An OP wonders about Diablo 3 DiabloWikiskill trees, and earns a short happy thoughts lecture from Bashiok, referencing the non-tree, never-publicly-shown form of skill trees that will be revealed later this month at Blizzcon.

    OK so I’m lvl 60, i have completed every skill quest what % of the skill tree will be filled. because if you have 20 passive/ active skills per tree and each goes to 15 normal/nightmare/hell, it just seems like the skill trees would feel very empty. hopefully someone here can elaborate on this subject for me.

    The new skill system is pretty awesome. The first time I saw it I knew it fit. Of course I’ll look like a fool if we change it again, but I think we found something that fits the game really well. It’s actually not too far off from the tiered approach we had shown before, but a few important differences really make it something different and awesome.

    The OP’s question is fairly irrelevant, since it’s based on very old info: Bashiok retracted his comment on 5/10/15 progression, 15 is not the confirmed max, there are no DiabloWikipassive skills in the skill trees, there are 25-30 active skills in each skill tree, and since you can only have points in 7 different skills at once, they won’t be at all empty at level 60. Other than that…

    So what do the skill non-trees look like now? No one knows. No one! To the right you see a recreation of how the Wizard tree looked at Blizzcon last year, the last time anyone outside of Blizzard got a look at them. Big changes started soon after that.

    The first word came on November 21, 2009, when a pair of @Diablo tweets announced that skill trees were gone, Speculation ran wild over the next few days, until a bit more info was released on the 25th.  That was pretty much all we had to work with for many months, until September 2010, when @Diablo announced that there were no longer any passive skills in the skill trees.

    • Correct, active skills. We don

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