Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #6

Another day, another batch of awesome beta gameplay movies. This first one is enough for an update all by itself. Posted by synark123, this 23:39 1080 HD movie shows a Clvl 6 (to start) female Barbarian embarking on the last few levels of the Beta. She starts out in Cathedral 2, clears 3 and rescues the Templar, then heads down for a long, full explore of Cathedral 4, before doing the last two levels of the Skeleton King.

There are numerous interesting tidbits, including a bunch of boss fights and several small scripted events. The most interesting is the death of a Molten skeletal archer boss at the 7:25 mark; as DiabloWikiMolten monsters do, when it dies a hovering ball of magma swells up, then explodes, killing the Barbarian instantly, from more than 50% hit points. It’s not quite a one-hit-kill, as this forum thread discusses, but it’s clearly a pretty dangerous boss death animation, albeit one that’s slow enough to give you time to move out of range. The best thing in the movie? The zoomed in death of the cute golden bunneh treasure companion 12:00. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes. Or at least the eyes of a small-animal loving female friend of yours.

Click through for another interesting video.

This video shows a female Monk fighting through the Cathedral Levels 2 and 3.Her weapons are interesting, as she’s dual wielding a spear (javelin style) and a long sword, but the oddity is that she has two Templars assisting her. One is already her companion, and then they rescue another one via the usual quest on Cathedral 3. It’s not purely a bug though, as is the two Templars you can see for a few seconds at the very end of that level on a number of other movies. In this case she’s got one for a companion, and then the second one joins up, and they’re both fighting avidly.

There’s even some appropriate dialogue, as one of the Templars (Which one? Who can tell?) says, “Evil cowers at the sight of just one Templar. Two will bring it to its knees!” The dual follower action starts around the 4 minute mark, and thanks to Nasan for the tip.

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  1. Finally. Needed a dose

    • The templar saying ‘Evil cowers at the sight of just one Templar. Two will bring it to its knees!’ isn’t an acknowledgement of the two templar followers – that does seem to be a bug – but a reference to himself and the monk player character.
      After finding the templar’s armour:
      Monk: I reocgnise that armor. You are a templar, a holy warrior like myself.
      Templar: If it is the Skeleton King you seek, then you will have to fight your way past Jondar. There is no reason we should hunt alone.
      Monk: Agreed. Let us hunt together.
      Templar: Evil cowers at the sight of just one Templar. Two will bring it to its knees!

      • I have seen this happen with other classes so it is an acknowlegement of two templars.

      • I dont think thats right, the monk is a holy warrior, but different from a templar, they are two different orders as I understand it. also when they find the templar being turned by the cultists, the templar already following the monk says “Fight on brother, we are coming for you”.

      • Don’t think it really matters. Up to the player to interpret it as “player+templar” or templar and templar. Works well I reckon

      • If you look at the text bubble (the … icon on top of their heads when they speak), you can see that the one who says “Evil cowers at the sight of just one Templar. Two will bring it to its knees!” is in fact, your first Templar.

        So, this pretty much confirms that this isn’t a bug, and that the Templar IS referring to the other Templar, not the Monk.

      • So they planned for people to have two templars when going through the game again? Makes me wonder if they recorded lines like that if you end up having duplicate followers in the release game like if you have your scoundrel with you when you find them again in nightmare mode… I assumed that they would just not have the quests again when going through the game on higher difficulty levels til I saw this…

  2. Gah , We’ll never know if those 2 rares at the end were any good!

  3. Did you notice this one? 70 minutes HQ act 1 playthrough with a female wizard:

  4. I don’t know if I should continue watching these videos.  They are awesome, but it’s terrible to just watch and not able to play.  Let’s hope the beta is really a short one and we can expect an earlier release then.

  5. Again with the Grotesques, stupid people always standing next to them when they go off. It’s like they have a sign stuck on their back saying “probe me”. And that barbarian was uber-stupid, he never once appeared to consult his mini-map. That vid shoulda been lots shorter.

    Thank god I’ll be sticking with single player otherwise I’ll take an axe and a meteor to every stupid player I come across. And there’s a fulltime job for ya.

  6. looks like torchlight
    poop graphics

  7. At 14.20 when they open the chest , a “Wooden Bo” drops out , looking at it the words cannot get hidden , so the “w” is missing from the word “bow” .
    Other than that , enjoyed it , barb kills quite fast .

  8. So, what’s with the annoying blinking Templar icon in the female monk video?

    • He has a skillpoint to spend, to choose between Heal or Charge.

      • Thank you; it never even occurred to me that someone would let that slide for so long.  While we’re on the subject, anyone know what happened to his third skill option?  I thought that I had been following things pretty closely, but I must have missed something along the way.

        • Heal and Taunt to be correct

        • Yeah, the earlier reveals had 3 skills in each tier for the Follewers, but the Templar only has 2 per tier in the beta. Unknown if this is just something in the beta, or if they changed it across the board.  Maybe the 12 follower skills weren’t real distinct, so they figured they could do better with 8? Or it’s just another streamlined/simplified/more accessible change to not confuse noobs with too many options.

  9. Treasure Thieves…awesome!  Kind of reminds me of those dudes from the Golden Axe series.
    Also, am I the only one who finds my self hovering my mouse over an object and wondering why it’s info doesn’t pop up.  😥

  10. Is it just me or the story pertaining to the little thieves being from greeds lair a prelude to something like a cow level later on

  11. Looks silly when the templear stops and his weapon and shield pops directy onto his back.

    Expecting fix.

    • It’s even weirder that the monks weapons pop directly to her side/back whenever she goes to use her skills… why blizzard has them equiping weapons like that and yet not using them is beyond me…

  12. What’s with the magic lore storytelling? As soon as she kills the skeleton king, New lore pops up and cain starts telling a story. Similar thing happened with the money imp I think..

    • That happens for pretty much every type of monster when you first kill one… either Cain or Abd al-Hazir will pop up and describe it… I guess they decided not all the lore would be from the dropping books… I also find it odd that they took away the buttons to pause the lore stuff and then start it again… now it’s just a button to close it out in the middle of it…

  13. So it seems the only challenging enemy is the arcane hydra thing. pretty much at all other times they are at full health.

    and they should probably just get rid of the monk spirit orb since it appears to never have been used at all. maybe it will see more use in higher difficulties?


    • People not using the skills that cost Spirit is a problem of the player, not the class… plus considering that most people ended the beta with only 3 skill slots, people weren’t able to use those skills that much vs. the combo skills that serve as your main attacks and generate Spirit…

      • I guess i don’t know much about the Monk skills yet. I just remember in D2, at low levels, i was always running out of mana. I know the resource system is different in d3 per class, but i mean she was doing a bunch of non standard melee attacks and still using no spirit? so only the big moves require spirit? seems just like a white Rage orb with smaller moves that generate 0 spirit.

        the only class that reminded me of how things used to be (actually running out of mana) was the WD video. it seems only natural that at first you should struggle with running out of mana until you get to higher levels/acquire better gear. what kind of experience do they expect new players to have if they can just tear through mobs of enemies with basic no-cost AoE skills?

        i know i’m basing this off of the few beta videos i’ve seen and maybe that’s the problem right there. i just hate thinking that Normal is going to be SO easy that it will be painful to play through.

  14. lmao, looks like “Golden Axe’. My goodness.

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