Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #17: Massacres and Explanations

It’s fun to rack up DiabloWikimassacre bonuses while playing through the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta, and as players have grown bored with the limited content and started looking for other ways to amuse themselves, abusing the system to score mega combos is becoming something of a pastime. The trick to gaining a huge massacre bonus is to keep constantly dealing damage, without dealing too much too quickly and killing everything off.

The DiabloWikiWitch Doctor is uniquely well-suited to this, thanks to the DiabloWikiHaunt skill, which fires out a nasty spirit that latches onto monsters, dealing DiabloWikiDoT before leaping out to other nearby targets once the first one is dead. Haunt isn’t hugely damaging, but since it keeps dealing damage for several seconds, and spreads to other nearby monsters, it’s very good for keeping the damage going.

Tidusz demonstrates this with a new video in which he racks up 157 kills just running through Cathedral level 4. It doesn’t require unusual boss packs, or herding, or any special quest monster concentrations like the Jar of Souls provides. Just a lot of monsters on the level, with good spacing so the WD can keep getting to new bunches before the Haunts have finished with the last batch.


Click through for another even larger massacre bonus, plus a Diablo 3 Beta video with almost no gameplay action that you’ll want to watch anyway.

Another one from Tidusz with an even bigger massacre, as he racks up 185 kills by herding monsters into the DiabloWikiJar of Souls area, and then popping that quest as well.


Finally, here’s a 20m video from One Moderately Funny Gamer. It’s got almost no gameplay, but lots of discussion and examples of how the DiabloWikibanner system works, the DiabloWikiTemplar‘s interface and skills, the DiabloWikiWizard‘s skills and DiabloWikipassives, and more. Informative stuff, with the moderately-funny narration you’d expect.


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    26 thoughts on “Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #17: Massacres and Explanations

    1. I wonder how much XP we’ll need to level up at level 13. Haunt may turn out to be one of the best skills for fast leveling.

    2. My best “Massacre” achievement was 49 monsters with my level 13 barb during the urn event in one of the forsaken crypts (a superb leveling and item farming place by the way).

    3. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I didn’t see anything about it in the wiki but I noticed that the name of the Inn is called “The Slaughtered Calf” inn. Isn’t this a reference to American Werewolf In London where the guys visit the Slaughtered Lamb inn?

      • Well, WoW already has The Slaughtered Lamb tavern in Stormwind so maybe they just really like that movie…

    4. Just so you know Flux, Jesse Cox (aka. One Moderately Funny Gamer) has released a second part of his beta “walktrhough” which funnily enough, contains gameplay!

    5. Yeah I’m curious about how much that 1800 XP bonus is worth, because the xp bar doesn’t seem to move any more

      • that’s because he already hit beta max level, doing to much dmg on low level crap mobs,
        can’t say this is impressive or newsworthy

    6. I thought my 40 odd kill streak was pretty good!  pfff  I haven’t tried for a streak though. Until now.  Could get pretty addictive trying to beat your score.

    7. Are you sure that the massacre is maintained by dealing damage and not by killing stuff? It’s sort of hard in that video to see the difference without knowing the exact time of expiry.
      On a another note, it’s also hard to see whether Haunt actually refreshes duration every time it jumps since the witch doctor in the video is at max level. Has anybody actually tested that yet?

      • It’s both. Killing stuff and doing damage. You have to kill something at least every oh… 2 seconds, but if you’re doing damage in between, the timer doesn’t reset. If you did a big area of like 50 monsters with just say, Firebombs, you’d probably get like a 20 and a 15 massacre bonus, with the others just misc kills. Since they’d come in bursts and clusters, rather than the steady stream required to maintain a massacre.

    8. They should just patch in the difficulty increases for the Beta so the world of Diablo can slaughter all those whiny bastards 😈

    9. Watching jessie Cox’s walkthrough I was wondering what would happen if you activate the stone of jordan when you start a new game with an existing character? Does it work and let you skip the zombies at the gate, do you have to go out of town through said gates to open them or does it not work till you’ve had the town gates opened?

    10. That first video did actually require some set up to do that. If you look at the map, it is already discovered. He had to run around the map to “activate” the summoners and get large packs ready beforehand.

      • Well, we’ll see about that. Obviously it’s  a bit beyond the beta testing levels. I’m not clear on what the difference between Locust Swarm and Haunt is either, for that matter. Locusts sounds like it’s just Haunt in bug form, and that’s how it worked in past blizzcon demos, anyway. It’s not in the beta, so can’t compare them now.

        • arcane damage vs. poison damage? is there a limit to how many locust swarms you can have out like haunt?

        • I believe Haunt jumps only after a the mob is killed while its active.  Swarm has a chance to “jump” as its active.  That and the damage type.

          … Haunt basic 3 unit limit, but will jump after mob is dead.
          …Swarm may jump several times,or may not, until active time runs out with no unit limit. Has potential for many mobs affected at once.

          This is my take on the D3 website explanation of the skills. cheers.

          • I’m thinking locust swarm will do it’s 3 seconds of damage on a target, then it will spread and restart the dot and that’s it.

            So (my take on it) casting swarm puts it on a few close-by mobs (so it has like a cone aoe effect initially). It then ticks away doing damage for 3 seconds. After the 3 seconds it finds other nearby targets and then ticks down on them, dealing 3 seconds of damage, then finds more nearby targets, etc for a limited time before dissapating.

            Runes seem to either increase the dot damage, increase the number of targets it can spread to or increase the dot time. I do wonder if it would stay on the target for 10 seconds before spreading though.

    11. Yeah, it’s hard to tell how some of these things will work.  The name ‘Cascade’ suggests that it would be a cascading effect, but it may only be one shot after death or something :shrug: The damage type is the only difference I can figure out between Haunt and Swarm.  Well, there are the runestone modifiers to make them very different . . .

    12. Looks like they changed the voice over speeches so that now the words appear over the different characters’ heads instead of just the little … bubble

    13. Am I the only one thinking we should remove the massacre bonus? It makes you want to play the game differently, to “gather” as many monsters as you can and massive AoE them..

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