Another day, another batch of awesome beta gameplay movies. This first one is enough for an update all by itself. Posted by synark123, this 23:39 1080 HD movie shows a Clvl 6 (to start) female Barbarian embarking on the last few levels of the Beta. She starts out in Cathedral 2, clears 3 and rescues the Templar, then heads down for a long, full explore of Cathedral 4, before doing the last two levels of the Skeleton King.

    There are numerous interesting tidbits, including a bunch of boss fights and several small scripted events. The most interesting is the death of a Molten skeletal archer boss at the 7:25 mark; as DiabloWikiMolten monsters do, when it dies a hovering ball of magma swells up, then explodes, killing the Barbarian instantly, from more than 50% hit points. It’s not quite a one-hit-kill, as this forum thread discusses, but it’s clearly a pretty dangerous boss death animation, albeit one that’s slow enough to give you time to move out of range. The best thing in the movie? The zoomed in death of the cute golden bunneh treasure companion 12:00. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes. Or at least the eyes of a small-animal loving female friend of yours.

    Click through for another interesting video.

    This video shows a female Monk fighting through the Cathedral Levels 2 and 3.Her weapons are interesting, as she’s dual wielding a spear (javelin style) and a long sword, but the oddity is that she has two Templars assisting her. One is already her companion, and then they rescue another one via the usual quest on Cathedral 3. It’s not purely a bug though, as is the two Templars you can see for a few seconds at the very end of that level on a number of other movies. In this case she’s got one for a companion, and then the second one joins up, and they’re both fighting avidly.

    There’s even some appropriate dialogue, as one of the Templars (Which one? Who can tell?) says, “Evil cowers at the sight of just one Templar. Two will bring it to its knees!” The dual follower action starts around the 4 minute mark, and thanks to Nasan for the tip.

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