Diablo 3’s Gore = Inaccessible?

In all the ongoing “accessibility” debates, the complaints have always been that Diablo III is watering things down for the masses. In light of that, it’s interesting to see a blue post replying to someone who actually thinks some aspect of Diablo III is too hardcore for their taste.

My dad, my brother (and his three kids) and I were looking into playing this game, none of us care for gore much, it’s quite the turn off. I did enjoy D2 a lot growing up, but then too the gore was over the top, and D3 takes it even further.. I’m all for people getting their fill of gore if that’s their thing, but will the game be released with some kind of reduced gore option available? There was a lot more to D2 then making demons guts rain down, and being able to reduce gore will be a major selling point for my family as to whether we get the game.

I know some countries (Australia and Germany) have some insane censorship with respect to gore, if Blizzard markets D3 there with reduced gore and then included those reduced gore graphics as an option in the U.S. version, that would be nothing short of awesome.

We don’t currently have any plans to provide reduced gore options. The game is rated M for Mature, which is a 17+ rating, and we encourage parents to remain aware of game ratings, the content in the game that led to that rating, and keep them in mind when choosing which games are appropriate for their family.

I’ve never thought about it before, but in retrospect it’s surprising that Blizzard did not include options to turn off or down the gore. If they had I’m sure some fans (like me) would have bitched about it as further evidence of mediocrity via accessibility, and suspected that even the “full gore” setting would be wimpier than desired. But in their efforts to avoid including anything that might scare off casual gamers, it’s odd that the developers overlooked this one.

That said, I must give credit where it’s due and point out that the gore, horror, atmospheric intensity, etc, are all very well done in Diablo III, and that they have not watered down these core elements of the Diablo series. (Aside from removing the pentagrams and crosses.) See the Horror article in the Diablo Wiki for numerous blue quotes and player testimonials about this issue; it was one of the first things I looked most closely at, when I got hands on with the first playable Diablo III demo back at BlizzCon 2008, and the gruesomeness of that early version of Old Tristram (which was much cooler than the version we see in the beta) reassured me.

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34 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s Gore = Inaccessible?

  1. Dear drug dealer.
    Me and my family were really looking forward to injecting some of your heroin, but none of us care much for the hangover and all the bad-for-health stuff associated with it. Could you please sell me some heroin that doesn’t have that? That’d be a big selling point for me and my children.
    How can someone ask for less gore for their CHILDREN on an M rated game? Seriously… This should be an article about mocking the dude that wrote the original request.

    • The analogy is awful, Diablo as a franchise may be mature in it’s nature, but it’s not that aspect that is addictive, nor would it be impossible to make an ARPG just as addicting without the gore.
      The guy is reasonable and tbh I’d probably prefer having him in my public game over someone like you. I like Diablo’s athmosphere, but the gore and blood is not the reason why I’m looking forward to it and gore in games has usually had an adverse effect where the audience actually gets younger and more immature the more violent the game is.

      • and again you miss THE point, which is THIS game’s intended rating. children are not supposed to be playing it, period. so now they’re gonna start modifying stuff to cater to the audience the game is NOT intended for? brainfart indeed!………and here’s a real one for good measure, light a match if you dare

        • and lol who wants to bet that Justace is the one who gave his comment a “recommend”? like this

        • No, YOU miss the point. If children are not supposed to be playing it, then what does that say about this:


          I’ll tell you in part what it says; he’s a horrible parent, he’s desensitized to violence/blood/gore, he’s part of a team for a game that has a M rating and he prob. had parents that were far too lenient . I think its also a generational thing too, as I can most certainly guarantee you, that I was raised by parents that had decent christian values, unlike some of you here masquerading as HUMANS, when you are just pitiful anti social angry thugs; given some of your comments, that remain on this forum, I think I am probably being far too lenient in that critique.

          I think its pretty obvious what is going on. Just like the blizzard forums, where the conversations typically equate to people with IQ <70, so here it's rather obvious just how desensitized people really are to violence and blood/gore. There is zero rationalization, to want more of those things, and I totally agree with one poster here, that I sure as heck don't want friends like those here claiming to want more gore/blood. You sound like really weird pathetic people, with no lives, and clearly are showing that by playing games that make you feel are 'powerful' . One of you even said as much. That shows exactly, the kind of weirdo mentality running around video games. Bravo for showcasing just exactly what is wrong with us as a society, and with video games such as Diablo 3.

          To think someone could not suggest a simple option for no blood/gore, be taken seriously for his RIGHT to ask for it, and not have a wish shoved down his throat that he die in a gorey car accident speaks really sad volumes as just how many idiots around here were clearly raised by really pathetic praents, who likely paid you no attention. That or you are being raised in really bad neighbors where the environment you live in parallels your desire for MORE vilence/blood/gore.

          Either way, truly sad and I feel very sorry for you that you carry around rage on that level. It will get you nowhere fast to any real quality of life.


