Drawing further blood from the stone of their Jay Wilson interview, Mtv’s MP Blog has another tidbit today, this time focused on the game’s story.

    Wilson also told me that in addition to fan-favorite Deckard Cain, Diablo III will feature other characters from Diablo lore.

    “We also tried to focus a little more on bringing characters back, and not just from Diablo II but from Diablo I,” he said. “We feel like a lot of the focus is on Diablo II but Diablo Istarted it all and has a lot of really good stuff on the gameplay side and on the character side. So people can expect to see characters from Diablo I, more characters from Diablo II, and characters from some of the books. We’re definitely going to bring a few of them in.”

    Jay also states the obvious, that D3 won’t be the end of the series/storyline, but that they are trying to wrap up plot events in this chapter of the trilogy.

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