That curious, possibly-inside source of D3 information, d3here.wordpress.com, vanished last night. The blog was shut down by its mysterious operator, allegedly in response to a cease and desist letter he received from Blizzard’s lawyers. However, all of the massive question-answering posts made on that blog have been archived in a forum thread, which you can view here.

    Moreover, I was in email contact with the author of that blog before he shut it down, and that unnamed individual (or possibly someone else who sounds very much like him) is happy to continue answering your questions about Diablo III, just as he (or someone) was doing on the D3Here blog. Submit your questions in the comments to this post or in the archive forum thread, and the author will answer them in email to me, which I will post here.

    Furthermore, he is also willing to participate in a live chat, hosted through a website, later this week, during which he would again display his speed typing skills in answering your questions in real time. We’ll have more details on that later, but for now, fire away with your questions and his answers will be forthcoming.  The live chat has been ruled out, and the author is planning to retire into silence. Possibly after one last volley of replies. Stay tuned for that. Or not.

    Disclaimer: Diablo.IncGamers.com is not the author of these posts, nor do we provide any guarantee that they are legit or authentic, or that the individual writing them is an actual D3 play tester. They are presented entirely for entertainment value, as a service to the Diablo community.

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