  2. *cough* source missing again.
    I don’t think they overlooked it, they probably just want a consistent experience. When you start censoring stuff in a game meant for a mature audience, where do you stop? The whole game was meant for a mature audience, so the whole game is designed with that in mind. If you just tone down the physics and make blood green, then that doesn’t really change the maturity of the game if it’s consistent.
    That they do not include an option to turn off gore would then be a consequence of their intention to make the game mature, which they have stated very early. Whether the actual audience will reflect that is something entirely different of course, I’m sure we’ll have our share of teens…

  3. “I’ve never thought about it before, but in retrospect it’s surprising that Blizzard did not include options to turn off or down the gore.”
    Because the audience fit for gore is also fit for real money transactions/gambling. Simple as that. 😉

    • “Because the audience fit for gore is also fit for real money transactions/gambling. Simple as that.”

      that makes no sense at all

  4. I’m disappointed with D3 gore so far. Too cartoonish. 2D in D1/D2 was far more brutal and realistic.

    • The gore is actually pretty good. Different abilities produce different levels of gore. Coupled with physics it’s pretty awesome.
      Also, gore is a product of the monster art, so we haven’t seen anywhere near all the gore 🙂

      • I meant the background gore (e.g. butcher room, durance of hate chambers, etc). I’m sure the zombie chunks will be up to standard, but that’s not really the atmosphere… just action.

  5. asking too remove the gore is like asking to remove sound when driving your car , you don’t notice it while it’s there but when it’s gone you feel the loss. seriously , it’S like deleting a part of the atmosphere or removing certain adjectives from a book. don’t , just don’t -.-

  6. This thread is hillarious, everyone should read it.  This kid got flamed so damn hard, it’s not even funny.

    • For some reason I am rather certain that it’s the other way around, he’s the adult and he got flamed by kids.

  7. There is a reason why there are ratings on games.
    To keep people like the original poster from playing them and ruining the game.
    On a more serious side, sure options for blood/gore removal is fine. But the way the poster asks for this is kind of annoying (to me at least). Better to ask, “Will there be an option to remove blood and lessen the gore in D3” or something.

  8. I hope this guy dies in a very gory car fire. What kind of a pussy doesn’t enjoy blood? It really accentuates the power of the characters you play when you slice something in half or they blow up in a mist of blood. There are a lot of games that would have been better if they didn’t pussy out for a T rating and added gore.

  9. The M rating certainly isn’t going to stop most kids from playing the game if they really want to. Call of Duty games are rated M, yet I see (and hear) more kids playing that game than fucking Mario nowadays. Blizzard most likely realized that people just don’t care about blood and gore in video games outside of a tiny handful of parents who will probably still buy it anyway.

  10. Jay Wilson said in an interview with Wired in 2009 that there would be an option to turn off the gore.

    • I don’t think Jay’s statements hold any water anymore.  Bashiok has confirmed otherwise, and his posting is more recent than a Wilson interview from over 2 years ago.  Did they at one time plan on doing the option?  Yeah probably.  But as of now it will not be at launch.  They could always add it in a  patch down the road.

      • Just making the point that Bashiok’s smarmy post was directly contradicted by people with real jobs.

  11. I wanted to murder the kid for suggesting to release a copy of the game without the gore in australia…….

  12. Total lie – there will be major differences in the German and Chinese version. Rare case where we get straight-up lies instead of corporate double-speak.

  13. I vote we censor all Diablos…. imagine Butcher opening with “Ahh, * Censored *!” that would be awsome.

  14. I’m going to play this game for the combat mechanics, not the gore. I don’t care in what manner the enemies are dispatched, including them saying “Good show, you seem to have reduced my hp to zero. Here’s some loot! Okay, I’m going home.”

  15. Some of you are totally brainfart dead, if you really think its ‘odd’ to ask for less/no gore. I get why there is gore, but to suggest anyone asking for a alternative is nuts , makes you look like the extremeIST here, not us.

    Think before you post, or lose your credibility.
    There is nothing wrong, with wanting the dark mood of the game, the challenge and the fun with your friends online, without the garbage blood/guts spilling everywhere. Its a disgust fest, but that does not mean, that I don’t appreciate very much the rest of the games wonderful visuals, story and onine features.

    Get a life, and get over this zealotry for anything except the worst that society has to offer. We aren’t all nazi gore feasters!

  16. I am sorry but you are retarded it’s just a bunch of fucking pixels LOOL if you cant handle the gore in such a game like this you probably are a very sensitive guy or a pussy… grow some stones already do you want diablo 3 to have shitty graphics because of you? if you dont like it UNISTALL

    • No, you’re the PUSSY guy, for trying to force your opinions about ‘features’ that would have been fair to include, just like many other games do. If I want to disable gore features, how does that impact you from playing with them on , you little whiny baby!

      GO fetch your mothers skirt why don’t you, maybe she will let you throw your temper tantrum, but I won’t. You’re just another little angry nazi child throwing a temper tantrum, because somebody asks for a feature, that you HATE. You mad poor little baby ?

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