It’s pure visual porn, as some lucky girl delays her overdue manicure to show off the contents of a DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition. The USB stick, Diablo’s skull holder, soundtrack, game CD, Behind the Scenes DVD, and a stack of brochures and game passes are visible. She even flips through the artbook a bit, starting at about 1:00, but I didn’t see anything that’s worthy of a SPOILER warning.

    The (original) video was from the EB Australia channel, so presumably this is a store employee checking out the goods backstage, if you’re wondering how someone got this already. Thanks to Tokamana for the original tip and Nikaru for a new link after the initial video went away.

    Note that the Diablo skull and soulstone are both jet black in this video, while the skull was gray and the soulstone orange in the original D3CE promotional illustration. Why? Some possibilities:

    1. It means nothing. It just looks dark on the grainy video, plus the black soulstone probably has a red LED that glows evilly when in the USB port?
    2. The early version was just a prototype and they tweaked the colors during production. (We heard rumors of manufacturing problems with the trinkets in the D3CE months ago.)
    3. Maybe the exact color varies between batches and this is just a very dark version?
    4. Perhaps its black to match the game plot. There is a whole cinematic called DiabloWikiThe Black Soulstone, about Azmodan’s efforts to obtain that object.

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