where one player was ready by an xp-shrine and another by the jar of souls for the leveler to port to one then the other, get a great streak (with the templar aiding maybe?) and then promptly leave the game and wait for another prepped game for the next xp-burst.

    What do you guys think?

    • I’m sure there will be many people exploiting the different xp bonuses in many ways when the game is out…

    • I haven’t had time to experiment with that stuff yet.  A great deal of the exp gained early on comes from quest rewards, so isn’t susceptible to gaming the system with rushing or MP play.

      Podcast interview I did last night with another tester, he said he’s made a char with all +exp gear on. Up to something like +35, and it can be worn by Clvl 5 or so. But he hadn’t rigorously compared the exp gain from say, 8-12 with that vs. w/o, MP vs. SP, etc.

  7. The playtrough video was OK and informative….though Trump has a problem calling FURY for the barbarian as  rage and hatred several times…and klicking the skils menus every 30 seconds made the video annoying for period of times…

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