D3’s Rainbows Pwned in WoW Chat

An amusing aside in a recent WoW developer chat (Yes, Blizzard has dev chats, where they actually answer fan questions, for their other games. One day we too shall know such delights.) popped up, when a fan asked about rainbows.

Q: I don’t care about Real ID, new talent points, or ponies, but I must have a double rainbow in a city so all can bask in its glory!

A. Due to company policy, I?m afraid we must reserve all rainbows for our friends working on Diablo III.

The “double rainbow” reference is to a recent viral video phenomena. I’d put in a snappy comment here, but I’m still imagining what it would be like to get to ask game questions and have them answered by the developers. Like BlizzCon every day of the year! Thanks to Unparallel for the tip.

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