D3:RoS and Diablo 3 Console Interviews

Two interviews popped up today about the Diablo 3 Console and a write up of a Reaper of Souls interview from Gamescom. Neither has anything that’s exactly breaking news, but they do a good job shedding more light on various ongoing issues. The Console interview is Blizzard’s Matthew Burger speaking to a Toronto 640, a Canadian radio show about video games, and thanks to Radaway for the tip. The radio station page is here, and if the embedded widget below doesn’t work for you, listen here. The Diablo 3 interview begins at 51:32, runs for 15 minutes, and you can skip right to it.

Elsewhere, Fmulder points us to a write up (there’s no video) of an interview with Josh Mosqueira and Kevin Martens from Gamescom. The piece covers a lot that we’ve heard before about the Crusader, the gothic setting of Act Five, the troubled launch of Diablo 3, and more. This bit about the Auction House caught my eye:

“We acknowledged early on the Auction House did have an impact on the moment to moment gameplay,” Mosqueira says. “The whole motivation behind Loot 2.0 is to make sure playing the game was the most fun, the most rewarding and the most satisfying way to get items. That resulted in the philosophy of dropping fewer but better and more epic items. We want players to be in the game and playing.

“Ultimately the Auction House will still be out there, but we don’t want players to feel they need to go to the Auction House. If they want to, that’s their own choice. But we don’t want them to feel they need to go to the Auction House.”

…Were you tempted to scrap it entirely? I ask. Did the thought ever cross your mind?

…”We discussed it at length,” Kevin admits. “All options were on the table and all of them got their share of mind share. But the Auction House went in for reasons, and the problems it solved… if we just turned it off those problems would come back, and we’d either need good solves or ideally even better solves, and those weren’t readily apparent.”

“If people want something, they’re going to want to pay money for that,” Josh says. “It’s just human nature. It saves time.

“The logical conclusion of removing the Auction House might include a version of Diablo where there is zero trading, because that would be the only way we could guarantee that no-one’s going to want to hack your account to get at your items.

It’s going to be very interesting in Loot 2.0 if/when the AH really does become a minor part of the game. All the best gear will be BoA from Mystic enchanting, and the AH will be filled with good-but-not-great gear that everyone shops for purely with an eye on upgrading it. Even identifying the best gear for buying/selling will be very different, since you’ll want items with awesome rolls on all-but-one affix, and those items might be worthless in the current game, as that one key affix could be the most important; like sockets in helms/weapons, or CC on bracers, etc.

I wonder if they might implement some additional bonuses to self-finding? What if you could DiabloWikiMystic away two affixes on items you found yourself, with that actual character? Or if the Mystic enchants cost half as much gold/materials if you’d found the item on your own account, rather than traded for it or bought it on the AH? It’s fun to pretend…

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11 thoughts on “D3:RoS and Diablo 3 Console Interviews

  1. You forgot to mention the part where all they *really* care about is forcing you to use the RMAH so they can have your money and this is all part of an elaborate scheme to do that.

    • Playing since day one and I never felt being forced to use RMAH. Maybe I can’t farm MP10 but I’m ok with that.

      • You probably can’t farm MP1, let alone MP10. The first time I played the game, after having started 1:30h into the launch day, I had trouble defeating the very first boss in Act IV NORMAL. And I trouble I mean I had to farm Act III to enhance my items…

        • What does that have to do with the RMAH though? Because this game is supposed to be item driven, right? I clearly remember farming normal in D2 because my resists were too low for NM. How is your example any different, apart from the fact that you’re talking about the jump between two acts and not two difficulties? The same principle still applies: if you can’t survive, go to the previous act or difficulty and level up and/or improve your gear. That is the name of the game and not some “elaborate scheme” to get anyone and everyone to spend half their paycheck on the RMAH.

          Just like Mortalo I haven’t spent any money on the RMAH, yet I have no problems farming MP5-MP6 and I can survive MP8+ if I’m cautious. Yes, I’ve gotten several upgrades through the (gold) auction house, but never have I felt forced to use the RMAH.

          • I think you missed my point. It is, as you say, the name of the game: “if you can’t survive, go to the previous act or difficulty and level up and/or improve your gear”. But in Diablo 3 it has become “if you can’t survive, go to the auction house”, simply because it’s that much easier.

            I cited my early playthrough because it was so hard, without a tanked economy as we have now, to flood the market with dirt cheap uber items. Playing self-found is extremely difficult, much more so than it ever was in Diablo 2, and paying for your items is extremely easy, much more so that it ever was in Diablo 2, again.

          • I’ve played D2 & D3 entirely self-found and I’d say both are pretty similar in terms of overall difficulty. It’s hard to judge since MP and /playerX aren’t quite the same thing and some D2 builds were vastly overpowered. But I’d say D2 might actually be a bit harder overall because of the greater death penalty. Death can grind you to a halt in D2 whereas in D3 it’s meaningless.

        • Maybe means you are just bad, the 1st time i ever used AH was when i reached inferno, and thats back when inferno was actualy hard…
          I try my best to not use AH, and i can easily do MP10 with my barb, and MP7-8 with my Wiz and WD.
          I have no problems with people selling or buying items from AH, to me the problem is selling/buying gold.

          • I was playing a monk back there. It wasn’t the easiest of classes in terms of Vitality. It’s still going strong, that monk, softcore, of course, and a very unusual build. But I’m sure I’m not as good as many around here, but I don’t consider myself to be a bad player.

  2. Two simple solutions:
    – items bought on the AH become account bound
    – items more than 3 months old become account bound (to simulate ladder resets, in a way, only this time asynchronously)

    Of course we still need stat allocation to allow for better, more diverse items. The lack of stat allocation is the PRIMARY reason why the items are so crappy.

  3. Making a boring itemization system more of a self-find boring itemization system will do nothing to bring players back long-term.

    If I wanted to find all my own gear, I’d be playing wow. You know the mmo with a billion times more content.

    How long will people stay when they can self-gear to godliness in three months or less?

    The denseness of the anti-ah crowd never ceases to amaze me.

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