Diablo 3’s Online-Only DRM in Comics

A pair of online cartoons have touched on the D3 DRM issue today. The first comes from Virtual Shackles, and they present both sides of the argument, in Dr. Seuss-inspired rhyme (thanks adivirgi):



Click through for another comic which offers a pro-Blizzard argument with the aid of Monty Python film clips. (These and many other funny D3 images can be seen on our Diablo III Humor gallery.)

The Daily Blink offers their version of what have the Romans Blizzard every done for us? (Film inspiration/reference here.)


The reference scene from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian can be seen below. Aqueducts!

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    27 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s Online-Only DRM in Comics


      The comic cartoons always use the stupid arguments that aren’t really valid/representative for the real issue at hand. But that’s how it needs to be in order to have any chance of entertainment value, I guess.


      • Actually I’d take both of these over the Penny Arcade one. Some thought went into these.

        • I like the MP one also. The reason why I don’t like the virtual shackles is that mainly because I don’t know if they are making homage to a movie. It just seems bland.

          While the Penny Arcade one just points out the truth.

    2. Good god the second one is funny. The first one is also mildly amusing. It pretty much sums up my feelings. Its ok that people aren’t going to buy the game because they either can’t play it or don’t want to support these changes, but the game looks “fucking awesome” so I’m going to buy it.

    3. What a waste of a front page post.  You already posted a joke with the same punch line a few days ago.

    4. Whatever! I’m not gonna buy it because my internet sucks. If it had a SP offline mode, I would.

      • so if you had a copy of the game RIGHT NOW (seeing as you’re online while you posted that), you wouldn’t play it?

        • That’s easy to answer. No, I wouldn’t play it. Why would I play it when I’m going to be frustrated in the long run?
          You do know that internet browsing requires less speed, right? A webpage is, I don’t know, around 100kb and takes seconds to load. And you don’t necessarily need an internet connection in between clicks.
          D3 will download a lot more for the graphics, monsters, items, whatever. That’s a lot more than 100kb. Then it needs to send data back and forth every second I guess to preserve the game state. If you lag, then your character dies. How am I going to enjoy the game with a slow / unreliable internet speed?

          • While you’re right that playing the game will tax your bandwidth considerably more…”graphics” are not sent over the internet…

          • Webpages taking 100kb?!

            Surely, if you adblock everything flashlike, graphical, backdrops and do just console-text like web-browsing, on un-dynamic pages with simple html, that would be so, and even less.
            But in general, and this page for instance, The web of today is mostly full of media-heavy damn content.

            So that analogy does not quite work out, to be picky 🙂

            Leaving that, i do aswell hate restrictions, and would prefer no-online possible play – even if i myself have neat internet-capabilites. But, there are always reasoning behind decisions like this, and some pros coming with the cons.

    5. The humor in both was “eh” but I really liked the art from the first one. That’s an interesting style that you don’t see much of.

      I never did understand why cartoon characters only have three fingers, though.

      • Easier to draw and easier to fit three on there when exaggerating the size of the hand…

    6. The only reason i am against always-online is coz i live in Australia. Our cables dont connect to SEA last i check, and rather goes all the way thru the ocean to the US. so putting us in SEA dont make sense, and putting us in US server is such a big distance away. Either way we wont get good pings.

    7. Why complaining about something you don’t know anything about at all?
      D3 won’t download graphics. LOL. Graphics are shipped with your game. The only graphics packs you’ll need to download are the patches. The only data you receive is your coordinates, your enemy coordinates and stats and your stats+items when you open your inventory or stat screen. Yeah D3 will require more data to download, but not to much and even less than active internet browsing.
      And you don’t need to “have an internet” between clicks. There are lots of lag reducing techniques in games and auto-reconnect system.
      People don’t know anything about software and still they’re debating. And more – they’re giving tips for developpers. Just LOL.

      • D3 is less internet intensive than internet browsing?? I highly doubt that.
        Besides, no matter how good their developers are, it wouldn’t help if I have a slow internet connection. It doesn’t help that my brother is a torrent hog. And when it rains, our internet is reduced to zilch. I never cared about WOW because of my internet restrictions. Now, D3 seems to be in the same lot.

        • Guild wars: 3Mb/h. Anarhy Online: 2Mb/h. WoW: 7Mb/h. League of legends: 10-15Mb/h. I doubt you spend less than 5Mb/h while intensive browsing.
          These are the facts. And not “I highly doubt that”.

          • Why are you guys arguing with him? pretty sure he has a better idea of the stability of his own internet connection than you guys do.

            • He has no idea on how network works and is still arguing.
              And the fact that someone has a brother/sister or anyone else who can’t understand what running torrent whole day isn’t the only way to use bandwidth has nothing to do with “not everyone can afford a good and stable connection” argument.

        • MP and Pong,

          You guys shouldn’t assume you know more about this person’s Internet connection than he does.

          Regarding weather affection connections, this person likely has a satellite Internet connection. Plenty of people live outside of broadband networks and satellite is their only real option. When there’s cloud cover, your connection is crap. The same is true for summer days when solar radiation messes with your connection. I have a lot of friends back home in this situation and this is the case for a large part of the MidWest and Plains States.

          It can also get bad for people using 4g wireless networks. That is what I use, but I live close enough to the tower that weather doesn’t affect my connection. 

          Also, some universities are moving to totally wireless systems that are broadcast from radio antennas, and weather can affect these.

    8. I was eagerly looking forward to buying/playing this D3 game, but if D3 *requires* you to be online before you can play D3 on your computer, I’m sorry, I’m not buying this game.
      I’ll stick with Diablo II Expansion instead.

      (This goes for any computer game with this mandatory internet connection requirement.)

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