Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #7

Two videos today, both with full beta play-throughs over an hour in length. The first is a very HQ movie from MrTidus, and it takes a brand new female Wizard through the entire demo, from start to finish. The guy driving the Wizard has clearly done the beta numerous times by now, as he knows where everything is, but it’s not a totally rushed playthrough, and he pokes into several of the sub-dungeons that I’ve hardly seen anyone enter in other movies.

I didn’t watch every second of it, but the only death I saw came in an interesting sequence. At 29:30 the Wizard meets a Champion pack of the humanoid DiabloWikiGhostly Murderers, all with the dreaded DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted modifier. She nearly dies to them, just barely surviving, then right around the next corner awaits Solazius the Greedy, a Ghostly Murderer boss who also shares Arcane Enchanted with his minions. That fight goes less well for our heroine, and after nearly dying she retreats, looks to have a good chance to survive, but let’s them get in too close, makes the mistake of trying to run past them in a corner, and their single-headed Hydra things combine with the boss’ death explosion to take her down. Oh noes!

(There’s another death at 51:40, also to Arcane Enchanted demons, though that one was more the Wizard’s fault for being careless and not healing when she had the chance, or dodging the incoming train of projectiles.)

Our second video today is another full play through, plus more. Recorded by Spindrjr from his live stream, it’s over two hours of beta gameplay action. The first 27m stars a DiabloWikiWizard playing with a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, and you see them battle down through the Cathedral until they face the DiabloWikiSkeleton King. The Leoric battle is a nice one, since the players know what they’re doing and since their characters aren’t way overpowered; thus they have to retreat from time to time, deal with Leoric’s skeleton minions, dodge Leoric’s teleporting whirlwind attacks, etc. After the battle, at about the 26 minute mark, is a good portion as well, since you get a good look at the in-game item show off feature when the two players compare the rares they scored.

After that a new male Monk is created and taken through the entire demo, which he completes at the 1:45 mark, including a couple of network failure delays. There are plenty of interesting occurrences along the way, and some spoilers if you’re trying to avoid all the plot tidbits.

The Monk is a very strong class if the player knows enough to use the combos with appropriate, fast-hitting weapons, and this guy does. He even uses some of the support skills, now and then. A nice dangerous boss encounter takes place at around 1:24:00, when a DiabloWikiFrozen modified DiabloWikiUnburied pack shows why DiabloWikiHardcore in D3 won’t be a mindless run through, (unless all the dangerous bosses get nerfed after the Beta) as the monsters destroy the Monk in very short order, despite his semi-caution and use of an DiabloWikiLethal Decoy.

Watch live video from spindrjr on Justin.tv

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21 thoughts on “Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #7

    • Has anyone noticed how above the health bar on enemies it actually tells you how many HP the enemy has?! Can we disable that?! I don’t want to know how many hits it’ll roughly take me to kill a enemy…. SIGH

      😯    👿    ❗ ❓

    • Tomorrow’s has a couple of movies of a clvl 13 monk just obliterating everything in sight, so you should enjoy Two 100+ massacre bonuses.

    • Yeah, I am the same, even though they suggested that normal was very easy, the boss mobs/uniques are seeming to be challenging, as well as the harvester/grotesqe men that explode, it’s also cool to see that when they die, they affect mobs too as well as us players with their exploding damage. Loving the way the mobs die with balls of ice/fire etc growing to an explosion of HUGE damage.

  1. This same guy Sunday night did a complete beat play though with 4 witchdoctors… kinda awesome… soooo many mongrel… soooo many frogs… look it up…

  2. I would be interested in seeing a video of a ‘real’ first playthrough. This guy is skipping some dialogue and knows too much about the beta already. Anyhow, thanks for the effort.

  3. I thought their design philosophy changed, and enemies aren’t supposed to be cheap bastards anymore? I thought enemies were supposed to be a threat while ALIVE, not while Dying/Dead. And this is in Act 1 normal? Inferno will no doubt be one gigantic mass of immunes doling out 1 hit Kill Faggotry.

  4. why is it that scrolls drop in the second vid around 14 mins?
    they just drop on the ground while he is walking, and his inventory isn’t full

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