Our first video comes from Trump, and it shows off the largest DiabloWikiMighty Blow kill bonus yet seen in the beta. How big? This one scores 197 killed in one blow, and the action continues to a 227 total DiabloWikiMassacre bonus, thanks to the huge skeletal hordes spawned by the Jar of Souls event, and all the herding he did to lure a good 100+ additional monsters from the level into the killing arena.

    Even with all that, this only works because of lag on his computer that causes all the deaths to be calculated at the same click, instead of in 8 or 10 discrete clumps. Without the lag the Massacre bonus would have been the same, but all those skeletons would not have counted for the same Mighty Blow. See Trump’s forum thread for more explanation and computer specs info.

    The second video today is also from Trump, but it’s completely different in content. It’s a full play through with a new Barbarian, and Trump narrates and explains everything as he goes. Very informative, both about the beta and about the Barb himself. Click through to view it.

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