Amidst all of the interviews and content coverage that stemmed from the Blizzard media event in late July, we missed this Gamespot video interview of DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky, and thanks to reader Soumya for using our new Submit News button to send us a reminder of why it’s worth watching. The interview is only five minutes long and the first three are taken up by Leonard doing a nice concise job of recapping the whole story of D1 and D2. The last question redeems the feature, as the interviewer gets Leonard to reveal a bit of the overall story of Diablo III that we’ve never before heard so explicitly stated.

    Here’s my transcription of the key bit, and you might consider this something of a spoiler if you’re trying to avoid anything and everything that might rank as story material.

    Is there a chance humanity will have to make the choice whether to side with heaven or hell?
    LeBo: There’s a good chance that that might happen in Diablo III. *smiling*

    I don’t want to give too much away, but one very interesting thing about the DiabloWikiWorldstone is that it kind of clamps down on mankind’s power. Since they are the offspring of DiabloWikiAngels and DiabloWikiDemons, they have the potential to become more powerful than Angels or Demons. But the Worldstone has been destroyed; it was destroyed at the end of Lord of Destruction. So what does that mean for mankind?

    Well, you as the hero are starting to show these powers, that’s why you have all these great abilities you can use throughout the game. So as you grow in power, Heaven and Hell definitely take an interest in you.

    The question seems crazy on the surface, since thus far in the games the Demons have been all bad and the Angels have been all good. The overall lore makes it a more debatable issue, though.

    Just in the games though, we’ve only see the forces of the Burning Hells portrayed as entirely evil. And not in a seductive, corrupting way, but just as destroying monsters. A few humans have chosen to serve them, but usually out of fear, desperation, or mental corruption — there haven’t been any scenes of Faustian bargains or interludes in which Diablo or his bros are cleverly conniving to win humans to their cause. They just want to eat people.

    On the other hand, DiabloWikiTyrael is about the only Angel seen in the game, and he’s always (tried and usually failed) to be helpful. However, if you read more of the world lore, the Angels as a whole have actually been quite hostile towards humanity, and have often suggested wiping out Sanctuary entirely, since they consider humans a dangerous nuisance, and possibly tools that might be used by the Burning Hells in their ongoing war with the High Heavens.

    In light of all that, it seems like humanity on Sanctuary should be more concerned with fighting/defeating both the Angels and Demons, simply out of self-preservation.

    You can watch the whole interview below.

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