Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #18: One Moderately Funny Playthrough

Today’s video selection is a three-part full play through, staring a Clvl 11 Wizard piloted by Jesse, the Moderately Funny Gamer. The play goes through the entire beta content, and runs about 90 minutes. Don’t watch for the gameplay though, since there’s much more conversation than action. The narration is what makes this one different, since the guy talks non-stop, providing a play-by-play of the entire content. Sometimes informative, sometimes funny, but obviously YMMV on those ratings.

Here’s part one; click through for parts 2 and 3.

Part Two

Part Three

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8 thoughts on “Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #18: One Moderately Funny Playthrough

  1. Jesse seems to have missed the memo on some things… like how followers can’t actually die and how to zoom in on your character and how blizzard doesn’t intend to extend beta content at all…

    • and I would guess… that Blizzard designed followers to be worthless beyond normal difficulty… and that you don’t even get to have a follower at all unless you play solo

      • Well that’s what they said intially and they still only work in solo play, but it seems like they may have changed their minds about the useless after normal difficulty thing since they have the special follower items going up to level 53 on the official site… maybe they let you use them up through hell now but make them worthless in inferno to make people want to farm that mode while in parties…

    • I keep seeing problems like that in so many articles, videos and forum posts. I want to correct them, politely of course, to prevent spread of disinformation, but my comments usually drown in a sea of praise (nothing wrong with praise). 

      Its not that I can or do expect them to know as many of the details as those who frequent this site, but I find it frustrating that they keep speculating wrongly about something which can be checked quite quickly, for example at diablowiki.net

      Any tips on how to aid commentators in becoming more knowledgeable or should I just give up?

  2. Wake me up wen Jesse does another video…He not only focus on gameplay, but also gives time to chec out the voice acting in the game, and I highly appreciate that

  3. Just chill. The amount of people who are wrong in the world and could so easily be enlightened (about everything) is mindbogglingly. Knowing stuff about a game that has not been released yet is pretty irrelevant. If they’re wrong, they’ll be corrected when they play the final game, who cares?   Oh, and just to prove my point:   DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN MIDDLE CLICK LINKS TO OPEN THEM IN NEW TABS?! 8)

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