D3CE Unboxing on Video

It’s pure visual porn, as some lucky girl delays her overdue manicure to show off the contents of a DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition. The USB stick, Diablo’s skull holder, soundtrack, game CD, Behind the Scenes DVD, and a stack of brochures and game passes are visible. She even flips through the artbook a bit, starting at about 1:00, but I didn’t see anything that’s worthy of a SPOILER warning.

The (original) video was from the EB Australia channel, so presumably this is a store employee checking out the goods backstage, if you’re wondering how someone got this already. Thanks to Tokamana for the original tip and Nikaru for a new link after the initial video went away.

Note that the Diablo skull and soulstone are both jet black in this video, while the skull was gray and the soulstone orange in the original D3CE promotional illustration. Why? Some possibilities:

  1. It means nothing. It just looks dark on the grainy video, plus the black soulstone probably has a red LED that glows evilly when in the USB port?
  2. The early version was just a prototype and they tweaked the colors during production. (We heard rumors of manufacturing problems with the trinkets in the D3CE months ago.)
  3. Maybe the exact color varies between batches and this is just a very dark version?
  4. Perhaps its black to match the game plot. There is a whole cinematic called DiabloWikiThe Black Soulstone, about Azmodan’s efforts to obtain that object.
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95 thoughts on “D3CE Unboxing on Video

  1. I’d been resisting the urge. No interest in the in-game emo Tyrael wings, and not eager to spend another $40 for the other swag… but now that I’ve seen it…. urghgghhh…

    • Even I am grabbing it and I avoid CEs generally.  This package is exceptional and well worth it considering it’ll probably appreciate in value even opened.

    • Same thought! But hell NO, i am not going to place a 2nd order. I would have done that like 20 years ago, but not anymore. Still … urghghhg…. 🙂

    • Emo ?

      You keep using this word I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    • You can have one of mine, I ordered 3.

      I did a panic buy thing.  I don’t know what came over me, it was like I was at the cake counter all over again.

      EDIT – When I said you can have one of my I was of course lying. Just to be clear.

    • How does someone who runs a Diablo fansite for the better part of their lives not buy a collectors edition? 

  2. She’s not REALLY overdue for a manicure now is she…
    I mean, somehow i expected more

    • It was funny though.  I agree with you.  My personal preference is short nails like the ones she has.  Can’t stand those girls with the 2inch raptor claws.  That’s one of the two things that I will turn a girl from hot to not.  (other being smoking)

  3. Having been with the Diablo series since the very beginning, playing for years and years and waiting for this game for essentially a decade more or less….for me the choice to get CE was a no brainer :). This final weeks wait IS torture!

  4. Whot? The skull and pendrive are totally BLACK? The pendrive has a led inside? It’s the contrast from the white table?…bah…I’m so fanboy I would like it pink also 😳
    Btw…[SPOILER] When the Artbook it’s opened at 0:58.

    EDIT: The Skull/Soul Stone pendrive look different here and at the paper from inside the CE itself =S.

      • I had issues with the Diablo 3 Authenticator too…in the Blizzard Store it has a white-ugly button to press…thanks god it was black.
        About the Skull+Soul Stone…bah..It might be better or worst but that wasn’t why I preordered the CE, though it looks good enough.

      • If I had ordered the CE and figured the soulstone is black and not like in the picture I would have been so pissed…
        false advertisement at its best

    • I prefer the grey skull and red drive, too.  If I found out it was black when I opened the box, I would probably repaint it myself.

    • What spoiler? It’s concept art of skinny Diablo and a quote from some Blizzard person about the general premise of Diablo.

  5. I wonder, if people already can put their hands on it, we should see someone uploading behind the scenes dvd content or soundtrack, as they are not encrypted like the game client.

  6. that skull is kindof… tiny. I expected it to be a little bigger.
    But afterall, that’s a less space to collect dust 😛

  7. NICE! Guys how does the exclusive in-game content works? is it included already when you entered D3 Game key or it has a separate item redemption code in battle.net? thanks!

    • It will be active when you enter your CE Game Key in your Bnet account. The CE Keys must have a detectable flag that the game client will know you have access to the wings, dyes, etc.
      From earlier info, the wings is a one box item in your inventory that you enable/disable. I would of thought it would be a static item on the char screen like the old Chauldron, etc. As for the dyes, I’d wager it’s the same thing, they appear in your inventory when you create the char (same as wings) and you can use them forever as they won’t disappear when used on your equipment.

  8. “some lucky girl delays her overdue manicure”
    That’s cold man. 🙂
    I like that the pendrive goes into Diablo’s head, really cool design.

  9. A min ago this still was watchable, alraedy gone private, maybe someone will reupload this

  10. Thanks for the updated link 😉 Only problem with D3 atm – no cameltoe hehehe

  11. “The video is private” maybe someone will upload this !?!?!? I WANNA WATCH IT !!!

  12. Black magic bars our way… But the will of a templar is stronger!

    Won’t watch it, don’t want to spoil that great feeling while unboxing it.

  13. Sometimes, I look at the CE stuff and wish I had kept my order instead of switching to digital. Then I realize that none of this stuff is worth a $40 to me, and the only thing I’d like to see out of it is the book, which I imagine will soon be available in its entirety online. Hopefully, the order I cancelled will make someone else happy.

  14. “Some lucky girl delays her overdue manicure”

    I found that to be a bit uncalled for, even if it was only a light jab at this unknown person (who might stumble upon the page, however likely or not).
    Bordeline personal assault, even if she is largely anonymous in the video.

    Otherwise, nice find flux. 🙂

    • It wouldn’t be the internet if people didn’t make fun of those who did the work for them to get them on their site. 😉

    • “Borderline personal assault”?! 🙄 

      What ever happened to sticks and stones? What ever happened to words can only hurt you if you allow them to?
      When did being “thin-skinned” or “sensative” become the norm?

      To quote a comedian on this… “life’s tough, get a helmet.” 🙂    


      • I don’t think that’s true. 
        Indeed the BattleTag was used to identify player dolls in-game. However, on quest interactions and speech subtitles, character’s name identified the player that triggered them.
        I think it you will toggle between: see btags / see character names.
        As a developer i would strongly encourage players to use the BattleTag for everything because it’s easier to identify buddies whatever the character he is using, but then if all characters have the same name, why would i give players the option to choose a character name in the first place?

        • It is indeed true and there are blue posts about it – when playing in a party your battle tag name will be displayed to people and not your character name which is a very bad design in my opinion – you might disagree but I just hate it.

  15. I wonder if he got in trouble but then they decided might as well cash in and use it as a store promo tool.

  16. Awesome!  So glad I reserved a CE.  Really excited that there are Diablo 3 guest passes.  I have a couple of friends that aren’t sure about buying it, but I think if they play it they’ll get hooked 😛


    Diablo III Game Concept: “The concept of the game is to go to hell and put a sword in Satan’s chest and rip him open. It’s a pretty grim and it’s a pretty dark concept” 

    • **SPOILER**

      This is interesting because the word “him” contradicts a common theory about Leah.

      • Um… no. First of all the “him” in that statement is referring to Satan not Diablo and Satan has always been a him. Second of all that statement is referring to the Diablo series in general and Diablo (and the other prime evils) has always been referred to as a ‘him’. Third of all, Blizzard has stated that the prime evils don’t really have a gender despite what mortal host they take to manifest themselves, so if the entity of Diablo is referred to as a ‘him’ even though he doesn’t really have a gender, then it makes sense to keep calling it a ‘him’ even if he is using a female human as a mortal host.

  18. I’m pumped up for the CE version of D3. Glad I was able to share the video 🙂 the next 6 days are going to feel like forever.

  19. Honestly for me most interested thing in CE was artbook until she opened it… then i never looked back..
    Blurry, bad color art images and some CGI screenshots? Blah.
    This skull looks terrible, not only small but so dark that you do not see details.  This is just false advertisement if you compare it too picture.
    Blizzard should learn from CDProject how to do quality CE… if you guys could only see my Witcher CE, offered more and for 60% of D3CE price…

    • I think a lot of it is the lighting. Look how bad the quality of the video is, even at higher resolution. I’m betting the skull actually is a dark charcoal color, and just from what I can see when they’re put together, the soulstone looks like it might be a dark black-red transparent piece. I agree it should be bright red though to keep with canon. Either way I don’t mind, and I’ll find out for sure when I have mine in my hands next week.

    • Hahaha The Witcher??? That game was terrible! They could have put gold cookies in that box and I still wouldn’t get a CE version of that game. Anyway…why does this video have porno music?

  20. I remember thinking about buying some of the polystone sculptures that were offered for the Lord of the Rings franchise back then. Then RotK’s Hyper-Special-Director’sCut-Bonus-ThrowYourMoneyAtMe-Collector’s Edition was announced to ship with one of those sculptures of Minas Tirith and I thought it was a good way to start.
    The sculpture turned to be rather underwhelming in color and detail when it arrived, standing in great contrast to how it was depicted on the website. In consequence, it wasn’t a very hard decision to save up that money rather than starting that particular collection.
    I have every confidence though that Blizzard found a better manufacturer for producing their CE merchandise in order to meet their famous ‘quality standards’. We’ll see soon enough if that Diablo skull really does have those grey-to-black gradient details as displayed on their website or if it’s really just a chunk of unpainted plastic as it looks like in that video.
    The idea of the usb-soulstone being dark and transparent with a red light illuminating it from the inside once plugged in is a really nice idea though if it actually turns out to be the case. Much better than just having it painted red and opaque. Thumbs up.

    By the way, what exactly were those funny people expecting who are now whining about how the Diablo skull turns out to be ‘tiny’? 1:1 scale?? 8|

  21. It looks kinda like a goof as though they forgot to paint the bare plastic… I sure hope they are not all that way…

  22. Hi guys is it possible to use/borrow a different standard edition retail CD just to install Diablo 3 on my laptop BUT then I will use my OWN Collectors Edition game key to activate it?? thanks!

  23. Thanks Sang-D! I ask this because my uncle bought me a CE but he will give it until July. I cant wait that long so I’m planning to borrow a different CD installer or probably just download the game client and I’ll just ask my him to pm me the game/activation key.

    • I thought you meant for pre-installation. 

      If you plan on actually attaching two keys to your Battle.net accout, I’m not so sure. 

  24. They cut the colour on the skull / soulstone because it would have taken too long to manufacture.  Would have delayed the game for another year or so.

    • Maybe they will include the child-sized paint kit with it that the sweatshop worker was supposed to use on it and call it a bonus interactive feature…
      Or maybe it’s blizzard’s jab at us to enable the “customization” many of us have been whining for…

  25. Annoying music is annoying… otherwise, it’s a decent preview of the CE.
    My guess is that the soulstone usb drive looks that dark because: a. it’s a crappy quality video, b. there’s a light inside that makes the red color show a lot more when you actually have the drive plugged into a computer or whatever.

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